Official Discussion - Thor: Love and Thunder [SPOILERS]

  1. I absolutely loved it, actually. I've never seen a fight scene with children that epic before. The screaming goats always cracked me up. Of course, it is a disappointment for Marvel fans. But I'm still a fan of Taika's work. He turned it into a family movie that everyone can enjoy.

  2. It’s definitely a kids movie. I was expecting something similar to Ragnarok but yeah this was not a marvel movie

  3. I'm confused on why we were supposed to be rooting against Gorr? Seems like he had the right idea considering the gods all act like humongous cunts that do nothing for the people worshipping them lol. Also why did they completely skip over Jane getting powers? No idea why that worked and never explained. Even worse why was thor the key to the eternal thing and why was it literally never mentioned any other time they could have used it. Pretty bad movie.

  4. The gods don't all suck, I think the idea was that the ones who Gorr had killed were all on the planets they were gods of, taking an active role in their people while the selfish hedonistic ones were holed up in the city. Thor 'killed' Zeus, which means he isn't holding gods to some higher standard of value, he just knows that a lot of planets need their gods. Not sure why they didn't show Jane getting the hammer but I don't think they needed to, I liked the reveal of how the broken hammer works the way they did it. The key wasn't Thor, it was the bifrost which stormbreaker could summon. He probably would have just kidnapped someone who could call it if he knew anyone (that might even explain why he grabbed Axel in the first place) but the way stormbreaker is described it's ability seems pretty unique so there wasn't an easier way to open the door.

  5. Idk how I mixed this up but I swear I saw somewhere say Bill Skasgaard was in the cast and i thought he played Gorr. Christian bale really sounded like pennywise a little, later in the movie in the shadow realm

  6. I just watched it and all I can say is WTF. This movie is trash, I think someone wrote the script as an April's fool joke but somehow someone mistook it for a serious movie.

  7. I loved Ragnarok, and thank you Taika for restoring Thor. But Taika also ruined it and made it worse by the forced humor that was misplaced and rarely landed well. I hope Taika gets replaced and a better balance is created in the next movie.

  8. Just watched it. Didn't rate it. Humour sucked, and Gorr the "god killer" who kills everyone off screen was completely wasted.

  9. Yeah I just watched it with low expectations for reddit. Ended up enjoying it. It wasn't perfect but it was still way better than a lot of other MCU films

  10. Wtf the dialogs the fight scenes Gorr the god killer it was a whole mess and Jane that gets her powers out of nowhere not a good movie

  11. Finally got around to watching it and i really didn't like it that much. It feels as if they just choose what to put in the movie by pasting ideas in a wall and throwing darts at it.

  12. Really not a very good movie, and I loved Ragnarok. The humor mostly didn’t work for me. Guardians cameo was a nothingburger. Screaming goats were annoying. The stuff with stormbresker getting mad at Thor was so dumb. The plot didn’t really make sense, like why was stormbresker the key to the secret water world where you get one wish? Why didn’t thor wish for Jane to get better? Necrosword seemed incredibly OP. The way travel worked in this movie was all over the place. They have to go on this long journey to get to the shadow realm but then everyone just teleports to the final battle.

  13. Thor forming an army of child soldiers is one of the strangest things I think I've ever seen in a blockbuster production which is really saying something cuz in the same movie there's a scene where a woman in the last stages of cancer has a moment with a CGI hammer and it's played completely sincerely

  14. 6/10, average movie. Smiled/Laughed at some jokes but there wasn’t a real plot in this movie. Seemed like a low budget comedy film made by marvel.

  15. Overall pretty obnoxious. Terrible pacing. Way too much weird forced humor. Shitty cgi. Tone shifts like intermittent diarrhea. Christian Bale completely underutilized. Dude can ACT. I haven't seen that kind of performance since Gary Oldman as Dracula. Russel Crow as Zeus was pretty funny.

