my vaccine card from my time in US Army 2002-2005

  1. I feel like at some point they need to make them look at little more organized - but holy hell that’s a lot of shots

  2. Man, that's nothing. When they fail to look up your record you end up with a shot record like mine, nearly 20 anthrax shots alone.

  3. I feel OPs pain. Had all my shots in my country of birth. Moved to the USA and they didn't accept my WHO vaccine passport. (Insert joke about US not being part of WHO). So I had to get every single shot twice. If MMR causes autism I'm in trouble.

  4. Which is why when military folks decided they didn't want to take the covid Vax, it made ZERO SENSE.

  5. The print outs you get now a days is better than this. I don't even think they do shot cards like this anymore unless you ask. I had one made when I was in Europe because it was the norm in Germany to have the yellow book of shots, but if you didn't have one already you had to request it thru the immunizations clinic. (Which I knew the guy he's one of my buddies.)

  6. They used to just line up thousands and have like pressurized needle guns just shooting everyone up as they continued the line. Blood dripping down everyone's shoulder lol

  7. My brother was in the Marine Corps and deployed to Afghanistan. He said they were glorified pin cushions before they got deployed lol. He showed me his vaccine record and it looked very similar to this.

  8. Vaccine records are electronic now in the military. Even in the field they can have a global medical network and can update your records from anywhere.

  9. And it hasn’t changed. I’m active duty. It’s all on computers now but if I print mine out it’s over a full page of vaccines on an 8x11 sheet of paper

  10. I retired at ~21 years… my vax printout is 3 pgs long. They considered the smallpox and anthrax vax’s good for only 10 years, so I got both series of those twice as well.

  11. Ha! My oldest sister's Army dependent Vax card is the same, 3 pages front and back, stapled together. When she registered for public school for the first time at 16 (private school before then) and they needed her shot record - "this is the most extensive record I have ever seen, you're vaccinated against things that don't exist in this hemisphere or exist at all anymore."

  12. I have a question and I don't really know where else to ask it, so I'll ask here. What's the one where they dip a fork in syrup and stab you in the butt with it?

  13. Ah the anthrax vaccine. I remember my first one. Inwas walking to the immunization clinic and I see people walking out grumbling and holding their arm. I find out they are not enjoying the anthrax vaccine. I get my vaccine and there's no pain. I'm like ok cool, those guys are whining about nothing. About 45 seconds later I learned the hard truth.

  14. I am imagining someone asking you for your proof of vaccination for COVID and you hand them three pages.

  15. I've been in 13 years and mine is 5 pages lmao anthrax every 6 months. And a bunch of other that I was only supposed to get 1 or 2x but they mad eme do it multiple other times because the information didn't update the next day 🙄

  16. I feel like most vaccines are only good for about ten years because they want you to get boosters every ten years or less. Had to get my tetanus shot because it had been 11 years since my last booster and I pinched my finger in a rusty lock when we were about to leave for camping. Figured better to get the shot then go out into the woods and get tetanus lol.

  17. I feel you, at Drum they started the anthrax series on us three separate times, but failed to do the follow on second or third shot in a timely manner so had to start the series over again. The sad part was, this was not on me as a Lone soldier but rather our entire unit.

  18. My vaccine booklet looked similar having grown up overseas. Smallpox was easy, but my 'blister' got scraped off a week later and infected. The worst shot for pain was Gamma Globulin, given in two needles to bum or thigh. It felt like lead going in, and I was dizzy and nauseous for hours after, achy for days. Every other shot was easy conpared to that one.

  19. That's the issue with the monkeypox vaccine now, the people that need protection against monkeypox (immunocomprimised folk) are also susceptible to having a bad time with the live vaccinia virus they scratch onto your skin

  20. I remember standing in ranks and this specialist comes out and shows us a huge needle curled up like a banana and was like "DONT CLENCH YOUR ASS CHEEKS" lol

  21. It's funny to think about how many vaccines they give in bootcamp but then the amount of people in the army discharged for refusing covid vaccine

  22. Yup, and everyone in the squad bay still got sick. Windows were always wide open for airflow, and the direction recruits laid down was alternated to avoid breathing towards each other's faces, and yet, still sick. I remember coughing all night long for several days, while being in that state between sleep and wake, I kept hallucinating and hearing the drill instructors running up and down the bay screaming at us. During firewatch, recruits would be yelling "aye aye, sir!" in their sleep. What a mind fuck of a place.

