Thoughts on Ducati that is not red? For some reason I get so many questions why I didn’t get a red one :D

  1. Very much prefer white ovet red. Both look great, but just for practical reasons, such as it won't get as hot in the sun, I prefer white.

  2. White is barely highway capable and red is barely street legal, just like Almond Joy and Mounds. "Sometimes you feel like a nut..."

  3. I love white bikes. Especially with a bit of metallic flake. Best part is in the summer you don’t get burned when you rest on the tank. I’m contemplating painting my Connie white.

  4. "Because everyone gets a red one." I love red Ducatis, like I love red Ferraris, but I'm also drawn to the out-of-the-ordinary, and red is almost a clichè. If I had the chance, I'd get one and paint it bright blue, because that's actually the national sporting colours of Italy, and it would piss off the anal retentive traditionalists

  5. I’m also the owner of a white Ducati. It’s very popular when parked - it gathers a lot of attention. I love it.

  6. you can always spot a first ferrari, because it's red... but true heads know that the real nice ones, aren't red.

  7. In my opinion you made exactly the right choice. First of all. It is gorgeous in white with those red rimms. And most important of all: you like it. It is yours. You are going to ride it. And it will make you happy when you see her waiting for you in the garage. Well done mate. Have fun with your beautiful bike

  8. When I was young I was obsessed with the Matrix 998. Even today is such a good looking bike. Lately I’ve been eyeing a few 848’s in black near me.

  9. It's like a Ferrari, the brand is almost assosiated with red vehicles, but once you see enough, you start to appreciate different colours

  10. Every new KTM for sale near me is black except the 200s and the 390s (which are too small for my 6'5" frame). Like that's ktms thing, orange bikes. I'm in the opposite predicament lol.

  11. Yeah man you lost a lot of hp by going white. Only way to make it up now is with super cool stickers...everywhere. stickerbomb everything.

  12. I see way more black Ducati's than red Ducati's, but I guess that's just because of where I live. I personally think the white is dope, especially with the red wheels.

  13. I think that the white version of Ducati panigale is way better! It stands out more and is really good looking, I’m planning on buying the panigale v4 when I have the money, that’s my dream bike :)

  14. Its like the Ferrari red. If you want the bike for the name and resale, or keep as a collectible, red would have more value IMO. When you pay extra for the name and image, red is kind of the norm.

  15. Personally I think the Ducati panigale 899 is the best looking street legal sport bike ever made , but only in red . Personally I like the look a lot more of the 899 in Ducati red with those black wheels . But to each their own

  16. The white with the red rims looks clean. I'd be a hard decision for me to choose between red and white

  17. When I see a white bike I just think Daytona, and I love those. I'd recognize it as a Ducati after a second and would nod in approval with a slightly down-turned lip.

  18. It’s like getting a Ferrari and not making it red I guess. Everyone expects you to get the red one. I think the white is just as cool though.

  19. I prefer the white ones honestly. For some reason I've always associated Ducatis as white motorcycles, probably because that's how I see most of them in movies.

  20. In 2017 I was looking at the Monster 797. It was available in red, black, and white. I wasn't sure which one I wanted. Red is so iconic for a Duc and looked great. The black was more of a sleeper which I kind of liked too. But that flat white, it just grabbed me and wouldn't let go. With the red wheels and frame it looked so great and really unique I thought. I've never regretted getting the white, and that flat white SuperSport S is incredible.

  21. I wish they would do more colours, tbh. Make them even more unique and go beyond the trend of only having a few options. I would love to see blue, yellow, even orange panigales.

  22. For the v2 I’d get white without question. For the v4 I’d get the red unless the black sp was an option. I like the more basic colours, my r6 is a mixture of flat black and gloss black.

  23. My first street bike was a 2000 Ducati Monster Dark all black. Wrecked it and then bought a 1999 Ducati Monster in Yellow with carbon fiber pipes and fenders, never wanted a red bike

  24. I like being a little different 😁 Ducatis are already unique, but one that ISNT RED?!? Well you aren't gonna see too many others like that. Same reason i have a yellow one 😄

  25. There’s a guy that lives around me and he owns a white v2. I still turn my head every time I see it. I personally prefer white bikes over red ones but I just enjoy the color white in general.

  26. I think white is a much better "color" than red. I quoted that because white is technically not a color. White is the absence of color. Your bike looks really dope.

  27. Looks sick to me. My dad was the only guy with a Pearl white HD Breakout. It was very nice but he traded two years later for the new 103 in black

  28. Answer is BECAUSE IT LOOKS AWESOME. Congrats on the bike - used to have an 1198s and I’ll forever regret selling it. Was black though.

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