  16. Honestly, I have to just lean into the campy humour, because the plot and execution was weak. When it tried to be slightly more serious I lost interest because it made little sense. Natalie Portman jacked was still Jane Foster 🤭. The screaming goats and Russell crowe were the highlight, I'm already struggling to remember much else. Nothing on the other thor movies. I like some humour in MCU but I still want characters and plot that has feeling and more meaning.

  17. Just watched it the opening with Gore was a great set up for what's to come unfortunately it's all down hill from there.Predictable rock music,MCU cameos, forgettable action set pieces,unfunny jokes,villain becomes useless in 2nd and 3rd act,too much wokeness and bad CGI, Thor kids wtf does this come from why didn't he just do this to the Avengers to beat Thanos. Ragnarok is in my top 5 MCU movies but this definitely in my 5 worst MCU movies .

  18. I felt it was a good, not great movie. The first half was just so stupid and campy that it really took forever getting into it and I actually almost turned it off. But then after the Zeus scene I felt it got much better. The scene where Gorr had them trapped I remember turning to my wife and saying that was the best villain scene since Ledger's Joker (which I give full credit to Bale for pulling off). The end was predictable, but Marvel movies always are.

  19. Finally watched this turd. It was so bad, the tone was a mix of dogfarts and incessant children's laughter. Korgs prologue narration was silly but fun, it made the hypercampy feel make sense.. but then the movie kept going on like that.. maybe the whole movie is told through Korgs eyes and that's the meta reason it is so goofy. (Well I guess that's true either way Since Taika made the movie and is korg.. fuck my brain)

  20. I think nat portman's acting was spot on, since her character has cancer she should have that manic unstable attitude ( that's what happens during the stages of grief ). I know it does look shitty on the surface, but I dunno I think she's doing it on purpose. ( her acting actually made me uncomfortable idk )

  21. Why were those damn goats so funny ? They got a laugh out of me every time they screamed, even though I know it wasn't that funny

  22. I enjoyed the movie for what it was. Made me laugh a lot for a couple of hours. The third act was really lacking, though.

  23. Just watched it - wow was it terrible. I know it's a comic book movie and is meant to be fun for the whole family, but the tone and plot just don't work at all.

  24. I fell asleep twice during this movie. Thrice if I'm being really honest but I think that last time I was missing my 2nd nap.

  25. Could be a poor memory but I feel like other than the Asgardians we haven't really seen any other gods in the MCU prior to this.

  26. A villain with a story like Gorr should never have been a comedy. Another Comment described this as a throw-away and its exactly that. This movie was just a stop gap to move Thor's arc forward.

  27. So Jane Foster is in Valhalla... What if the rest of her family is in the Jewish heaven or something like that, is she never going to see them again, being stuck forever in the Viking heaven where she knows no one?

  28. I really liked it. I’m not a huge Marvel fan…so to finally have characters who address the absurdity of everything going on felt refreshing to me. Helps that I’m a big Waititi fan.

  29. This movie was filled with so much over the top humour it isnt even funny. Why does every scene need an intermission of a lame joke? Moments after the first scene, where a freaking kid dies, theres lame ass jokes being thrown left and right.

  30. Too many one liners and throw away jokes, I actually like the opening scene though, it makes Gorr anger more justified, his kid just died and here are the gods just laughing at him

  31. I'd like to ask why didn't Thor bring mewmew with him when he went to fight Gorr? I get that Jane had to come back and fight somehow too, but it's not like she was expected at that time to join the fight. Wouldn't it had been helpful for Thor to have both mewmew and the bolt thingy? Did I miss something that says he can't have both? Was mewmew still being used by Jane even when she was in hospital?

  32. I immediately had that thought too when he left for the shadow realm.. then i realized it was so she could show up and sacrifice herself to save Thor just before he loses to Gor.. and then 5 minutes later I was right!

  33. There's a character who gets completely disintegrated and I think three others impaled straight through the heart and they ALL survive....... there's just nothing at stake.

  34. I felt like they just embraced there being nothing at stake by adding over-the-top comedic moments. Or things that aren't exactly funny but are "fun", like giving the kids his powers, temporarily. You know they were all going to survive, and the bad guy would be stopped, you just wonder how.

