Warner Bros. Movies No Longer Moving to HBO Max After 45 Days in Theaters

  1. Fear is based on the unknown, and so is totally inappropriate here, since they've actually announced firm plans to completely fuck it up over the next year. The biggest question is when over the next year is it so fucked up I will want to unsubscribe.

  2. Same here. As long as there’s a steady stream of new content coming, even if it’s a bit delayed, I don’t particularly care. I’m not a fan of scrolling through endless carousels waiting for something good to drop or hoping I somehow discover some hidden gem that I would have otherwise overlooked. At times it feels like other services do an intentionally poor job organizing their content just to hide the fact that there’s nothing new or good to watch. I don’t feel like that with HBO but i expect there to be new stuff pretty regularly. If this means scrolling through Keenan Thompson movies from 2011 or endless seasons of Bar Rescue, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Pawn Stars, I’m out.

  3. HBO's streaming service is the one I compared CBS to when my wife was waiting for our baby to be born in the hospital. CBS was WAY overpriced for what they gave, wanted to squeeze me for every dollar, and didn't offer everything they ever put out like HBO does.

  4. I just watched this movie for the first time last night. Am I going to start noticing this quote everywhere now? I had never heard it before last night and all of a sudden here it is.

  5. Every time I see this stupid, STUPID line it makes me happy. Come on Disney, put it in the reboot, you know you want to!

  6. The fact that they’re actually going so far as to pull some HBO max originals is literally forcing people to resort to piracy if they want to see some content at all

  7. They will be losing me, that’s for sure. Months ago I would argue with my wife that HBO MAX was better than any other streaming service. But no way if they are going to fill it with reality show dreck.

  8. And people will defend them losing millions of subscribers and claim Netflix is going under when they lose 200K subscribers

  9. This is the same company that complained about piracy back when their services literally wasn't available for most of the world yet

  10. They are making their own streaming service a third step for film releases, dropping most of their original TV series, all their film originals.

  11. this could have been said about Netflix before everyone and their mother started up a streaming service. Honestly, all these companies are going to do are push people back to pirating.

  12. I was scrolling through there just last night thinking "whoa they added a lot of good stuff" and now I get the feeling that's on the outs.

  13. Feel like movie studios (specifically steaming) have lost all sense of timing. Everybody is already making fun of you and thinking of leaving because you stopped production of almost finished movies than immediately announce this. Same with Netflix, everyone is starting to wonder if Netflix is worth it as their content starts to lose some quality. At that exact time they decide to announce ads. Same with marvel, Thor 4 gets terrible reviews and everyone expresses marvel fatigue, them: let’s announce a tv show and movie for every character

  14. I really hate the whole "marvel fatigue" or "star wars fatigue" bullshit. There's no such thing as fatigue. If you make quality content people will watch it forever. The thing is both of those franchises were lazy and run by incompetent people. Sometimes even to the point of purposefully trolling the most hardcore fans like its some joke. Losing what made it popular in the first place.

  15. They've brought in a gimp who only knows reality TV. He'll trash the brand for a few years and then get fired with a big payoff.

  16. What, you're telling me that a guy whose entire company is basically irrelevant outside of Shark Week was vastly unqualified to be head of one of the world's biggest entertainment companies?

  17. It's just gonna make people pirate, or wait longer to watch the film til it's streaming on some platform. I only ever do Digital rentals when it's 3 dollars

  18. Just wait. He'll fuck things up too. He already had a major stumble last year with the tone-deaf Scarlett fiasco that Kevin Feige had to clean up after.

  19. This is the complete opposite of Chapek. It’s like if Disney stopped milking Star Wars and Marvel for cheap TV series and committed to giving all Pixar movies proper cinema releases again.

  20. It's because the new management of it all is all about "adding value". I worked for one of these cocksuckers before. It's over promise, under deliver, cheap out at all points, and above all else just manage the expectations.