  23. Remember how they gave us a PT test the next morning. Trying to run with one dead ass cheek.

  24. remember when covid vaccines were an issue for the armed forces? but not the other dozen vaccines that have been routine for decades. americans are fucking dumb.

  25. I went when everything was in the giant glob that sat in your arm for a week or two. One and done.

  26. Navy brat here, I have the same vax record! I took mine when I went to get the covid shots and the young MD looked at me and said "What the hell is this?" 🤣

  27. I re-enrolled in school a few years ago and needed to upload records of vaccinations, but I also grew up a navy brat in the eighties, so my vax record looks similar hahaha. I saw the picture and was like “oh, I know what that is!”

  28. I get the same. Which is a little bit weird. Considering it's not actually some DoD specific thing- it's a Dept of Health form and is made to conform to an international standard from the WHO. You'd think most doctors would be familiar with it- at least know it exists. In theory they might need to occasionally fill one out for someone going in travel, but I guess medical record clerks are just copying that stuff over and signing for the docs.

  29. My brother is in the NG and is currently in trouble and has lost the privilege to work shifts due to his refusal to get the Covid shot. In the meantime he's mooching on my parents with a wife and 2 kids in tow. He's managed to fill my parents' head with all this qanaon crap. My mom was trying to tell me that the NG has never require vaccines before and me and my other brother were like "wait wait wait.... yes they have. They always have." and she literally would not accept the idea.

  30. That's always been the mindboggling thing to me from the idiots that pulled this shit after they were already in. Like, mother fucker we all had to do the vaccine walk in bootcamp. We all blindly signed a shitload of medical forms, walked in a line as a group of corpsmen took turns sticking us with needles and then we proceeded to get a flu shot every year and re-up on any of the vaccines we'd already gotten or we'd get kicked out, and now youre stupid fucking ass draws the line at a COVID vaccine. Idiots, idiots, idiots. Truly the dumbest motherfuckers out there.

  31. My sisters husband left the military because he refused to get one single vaccine because he wasn't going to he forced to take no vaccines.

  32. You see those "Anthrax 1, 2, 3, 4"? Not only are those mandatory... but they're not FDA APPROVED for the general public. You think COVID vaccines have "adverse events"? If you ever want to know what it feels like to have a golf ball shoved under your skin, join the military.

  33. Just in case anyone is confused, PPD is used to test for tuberculosis. Not sure why the Army is putting it on a shot record as it's not a vaccine, we wouldn't have done that filling out a yellow card for a Sailor or Marine.

  34. When people complain about the Covid shots making their arms hurt I tell them about how lovely the anthrax shot was

  35. Deployed in 2012 to Afghanistan and that son of a bitch wasn't optional for us. The anthrax and smallpox shots are the worst I've ever had in my 30 years on Earth.

  36. Man I deployed in 2007 and that shit was not optional. Fuck anthrax shots. I’m a vet of 11 of those bitches.

  37. Those anthrax vaccines were horrible only thing that was worse was the smallpox vaccine. Right after I finished my 6th shot they changed it to the 3 dose shots

  38. I'm pretty sure some fuckers decided a covid vax was too far, after already receiving all these. Politicization of normal things has gone crazy.

  39. ...Anthrax? You can get INOCULATED against ANTHRAX? I thought that shit just straight up annihilated your organs

  40. Anthrax grows everywhere, you could probably find it in your attic or a field near your house if you spent a week scraping and looking under a microscope.

  41. This is what always made me laugh about the guys who refused to get the covid vaccine. I literally walked thru a assembly line of shots at boot, having no clue what I was getting injected with

  42. Back in the day, my father got to the end of the army vaccination line where the doctor reviewed his chart. The doc was shocked to see he had latent tuberculosis virus and yelled that he shouldn't have just gotten the TB vaccine. My dad yelled back, how the hell was I supposed to know what each needle was?

  43. It's crazy the number of servicemembers who were protesting the covid vaccine. You already got so many without a single question asked, but this is the one you're drawing the line at? The one that is actually a significant threat and not just a distant possibility?

  44. I did the same thing when I went into basic. That's why I never understood any personnel refusing the covid vax.

  45. My MIL served for quite a while and was in Desert Storm. Very republican. But when the covid vaccine came around she said "The Army jabbed me with shit they didn't even tell me about and I'm still kickin'. I'm not gonna fuck with covid. Give me that shot."