  35. I was thinking the same while watching it. I really thought I was watching parody of Thor than actual movie. Possibly the worst MCU movie ever..

  36. I liked it honestly Obviously the tone was all over the place but used to it by now for every mcu movie. Core story was good Expected really nothing but more than decent

  37. And anytime Thor goes through some character development, it's like we're back to square one. In fact it feels like he's getting more oblivious over time. I don't remember Thor being as ridiculous in his first appearances.

  38. I think while the sword controlled him he only thought about revenge - only once he was clear headed did he realise he can bring back his daughter.

  39. I mean, renouncing the pledge kind of makes sense because he is no longer being influenced by the sword.

  40. shattered hammer reminded me of the scene in Iron Man 3 where one of the suits at the end came apart and hit different people with different pieces. Really loved the effect of the hammer in this movie.

  41. Y’all know that Matt Damon bit in the past 2 Thor movies where they re-enact what happened in prior films, except make it campy and stupid and basically a joke?

  42. I thought it was fun, helped that I'm also a big fan of that GnR album. November Rain is definitely in my top 50 songs of all times.

  43. I liked it, somewhere in the middle it got a little boring and a very big minus for undressing thor, imagine the reverse and the outcry that would have, but other then that it was a little stupid fun, definitely better then what I expected based on hearsay.

  44. The opening bit with Christian bale was good, in fact bale was really really good. After that the whole plot and script felt like an improvised first draught. I don't think Taika Waititi put much effort into this. The CGI was clearly rushed, the costumes looked fake, the way it was shot was pretty dull and the dynamic between the cast felt forced with loki and hulk gone.

  45. Was it me or did the movie have some just awful CGI in places? Like yeah it was better than a cheap Netflix movie but not the standard that Marvel usually puts out.

  46. I think they spent like half of their budget trying to make the omnipotent city work and the other half jacking Chris Hemsworth

  47. Everyone bitching about this movie just have stopped 20mins in at max. It was a bit forced funny, and then goes deep lore heavy, action heavy, and character heavy.

  48. Also ehat is that dumb sword bale is wielding. Gorr the god butcher has a symbiote attached to him not a thin terrible family sword.

  49. Lore heavy? U have never read the gorr the god butcher comic have you?I can assure u it was nothing like what ever this villain was.

  50. The worst part about this movie is that it starts out with a such a great and unique scene, only to devolve into one of the most unfunny and braindead products Marvel has put out. What a waste of an amazing performance by Christian Bale.

  51. I wonder if they can re-edit this into something more serious. It started out great with Gorr. A lot of the jokes should have ended on the cutting room floor. The speaker, Zeus prancing down the stairs, the hammer-axe jealousy stuff, Korg dad song and almoat all Korg jokes, most of the screaming goat bits, and oh so much more.

  52. Thor could have known that the gods were selfish beings and knew they wouldn't help with end-game level threats. The only reason he attempted it here was because the bad guy was targeting gods, so it was in their interest to help. But that's giving Thor a lot of credit.

  53. I must be in the minority, cause I enjoyed the movie. The levity of it all was just right, and the story of Thor was pushed a long. I'll admit Gorr was a bit wasted, and I want Jane to have more time to shine. But Waititi did what he came to do and all I can say is thank you.

  54. Seriously. I just god home from a fun albeit exhausting travel weekend. I am garbage for anything but sitting on the couch. LnT looked fun so I put it on. Very easy to watch regardless of mental state. I think all the people bitching about it forget that all of this is based on comic books. Sure comics can be deep and fleshed out but it is not the essence of the form. Not everything needs to be high art.

  55. It's not that fact the fact that's it's "light and easy." It's the fact that the movie tries, TRIES to have serious moments in it but is so extremely overwhelmed by the stupid cheesiness of the moronic characters.

  56. It's not that people hate "how light and easy" this movie is, or that they want everything to be "serious with high stakes." Lots of MCU movies are light.

