'Euphoria's' Hunter Schafer Joins ‘Hunger Games’ Prequel

  1. Really enjoyed the prequel story. Now I’m curious who will be cast as Dr. Gaul. Someone who is menacing as shit despite a relatively kooky attitude at times. Wonder if Streep, Davis or Weaver might fit that bill.

  2. Someone from the Hunger Games sub fancasted Tilda Swinton as Dr. Gaul and I honestly think it’s a very good choice.

  3. They already cast him. He's a British actor named Tom Blyth. I've never heard of him but he does indeed look a lot like Donald Sutherland.

  4. Casting for this movie looks solid so far. Rachel Zegler is a great choice for Lucy Gray, same with Hunter Schafer for Tigris.

  5. Every once in a while I'll remember that there was a kid in The Hunger Games who was so skilled at baking that he was somehow able to disguise himself as a fucking log or something, and then I'll chuckle to myself for the rest of the day.

  6. In the books they actually had a training period before the games, and Peeta really took to camouflage. Adding the log to his disguise was a bit much tho

  7. Tbf his family were bakers and he decorated cakes. No that’s probably not the best reason but it isnt like all he did was make bread

  8. He's shown to be artistic and much of his talent came from decorating cakes, so it's a little weird but not that big of a strech

  9. The prequel book is a great read. It really offers great insight into why snow is the way he is. Great characters and excellent storyline. If you like the world of HG this story is a must.

  10. It's Hollywood. They don't make something new. They take that which was profitable and milk every last drop out of it. And when it stops giving milk, they keep squeezing all the blood out and call it milk

  11. Captain Angel on the newest Star Trek Strange New Worlds was an amazing turn this week too with the promise of return.

  12. crazy seeing how many transphobic people are commenting how she’s not a woman under this sub in 2022 😵‍💫 some of you are genuinely worse than scum lol

  13. It’s a shame you’re getting downvoted, because this seems like a genuine question that’s not coming from a judgmental place.

  14. I don't care about the Hunger Games at all but I am curious on her career also. She was fascinating in Euphoria but something I really liked was the subtlety of the gender stuff in the writing. She was a fully realized character that is also trans and it only came up when relevant to the story. I would just like to see her cast as an appropriate actor for a roll without an emphasis on her gender similarly. The question posed is interesting though.

  15. Songbirds and Snakes got a movie? It wasn’t a very good book… I’m beginning to think this series is just a cash cow

  16. why would it be stupid? If there was ever a series ripe for a good prequel, the Hunger Games would be it. They had seventy-three Hunger Games before the first movie, and the audience doesn't know the results of the vast majority of them.

  17. It's a great book that introduces us to a young Snow and shows us why he has become the tyrant we meet in the original trilogy. It's extremely well written and feels essential to the story we know already. Not shoe horned or retconned, but very informative and inviting.

  18. Honestly, I looked down on the HG films when they came out but watched them recently and they are honestly so much better than bland blockbusters like the MCU.

  19. She is really talented. It’s about time she starts getting big roles outside of Euphoria. Her performance has been a stand out, especially in her special episode.

  20. It’s in the article: she is Tigris. I don’t think she gets any surgery until after the events of the movie so she will probably just look like her normal self.

  21. I mean it’s technically based on a book (not just characters from a different book) and the series made tons of money on screen and off so the answer is probably only once they think they’ve wrung every last cent out of the franchise

  22. Yes, because there is not a single other movie that has been made in recent times that is not based on an existing series. Not a single one.

  23. It is new. It's the origin story of the Snow we know in the original trilogy. It's a great read and truly essential to the world we have all been introduced to already. You should give it a shot before being so negative.

  24. I’m sold on the actress she’s amazing and euphoria but I don’t know about a hunger games prequel I mean how long has it been since the last hunger games. Is hunger games still of a huge franchise?

  25. I mean, the book this will be based on sold well, and since this is built to be a one and done prequel, it’s not an arduous financial burden for the studio to find out. These movies aren’t super expensive to make, and this one should be even cheaper because the titular games aren’t as over the top at this point. Even if it only makes half of what the average Hunger Games movie made, that’s still a tidy profit.

  26. representation like this has been really important for me, hunter’s roles especially, so i’m very happy to see her getting more high profile work.

  27. It's much more than a money grab. It's an amazing book with great insight into the mind of snow and the events that create the man we meet in the original trilogy. It's an excellent story.

  28. she was amazing in Euphoria - especially considering she had never (formally) acted previously. Excited to see her future in cinema.

  29. Pharasees love their “assets” & milking them to get the most out of them instead of taking chances with new creations. With lots of space to fill its MUCH cheaper that way,

  30. She was great in euphoria and that special episode is the best part of the show. I really enjoyed s1 and I like parts of s2 but I didn't really like where they went with any of the characters except Lexi. Jules is and always will be my favorite and Sam did her dirty this season. I'm glad she's starting to be in bigger projects, also I wouldn't be surprised to see her directing movies soon (she did a girl on red music video). She's one of my favorite filmmakers right now.

  31. I think it’s a pity that trans people are finally getting more roles but it’s in such a creatively bankrupt era for mainstream film and tv.

  32. she’s my biggest celebrity crush oh my god, I’m so proud of her she would fit that type of movie so well

  33. Because a new book came out and people liked it? Why wouldn’t they make new movies anyway, since the other ones were good and performed well?

  34. It's a great book and should be a very essential price of the HG universe. It's extremely well written and important to flesh out the story of the Snow we have come to hate in the original trilogy. I enjoyed it more than katniss' story tbh.

  35. It's based on the book, which explains Snow's rise. I haven't read it, but with the massive success of The Hunger Games, it's no surprise they'd make a movie from this book too.

  36. They will be great in a feature film. Happy to see trans actors being given more of the spotlight. They were really good in Euphoria.

  37. I swear to god they have at least 73 potential movies in the prequel banks of Hunger Games, they better not screw this up cause it could be utterly legendary.

  38. Oh cool. Another movie based on the early or later story of an already commercially successful story. What a risk by the studio and people on this project

  39. Not talking shit, but would it go against the community if she legit just played a girl or is that a no no? Like will her characters always have to be trans? Again, I'm being serious.

  40. Haven’t they said all they needed to say with the hunger games movies? The series seemed like it was running very dry by the end

  41. This is a prequel that dives into what makes Snow the man we meet in the original trilogy. It's a great book that anyone who enjoys the HG world would love. I highly recommend it.

  42. Can they just remake Hunger Games and base them off the books? Make it rated R and actually have the Violence and side plots in the movie. Missing tongues and ships spearing fleeing people from the sky.

  43. I mean if you are looking for an R rated hunger games, you should definitely check out battle royale (2000).

  44. I love how she’s more androgynous these days! All my little ones on Discord wish they could be her xD

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