  46. It was scary seeing all the service people make a big deal about the COVID vaccine for "freedom" reasons. You literally sold your body to the government and got as many shots as possible, but this one that will help the most people is across the line?

  47. Idk what the peanut butter shot was still but it fucking hurt. Didn’t help it was my first gluteal IM injection so I reflexively tensed up, I’m really good at keeping my deltoid relaxed lol

  48. Back in the regular olden days it was just the fringe co-op hippies who were anti vax and pushing homeopathy for polio. And my right wing parents’ main complaint about immigration was the unvaccinated.

  49. My husband wound up in the hospital from the anthrax and smallpox shot given on the same day. Really high fever, passed out in formation, was put in the hospital and given ice baths. 😬 He was in for 8 years his sheet is quite long.

  50. My mom has a picture of her uncle being held by 2 guys while being given a shot with a big needle at what she calls his induction into basic training. I believe the photo is the late 1950s. My mom said he went AWOL.

  51. I work with and around a bunch of military guys, funny that now they've become anti-vaxxers after this long history of vaccines that they've also had.

  52. Yep. In 2003 i had to burn human shit with JP8 (diesel fuel) on two occasions. No effects 20 years later but i guess i should at least look into it

  53. I dont remember which one that is to be honest haha. Everyone on here remembers so much. I just remember small pox nasty blister

  54. A huge reason I could never join the army is because I’m terrified of needles. It took me forever to get my covid shot. It was so embarrassing when I finally went

  55. Take your hand that is not getting the shot and focus on pressing your thumb and your index finger tips together.

  56. So no shit, it took me 3 different times of passing out from that nasal spray crap they used. 1st time was basic and I immediately dropped on the floor, woke up later on a mat with a nurse telling my battle buddy to watch me.

  57. I must have given ten thousand of those or more. Taken quite a few too. So many I was immunized against ever being an anti-vax nut.

  58. That's why I never worried about the covid vaccine. I've been injected with so much random shit, what's a borderline experimental vaccine gonna do? (Please don't kill me, please don't kill me, please don't kill me)

  59. The part that cracked me up being a veteran… hearing other veterans refuse the Covid vaccination based on “ don’t know what’s in it!!!”

  60. This shit infuriates me. They know how big the stamp they use is. They make the card size. Make the columns the proper size so it can be properly organized!!

  61. This is exactly why I have zero tolerance for the guys in the military who cried about getting the COVID vaccine. You're more likely to encounter COVID than smallpox but we get the smallpox vaccine anyway. Bunch of dummies.

  62. One of the antivaxxers I work with was in the army, he said he declined any vaccines they tried to give him (he was telling people this during Covid). I called him out on his bullshit, then got a few other vets I work with to basically tell him to stop being a pos and lying, since he was making them look bad too.

  63. Almost never. There was some resistance to the Anthrax shot, and when I started getting them in 2004 (Army, ‘91-‘13, retired) they had to stop giving it to us a few shots in because of an injunction while a suit was working it’s way through another court. Then it was lifted a while later and we resumed.

  64. I never understood the people in the military refusing the covid shot. Like you dumb motherfuckers got jabbed a dozen times in bootcamp just like the rest of us.

  65. Yeah i dont remember a single person refusing. In a gigantic bay with hundreds of other soldiers just going from station to station

  66. I was never in uniform, but I worked for DoD for 30+ years, including an overseas assignment. Among many others, and counting childhood vaccinations, I have had 5 smallpox vaccinations, 3 polio, anthrax, and I seem to recall plague and cholera. Idk how those last two would work, given that those are both bacterial diseases, but that’s what the label said. Oh, and now four Covid shots, with another coming this fall, and I am beyond grateful that those vaccinations exist.

  67. And there are cowards in the DOD who ruin their career and put their family in financial jeopardy for refusing the covid vaccine because......... Well the only explanation is they're stupid. If you can't follow a lawful order like that you have no business in the service.

  68. Most children enrolled in public school by the age of thirteen have one of those filled front to back. I feel for the newcomers

  69. Yeah, this rang true back in the 80s, they were like "no way were putting hundreds of strangers together in a ship without these", and you were not asked your opinion nor given the choice, like now. Line up, and drop your drawers, maggot!

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