  57. The best part about this movie is that the villain flat out wins directly as a result of the main characters messing around the whole time. They even admit they have no plan but proceed to run in and fall directly into his traps two times in a row.

  58. Maybe that's why it might be my favourite MCU movie. The rest try to be too serious with what amounts to bashing action figures together.

  59. Have u ever met with 7 and 5 year olds given them thor powers is a seriously bad idea can tell Waikiki doesn't have or has spent time around children tbh

  60. Yeah, it felt like Waititi just went full on "Thor/Marvel is too big to fail, so I'll do whatever I want with it" and it really felt like he did whatever he wanted with it. His other movies while primarily comedy and gag movies, at least tend to have some sort of consistent overarching storyline, some proper tied up conclusion and an overall loyalty to the characters and the plot.

  61. You know the movie is bad when you can't watch it in one go and have to like watch it in parts in several days because it's too boring 😂

  62. "It's just a story being told by someone else" is pretty much the same as "it was just a dream". It's honestly kind of cringe to try and explain plotholes and bad writing with this. You could put this line into literally every single movie there is and suddenly all plotholes and all problems would vanish? Because it's just a story? Okay, great.

  63. I love Waititi and his work, and had no issue with Ragnarok being full of comedy. But there's a huge difference - Ragnarok was actually funny when it tried, but serious when it had to. This feels like a cringey sitcom. I'm just at a loss.

  64. Eh, not sure having a reason for all the characters acting like stupid versions of themselves and telling bad jokes every 30 seconds makes those things good. I personally thought this was Marvel's and Taikas worst movie.

  65. Christian Bale was insanely good as Gorr. Jane and Thor's lovestory was both sad and lovely, liked it. Since I liked those two things (Bale's performance and Jane-Thor), I also liked the end of the movie.

  66. To me, Ragnarok altered Thor in a good way. It introduced a less serious take on the character, but was respectful to the original film's tone. It made Thor more accessible.

  67. Braunaugh has permanently destroyed any good will I had towards him by making Artemis fowl. So nah, I don't want him near literally anything I like.

  68. I feel like it was ok but I do with we could have seen more murder, we saw like one on screen happen and like 8 after he was done

  69. So wait, if someone controls the bifrost and knows about Eternity they could do whatever they want. So, it would have been easier for a God-adjacent being like Thanos to access this instead of spending years trying to track down nearly impossible stones to accomplish his task of eliminating half the universe? If he was able to figure out the location of all the stones, I would think he could figure out this mystery, especially if Gorr could do it.

  70. There's a possibility (small one though) that Thanos (and 99% of the universe) simply didn't know about Eternity. The infinity stones seemed to be more popular (probably not the right word sry i'm not a native speaker).

  71. It's the biggest piece of dog shit I've ever seen. I only watched the first half because I couldn't bear to watch more after the portable speaker joke.

  72. The portable speaker bit had me rolling my eyes, but I know girls that are otherwise serious boss bitches about their jobs/duties, then act like that when it comes to getting down with their jams... idk, kind of a humanizing moment for the characters, but lost in a sea of awful tone and quippy dialogue.

  73. LOOL my boyfriend and I tried to watch it because we heard how cringey it was! After that scene we literally looked at each other and just shut it off.

  74. It really didn't get any better. After the reviews, I didn't expect it to be good but it was actually just downright bad. Huge waste of potential given the characters and actors they were working with.

  75. Absolutely one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Terrible. Just terrible. I suffered through it, but wanted to turn it off after 20 minutes.

  76. My country banned the movie so I just managed to watch it now on streaming, so thanks to my government’s stupid decision at the time it saved me from suffering through this in the theaters.

  77. I liked the first 3 Thor movies and while this one is watchable, it does have a number of flaws.

  78. I feel like I’m in the minority, but inserting popular 70’s-80’s-90’s music into big blockbuster movies has totally overstayed it’s welcome and any time it happens it completely cuts all tension and takes me out of the movie.