  21. As someone who literally subscribed just for Dune and then kept my sub for all the scripted content they're also canceling: LOL.

  22. Sad to say that’s already happened. Plex has strongly pivoted to in-house streaming stuff, trying to push a partnership with Tidal, and other cash grab schemes. After version 1.27 the front end portion was updated and sucks so much shit. It’s bloated as fuck and barely works. Their FireTV app is next to useless. In general Plex has taken a very serious in in quality the last few years.

  23. Don’t they make more money by allowing it in theaters longer or in the standard theater runs?

  24. The reason HBOMax is your favorite is because the model Jason Kilar created was engineered to be a loss for the company. The goal was to launch the app and focus specifically on getting subscriber numbers up, and do so quickly. The way to do that was to incentivize users with the straight to streaming model and slashing the typical theatrical window- which infuriated filmmakers like Nolan and others but that’s another story.

  25. Yeah, as HBO shifts away from this Disney+ seems to be embracing the 6 week lag between theaters and D+ (or at least that is what they did with MoM). I remember kicking myself for seeing it in theaters because I was still iffy about COVID, but didn't want to have the movie ruined for me like NWH was. Fingers crossed Love and Thunder drops by the end of this month. Though I am not in any rush to see it after it got some pretty mixed reviews.

  26. I think Paramount's approach makes the most sense. Commit to a standard 45 day theatrical run for all movies - if it's running hot like Top Gun keep it in theaters since people still want to see it, otherwise send it to streaming.

  27. The thing is, if you announce that your movie will be on streaming just a little more than a month after its initial release, you're already stunting its theatrical performance.

  28. At least Dune was able to benefit from the situation to pull through and get part 2. I genuinely do not think that it would have made enough for the greenlight without COVID

  29. They are really trying to kill their products. I don't get it. Actually, I do get it because everything screams great business decisions for the 1980s which they seem to think it is.

  30. I signed up on a deal that gave me HBO Max on the cheap through March. I haven't seen much over the last few days that will entice me to keep the service at a higher price once the deal is done.

  31. All these moves are bad for the customer. HBO Max used to be the services I would have kept above all others. Now, not so much,

  32. So they’re removing a lot of the HBO MAX originals AND Dc comics originals AND stopping with bringing movies to hbo max. Literally every reason I pay for his service!!!!!

  33. Disney+ waits 3 months before the marvel stuff makes it on. 45 days is probably eating movie sales. Personally I waited to watch Batman streaming but l went to see doc strange 2 and Thor in theaters. I probably would have seen The Batman in theaters if I had to wait 90 days.

  34. 90% of movies these days aren't even remotely worth going to a theater for. I'm digging how they're going backwards and slowly but surely encouraging more piracy.

  35. Stick a fork in it. They are going to bukkake us with horrible reality programming and remove all the great things that made HBO Max worthwhile.

  36. He already knows that this will cause a decrease in subscribers for HBO Max. Also, the reason HBO Max has good content is not because it releases it directly to the public. It’s because historically HBO has put forward some of the strongest and most compelling shows PLUS WB working with the best directors. But the latter part was already under threat with HBO Max because Nolan and Denis didn’t like the end of cinematic releases.

  37. Something I have realized with the theatrical release disruption: I don't watch blockbusters whether they are in theatres or on streaming anyway.

  38. I think the best option for Discovery is to take everything from HBO Max that people enjoy. That way they don’t have to worry about people enjoying their service like Disney+. Why would anyone want to provide a service that people enjoy.

  39. So what’s the play? Take off Max original movies, remove Max original shows, add Ghost hunter shows, ?????, profit? I like HBO but this is terrible,

  40. One of the basic concepts behind HBO Max was that, much like the Disney+ model, Warner Bros. films would find permanent homes on the platform once their theatrical runs concluded.

  41. Sucks, I always told people that HBO Max is the only streaming service I'm willing to pay for since movies and TV shows on the platform were high quality... Max honestly felt like the "cool" subscription service to me between Netflix, Hulu, etc.

