What is the worst thing your MIL has ever told you?

  1. My MIL called 911 and screamed “help he’s killing me” into the phone and hung it up to end an argument with me.

  2. We have no interest in getting to know your parents, please ask them to stop inviting us out for lunch, we're fed up with making excuses

  3. That she preferred my BF's ex because her family was richer than mine... Even if she abused verbally and physically my BF, stole his family jewelry, destroyed his car and (of course) cheated on him

  4. Similar: my MIL said to us looking at a picture from 5 years ago, “You both used to be so thin and looked great!”

  5. I’m 9 months pregnant here. Step MIL “We got a car seat for our car so we can call you up and let you know which weeks we’ll be taking DD”

  6. I've known a few women whose children are already grown that have done that. Some of them are predatory. I know one that latches on to any female with babies or young children. She befriends them and calls herself their second mother. Usually women that don't have close family.

  7. I hope you put her in her place before baby comes and remind her that she needs to back off because your not an incubator that's your baby!

  8. That she wished her daughter (my wife) was never born. Daughter/wife was 45ish at the time. Will never forgive MIL for saying that.

  9. That's is a terrible thing for any parent to say. I know this because I heard it most of my childhood and it was my dad saying it.

  10. I walked in the house after I had a c section the day before and she told me I was fat and looked healed enough to go to the gym. She also handed me diet pills 6 weeks later and told me I look like i desperately need them. I know there’s worse, but that’s the first one that comes to mind 😆

  11. One of the sh*tiest things was patting my leg in second pregnancy and said 'I suppose you had to have another and do it right, as you couldn't give birth properly the first time'

  12. She found out my husband was considering a vasectomy . She did not think we should have more kids. But she thought I should get my tubes tied because "When you two get divorced you'll be stuck with these kids and he'll want a new family with his next wife."

  13. Shit! What did you say? When my baby was only 1, I had a tumor in my thoracic cavity, anyway MIL said “ you can’t die because my son can’t be a single father and I will not be helping him raise your kids” ( I had 2 from a PM ) I froze, and couldn’t respond. :/

  14. These aren’t the worst out there but still. “She can’t wear that next year it’ll be too sexy” in regards to me saying my one year old’s Christmas night gown will probably fit next year when she’s two. Because it might be tight. She’s TWO. This isn’t the worst but honestly still reeling when she said “oh you don’t need to wash the guest sheets. We didn’t have sex in there this time I would’ve washed the sheets myself if we did” okay first of all ew but second of all we have other guests sleep there? Other horrible comments is her telling me that all men leave if you don’t have sex with them as if she’s forcing me to have sex with her son. Truly creepy. Sprinkle in comments of her telling my husband he’s a failure compared to her and that his grandparents would be ashamed of him. Yeah…

  15. That I must not love my husband as much as her because when he had open heart surgery I didn't sit in the waiting room crying and holding her hand. Instead, I did things to keep my mind busy because there was no way I was going to have a "cry in" with her while she made it all about her and FIL.

  16. Not MIL, but GIL; during a heated rant she told me "The last In Law that was rude to me died" she compared me to said person before and just this morning called me by that person's name.

  17. When my husband was born, MIL was informed "IT'S A BOY!!! She shouted "get rid of IT, I want a girl!" She delighted in telling that story every chance she got, I think my husband had heard it so many times he was numb to it. It was very obvious to everyone his brother was the golden child and my husband was the scapegoat. Can I be glad she's dead?

  18. There are a lot, but the one that made me not just drop the rope, but instead hurl that motherfucker into outer space, was when my cousin and her son died in a car accident. I was visiting my parents, DH was visiting his mom, and I messaged him to tell him and said he could tell his mom because I could use the support. He told her, she asked their ages, then said "That's too bad," and changed the subject back to herself. She never once said a word to me or my family, which was bad enough on its own, but then she harassed DH a month later for the address of a friend of ours whom she had met only once so that she could send a sympathy card, and she added him and his fiancee on Facebook so she could comment on EVERYTHING giving her sympathies.

  19. Flat out admitting that her daughter's needs come first above MIL's two sons. She won't schedule a family gathering if daughter can't come (but who cares if others can't come), daughter gets first dibs for childcare. Flat out, daughter's needs come first. That was the last time I talked to her on the phone, right before Christmas. Now it is my husband's job to answer her calls and arrange visits/babysitting.

  20. Probably that her excuse for not liking me was because she doesn’t know me. While she hasn’t made any effort to get to know me in the past 2 1/2 years, except for once when we went Xmas shopping for DH.