  79. It's official. I'm done with Marvel. I keep giving them chances, but END Game and forward has been complete trash.

  80. Marvel has been shoving “woke shit” in your face for over 50 years and now you complain? What do you think the X-Men are?

  81. I'm surprised you didn't quit watching Marvel movies when Doctor Strange 2 came out. I mean one of the main characters had two moms and wore a pride flag pin on her clothes. She also made a very subtle comment about socialism haha.

  82. I don't disagree about your review of L&T, but you're quitting Marvel? This is the first and only "bad" movie they've made in my opinion. There's a ton of other Marvel content and it's pretty much all good. As for your "woke" comment - you and others who keep making that claim need to understand the difference between representing people, and pushing an agenda. Showing non-white or non-straight people isn't pushing an agenda - it's just showing the real world we all live in. If your threatened by those people just existing, that's on you.

  83. Finally got around to seeing this. I loved Ragnarok. Still watch it when I’m bored. This was just so strange and all over the place. They tried to cram way too much into the story, and everything felt pretty shallow, with the exception of Gorr, which oddly was so well done that it kind of hurt the movie.

  84. Uhhhh, nope? Ok I understand that the MCU is an adaptation of an adaptation so pretty far removed from the og mythology but marvels adaptation of norse mythology is better than most. You're just mad because they didn't COPY the sagas the point isn't replication its reimagining the concepts of the stories.

  85. Damn I'm so glad you said this. I wish I could prove it, but ever since the Angelina Jolie Beowulf I've been talking about how great a story it would be if someone took on Valkyrie's. It's a fascinating saga.

  86. Just watched it and for me its 6/10. The constant jokes on every scene is ridiculous and most of the times it kill the moods. I really dont get why Taika insert jokes on every serious scene.

  87. Also, why were the jokes funnier in the trailer? Like the bit where Chris pratt is looking at "the people he loves" and thor slowly slides himself into shot. That was really funny in the trailer, but in the actual film it wasn't funny at all! Are trailer editors just better, or was it the context?

  88. I went in with low expectations, because it took me a long time to like Ragnarok due to its weird shift to comedy. Overall I liked Love and Thunder, but the constant jokes did grate my nerves.

  89. It really felt like a movie designed to rush Thor to his next arc. They killed off his main love interest, gave him a kid, and retconned on some stuff so he could have mjolnir back.

  90. I felt like this about Ragnarok too. So much potential with Hela; all gone in jokes, but at least it was funny. This one did the same, but it wasn't funny. Zeus wasn't close to Grandmaster. Jane and Thor coming was good, but too rushed, and they failed evoke enough emotions. It was all gone too quickly. The goats were annoying. Bale was amazing. I love that guy!

  91. Despite taking hours break when watching this film i still dosed off, i blame DC for not stepping up thats why marvel can churn this thrash out. sigh what a waste of my time,

  92. It had more swear words than any other MCU movie and I still agree with you. Feels like everyone's in a rush to get to the next joke, like literally why Is everyone talking so fast? What the hell did they do to the gods? And why is that?

  93. You people need to lighten up. It’s a movie, it’s just entertainment. Just watch and enjoy the movie without trying to dig super deep and pick apart every scene. I enjoyed for what it was. Entertainment.

  94. Dude, this is a sub dedicated for people to discuss movies. If everyone was like you we would all be sitting around here saying the same stupid shit. I can't believe this has to be explained.

  95. This is a discussion page for a movie in a subreddit for discussions about movies. If you enjoy it how it is and don’t want to dig deep, that’s great, just say so. But a lot of people love and follow these characters, and being part of a big cinematic universe and coming from comic series, people expect their characters to be portrayed well and live up to what they know they could be.

  96. entertainment isnt immune to criticism, its like telling not to complain about someone making weird noises cos its sounds like music to you and its entertainment.

  97. Another garbage Marvel product, and it wasn't even the supposed "woke" stuff. Nathalie Portman was fine. This movie was simply dull and filled with cardboard characters.

  98. Then stop watching them? Theres been 9 movies and whatever many shows since Infinity war... stop fucking watching them lol

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