  42. The reason cable is failing is they stopped being Incentivized to make their content and platforms better for the consumer once they monopolized the market. Looks like streaming is trying to go that way again. Good thing there's always a free way to get everything you want when it comes to content. Just easier to pay for it if it benefits the customer.

  43. I don't have a problem with this. I'm a proponent of saving the movie theater experience so this is a good thing

  44. HBOMax was most known for its 45 day policy that most people I knew said they’d wait for certain movies to come out on HBOMax instead of going to theaters, even if it wasn’t a WB(D) property

  45. I can understand delaying the release to streaming. 45 days is really pretty short, and over time will cause people to re-consider whether they should see the movies in a theatre or just wait a few weeks to see it at home especially with how expensive it is to go to the movies.

  46. I mean, this was always a temporary offering, right? They committed to a year and we got that. It's not sustainable to release a 250 million dollar movie on a streaming service.

  47. This is the wrong course correction. They should simultaneous day and date release and theatre release. I think I and many others would pay theatre pricing to stay at home. If I want to wait, I'm waiting regardless, but there are plenty of movies I wait for because I don't want to go to the theater. However, there are many movies I would pay to see the first weekend if it was available to me at home. I feel like this is the way to go, but execs don't see it yet.

  48. Well, so they undid the thing because of which Nolan left them. By the comments they were morons cause of it, now they undo it, and they are morons again. People should decide which ia which.

  49. Agree. WB seem to be finally getting their act together and this lot are crying over utter dross getting cancelled in a focus on quality that’s built to last.

  50. Smart move. A good movie with legs can still make a ton of money after 45 days in theaters. Why give it to a streaming platform so soon?

  51. ITT people who can’t understand that while a business practice that was necessary during the pandemic may have been beneficial to consumers, it was still not sound business once theaters opened up again.

  52. No they will not. The movies will get dumped to PVOD after 45 days like Elvis. Still available at home just for an additional price.

  53. I follow some news shows, and the initial moves Discovery did with CNN and CNN+ were all well received. This seems to be the first massive backstep, and has been getting a lot of backlash and attention. And its very transparent what their intentions are.

  54. Man, this is just really disappointing. I pay for both D+ and HBO Max, HBO Max seemed like it was the first streaming service that was actually getting it right in terms of content. Their library and access to almost everything DC is what made me a subscriber. I honestly don't know why I still have D+, got it during the Prime Black Friday deals.

  55. Digital and streaming is the future. Subscription based revenue streams are the future. Fuck the present. I pay more now then I did for cable across them all but the content is amazing.

  56. Why would this be good to you? I personally haven't been to the theaters since Bad Boys for Life, my TV is decent, and I don't miss the theatre experience. Now my options are to pay out the ass for each move or piracy.

  57. y’all truly don’t understand business lmaoo they never should have come to streaming that fast, y’all just wine and complain but these companies are just getting their foot wet with streaming so yes it makes sense when things aren’t working optimally that u make changes. this is still early, expect things to change with streaming for years to come

  58. Not everyone can be Netflix. Now these failed streaming services can give back the content to the ones that can manage it.

  59. I would say they'll learn when everyone cancels but they won't. They're already giving subscriptions with mobile plans. Won't be long before they're working with internet providers and smart TV makers to come preloaded with stuff. They'll always make their money so long as you're feeding money into somewhere. I'm just going back to torrenting after this and Netflix shitting the bed.

  60. It's amazing how fast they are absolutely destroying the best streaming platform on the market right now. It's like, hey fuck it, we don't need this money, go somewhere else.

  61. To be fair this was going to happen eventually, this thing was basically a Covid thing. It happened during a time that people didn't wanted to go outside but things have changed. And Theater owners always hated that WB pictures had shorter theater run than the rest of the movies that have the typical 90 days between releases. Just look at the amount of people that would gladly just wait until the movie was available than to pay to see it on release.

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