I Recently Found A Love For The Horror-Comedy Genre

  1. Return of the Living Dead is the origin of running zombies, zombies that want to eat your braaaaaaains, and this legendary piece of dialogue:

  2. Came here to say the same, Gunn’s sensibilities really nail horror/comedy. The Suicide Squad isn’t horror but man he nailed the splatter and comedy still.

  3. Ha! Came here to say this! One of my faves really and I’ve never really seen anything that matches. Funny enough I recommended it to a kid at work while discussing Stranger Things and he mentioned the followers of the mind flayer melting into him. Totally reminded me of the Slither scene!

  4. Also the Bubba Ho-Tep/Army of Darkness sequel comic was shockingly phenomenal, caught me totally off guard how fun of a read it was

  5. It's vitally important to not watch any trailers for Tucker and Dale. It's an amazing movie but far too much is revealed in the trailers. Just go in blind like I wish I would've.

  6. My wife hates any kind of scary movie so getting her to watch this was a chore but she enjoyed it thoroughly.

  7. This was a happy surprise. The premise seems a little meh, but they really pulled off something great. The sequel…well, it certainly exists.

  8. The Burbs is awesome, so is Killer Klowns. The Burbs also makes me remember Nothing But Trouble which has that same feel

  9. Dead-Alive aka Braindead, arguably the goriest film ever made. I appreciated Peter Jackson's easter egg in King Kong, the crate labeled 'Sumatran Rat Monkey'.

  10. Absolutely this. While Tucker & Dale versus Evil is another favorite of mine, nothing compares to Cabin in the Woods. It's brillant.

  11. There is this movie called dead alive or braindead directed by peter jackosn in his early years( it has two titles so might have to look up both) but it is definitely similar to the evil dead movies. I think its free on youtube.

  12. Now that’s a movie I haven’t thought about in years. It’s just a fun and utterly fucking stupid movie. I need to rewatch it.

  13. Shaun of the Dead is easily my favorite of the genre. Zombieland and Tremors are excellent, too. The Lost Boys isn't comedy per se, but it definitely has comedic elements.

  14. Holy heck I just saw wolf of snow hollow the other day and it was so good! I want to watch the guys other films now. He is an incredible actor (and writer and director).

  15. Oooooh buddy. One of my favorite sub-genres. I think Evil Dead 2 is the best ever, but here’s some of my other favorites:

  16. One Cut of the Dead is one of the best movies I've seen in years. Try not to look too deep into it before watching because it really needs to be seen cold.

  17. Yes! I watched this one cold and it was sooo worth it. I was surprised how good it was to be honest. Watched in on Shudder with Joe Bob.

  18. Maybe the movie where it’s most important to literally not know anything about it. Just watch it and thank us when it’s over

  19. I tried to explain this movie to someone by saying it's a horror movie, except that it's comically-timed. I love it though, great movie!

  20. Always thought they should make a sequel, Drag me from hell, about Justin Long having spent 10 years studying the occult and attempting to rescue her.

  21. Absolutely love that movie. It’s hard to describe, but I love those kind of horror movies where yes technically what you’re seeing is gory, but it’s so over the top and insane that it goes past scary and just makes you laugh. It’s kind of intentionally campy, where you can just tell the filmmaker is reveling in the insanity of it.

  22. Damn, last comment I promise. 4 more because I should have checked my collection first! So many fun films in this genre...

  23. HAUSU or House is a Japanese "horror" movie that's so fun and batshit anyone could enjoy it. One of the best ever made in my opinion.

  24. It's not really horror-scary, more of a black comedy, but it is REALLY freakin' funny and I'd recommend it to anyone

  25. Don't forget Army of Darkness (Evil dead 3). And Bruce Cambell also did another movie called "My name is Bruce" where he plays himself and a town mistakes him for really being Ash and recruits him to fight a real monster.

  26. Hm, never really considered it a comedy. More of just a straightforward action horror with small comedic moments sprinkled in a few spots.

  27. Check out Wolf of Snow Hollow, that’s my recent favorite of the genre. Not super gory like the ones you’re talking about but humorous in a dark way.

  28. Drag me to hell- written by an actual physician I worked with... and his brother Sam Raimi. Super fun movie.

  29. An American Werewolf in London still sets the gold standard here IMHO. The Re-animator series are good for gross-out gore a la Evil Dead

  30. I absolutely agree. Murder Party, Tucker and Dale, and Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon are right under it.

  31. Parasite, In Bruges, and Seven Psychopaths don’t really fit (the latter two being pretty straightforward black comedies), but the rest are great recs.

  32. Came here to recommend Beetlejuice. Watched it for the first time a few years ago and was surprised by some scenes. As an adult, I wasn't scared by them, but if I had watched it as a kid, I would probably have been scared.

  33. I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet: the Leprechaun series, they're absolutely hilarious. Not the reboot though. We don't talk about the reboot.

  34. If you liked Rocky Horror Show then you'll probably enjoy Phantom of the Paradise. It's pretty wild and got a few laughs out of me despite the horrific things that happen

  35. An American Werewolf in London is, in my opinion, the most successful horror-comedy at consistently being genuinely terrifying and gut-wretchingly intense yet laugh-out-loud funny. It's also a legitimately moving tragedy because you really do care about and like the lead character, unlike many horror films.

  36. Little Monsters. Kinda surprised I haven’t seen it recommended yet. Pretty goofy zombie movie, lots of solid jokes, had a blast watching it

  37. It's a TV show, not a movie, but Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix is a good choice. It unfortunately did not get the send off the creators desired, but it's still very worth watching in my opinion.

  38. American Psycho is really funny. I'm not sure some people realize it's supposed to be funny, but I think it's my favorite horror/comedy movie and it's full of delicious dark comedy and satire.

  39. Its not a movie, but if you enjoyed evil dead 1/2 give the tv series Ash vs. Evil Dead a try. I absolutely loved the first 2 seasons, and this just reminded me I need to catch up on it. Army of Darkness was one of my favourite movies ever (watch it if youve only seen 1/2, its a step up in "campiness") and they did an awesome job carrying that on.

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