  21. MIL didn’t like that I was still breastfeeding LO when he was a year and a half. When my in-laws came over to have a talk with us MIL brought it up and said “I think you are only doing it for comfort reasons”. This is coming from the lady who gave up breastfeeding DH when he was two months old and told me she stopped because he was sleeping through the night in his own room. I’m pretty sure 2 months old still wake up at night and she was just ignoring him.

  22. My dad was diagnosed with a terminal cancer and both my partner and I were very upset and struggling to deal with the diagnosis. Mil said we were using it as an excuse because ‘he’s not dead yet’

  23. Re: my husband and I not having children. “Is there something wrong with you? Do you need to have medical treatment?”

  24. Sooo many to chose from during the early years of our marriage before she “declared me dead” to her whole family (which is the nicest thing she ever did for me because “dead” people can go NC easily).

  25. Worse thing she's said to me specifically is when she asked "your still breastfeeding 8 figured you'd give up by now " or "well she's hungry let's get her a bottle" and i just stared at her, the worse thing she's probably said over all was when she saw my twin sister at Walmart at preceeded to go on a rant when my LO was about a month old about how my LO is her baby because if she didn't have my Lo's dad then I wouldn't even have LO to begin with, she also gave my LO pasta sauce at two months just swiped her finger on her plate an popped it in her mouth because she thought no one was paying attention, I've already gone off on her and we don't see her often anymore.

  26. my father left before i was born and my MIL told me it was because i was a terrible person and he could tell when i was in the womb that i’d be awful to raise.

  27. It's hard to pin something down this second but FIL and MIL orchestrated a plan where they separated DH and I (we were dating at the time but living together in a long term relationship) so MIL could have a talk with me. MIL told me that bad things will continue to happen to me and DH because we don't tithe (we are not religious and that's been a problem). She also told me that her son is not affectionate so if that's what I want, I need to look elsewhere.

  28. “Maybe you should lose a few pounds before you wear a swimming costume” - the reaction I got when I said I wanted to take my then 4 month old baby swimming.

  29. There are a handful... She said my wedding dress was the reason our priest didn't provide communion for our wedding (he literally had a stroke the month prior and I truly think he forgot, we practiced it in rehearsal the night before and he gifted us amazing things and put on a lovely ceremony. Plus my dress was classic ballgown, nothing risqué). My BIL called her ridiculous and said he can't believe she just said that. Thank God other people see through her insanity.

  30. My MIL told my mother that I would be nothing if it weren’t for her son. I had also heard her say that about my other sisters-in-law. When confronted she denied it.

  31. One of the worst.. I was 4 months pregnant with my first. We were visiting her and I had terrible morning sickness that I had just gotten through. I dropped down to 106 pounds and was just starting to be able to eat again. My MIL kept adding “I know you’re trying to watch your weight” to everything… she would say “we can get pastries for breakfast tomorrow… oh, but I know you’re trying to watch your weight.” Or “let’s get ice cream tonight! Oh, sorry I know you’re trying to watch your weight.” This still gets my blood boiling. And during this same trip I overheard her whispering to my husband in the other room “Are you sure you’re happy??” She’s a real treat.

  32. I stood up to her for the first time and asked her to keep her comments and opinions to herself when she’s a guest in my home. She started yelling, pointing her finger in my face, and attacking my character. I was amused and chuckling while attempting to diffuse the situation with no success. So finally she said:

  33. After I had my c section and got my tubes removed cause we are done having kids, she came over and looked my bf dead in the eye and said well you got 2 boys and 1 girl so far maybe the next one will be a girl too and even you out!

  34. She told my husband on father's day that her greatest disappointment was having sons and her second was having only grandsons.

  35. My MIL said I’m a gold digging whore (I gave her son a brand new car but ok lmao) and she hopes I burn in hell and that if she ever apologizes to me that it’s a lie and she will always hate me. Along with a ton of fatphobic and biphobic stuff. And talking shit about my family.

  36. Told me all about how she has more in common with her best friend’s future daughter-in-law and I have more in common with her best friend, so maybe we should switch! Just being silly, of course. /s

  37. I could write a novel. My first red flag was when my ex called his mother to tell her we were engaged and her response was “engaged to what”!! I stayed married to him for 5 years and had 2 kids. Left when my kids were 2 years and 3 months. She put me through hell and back. Lying to the judge in our custody battle, telling my kids they better get honours or she would send them to a “stupid school “. The list goes on and on. She died about 6 weeks ago and I did a literal happy dance. 6 people showed up to her funeral and 4 of them were family!!

  38. My father died. She was visiting with her gf. They were both sitting at my patio table when I got the call. When I told her she literally said “oh well..” then when her friend was shocked she said “he was like 100 years old!” He was 78.

  39. After my sent me flowers for no reason at work, she said that her husband only sent her flowers when he was cheating on her. My SIL and I did a full stop, open mouthed, how did she all of a sudden make her sons nice gesture about her face....

  40. Back story: my husband had recently been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum (in his 40s). We were out to dinner with her and a couple of other family members.

  41. “Stop losing weight (I have birthed 2 kids from 2018-2021). Sil (her daughter) is already conscious about her body. You don’t need to rub it in her face.”

  42. Recently went to lunch with my in laws. Didn’t bring LO and i was having bad separation anxiety. She told me “well I can’t even hold him for five minutes”. He doesn’t know her and ends up crying every time she tried to hold him the couple of times he saw her. Like its something that can be compared.

  43. When my Nan was dying and I had just got back from what I knew would be the last time I saw her my mil told me about a child she’d heard about dying and said ‘puts what you’re going through into perspective, doesn’t it?’ I didn’t know her that well at this point but I knew that I needed to keep my distance.

  44. To me: that I didn’t actually care about the health of my children. That I just use my daughter’s medical fragility as a weapon to hurt them (aka, we don’t travel to see them because we need help carrying all of her medical equipment through the airport)

  45. Hmmm, I'm not sure what the worst thing is but one of the comments that stuck the most was when she was holding my newborn baby girl for the first time. As she was holding her and looking at her, studying her face, the first thing she did was turn to look at me and said "so when are you going on birth control?" I told her I'm not and took my baby girl back from her.

  46. For your birthday this year I'll take you away. A few months later when I asked, how about a day trip to London (she lives there, 3 hour drive for me and I have chronic arthritis in lower spine and hips so half an hours walking and I'm done). Just found out she's taking my alcoholic and drug addict sister away for 2 weeks to an all inclusive and never asked 'as I probably wouldn't have wanted to go'.

  47. Told me “my son may not see the things I see abt you now but he will, I mean he learned his lesson with Hailey” Hailey was his ex who was abusive & who he had a stillborn child with prior to us getting together while also charging him with offensive touching when she was the one abusing him.

  48. Worst thing so far is every time, I’m not trying to be clever but it really is, the small things hurt just as much as the big things. It’s about how she used to poke fun at my weight, how she assumed all I do is eat and sleep all day or how she hates the colours of my clothes (yes she can be that petty). It’s that two days ago she texted me while drunk, which she does on the regular after work (drinks) and berated me while in the other room. When she texted me, she told me to just go away, that’d be the best thing for her and her son. That broke my fucking heart.

  49. Yep. I got a "you both (me & DH) are sick in the head" when I reminded her for the 17th time that we didn't want out LO in social media. Wtf is with these women

  50. That she hated me because of the colour of my skin and because I could give her son something she couldn’t. I threw up in my mouth for that comment. I would cheat on him and steal his money ( he’s broke).

  51. I somehow got put on the spot in a conversation as I was passing by at my fiancé’s family member’s wedding. FMIL asked about when we would have kids. “FMIL we talked about this- all the medications and adderal I was on as a child messed me up and I probably can’t have kids.”

  52. Oh there was so many...just recently after an argument with my mom she said "now he (my husband" has to choose between his wife and his mother, and he will choose me!" Yeh, right

  53. My SIL's Mom (my MonsterIL) told her that our rapey nephew would be ok watching SIL's 5 yr old son at SIL house for an entire weekend (including over nights) because "he likes little girls, not little boys". (She also covered up and actually fostered said rapey nephew's raping of his sisters for YEARS). Because of the insanity, I provided all child care of SIL's son for free for several years. I'm sadly very relieved MIL is dead, she was the biggest enabler I've ever known.

  54. When we told my MIL i was pregnsnt with my 3rd child she said " don't get too exited, hopefully something will happen" later in the conversation she said" there are things you can do about it" Of course she said these things when my SO was out of the room. He said I must have misunderstood what she said.

  55. I’ve got too much honestly. I think right now, I hate her very existence as she made me stress to the point I miscarried again. Second time her stress inducing personality has caused.

  56. Mines is a very covert narcissist. She doesn't usually say things to me but to my husband about me. The worst thing she ever said directly to me was just hours before my wedding when I was expressing my excitement to her as well as my nervousness. She told me I shouldn't worry because I'm just a phase for him, and that we wouldn't last 6 months. Again this was stated hours before my wedding. She said a lot more awful things about me at my wedding in her speech. As beautiful as the day was I can safely say (with husband's agreement) that out wedding day was both the best and worst day of our lives together. On a brighter note due to her ugly comment we will make a point to be very obnoxious around our anniversary. She always feels the need to be involved so she asks us where we're going every time. We proudly tell her we're celebrating our 1st, 2nd, 3rd anniversary and she gets this look of absolute hate and venom. It's a great feeling.

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