Brown Recluse spider bite while sleeping 7O% of body went into a rash

  1. No, you can sleep again. First you need to take a page out of Avatar though, and use fire to purge the land. Start fresh. Without spiders.

  2. Like 12 hours later my shin hurt and couldn't figure out why. Fever started, ended up in Urgent Care and doctor asked me if I had spider issue and if could take a pic of one. My complex had a spider infestation and they all were Brown Recluse.

  3. I had a brown recluse bite me when I was sleeping. I remember waking up slightly and itching my leg, but falling back asleep. It wasn't until the morning when I realized it had been a spider. Also, it was bad (it turned some strange colors and was maybe just bigger that a quarter), but nowhere near as bad as OP's reaction.

  4. Had a brown recluse bite me in my sleep a while back. I did not wake up in the slightest, and also disregarded the bite as just any ol' bug bite

  5. I lived in an apartment a few years ago that had an infestation of brown recluse. I didn’t find out for about 4 months until I found one in the bath tub. I placed sticky traps around my apartment and caught roughly 50 before the end of my lease. About half of which were under my bed.

  6. I woke up to a brown recluse bite on my arm last year. Ended up having surgery and months of painful weekly trips to the wound clinic to have tissue cut away. It’s some seriously fucked up shit. Sweet looking scar though! Hope you get proper treatment asap OP. best of luck!

  7. Sorry to hear that. After five weeks looking like I'm going to get lucky and no surgery, just a hole in leg that will heal after a few years and have that scar. Thanks!!

  8. I got bit on the arm while I was taking a nap before work a few years back. I was lucky that my friend who is a paramedic was at the bar that I worked at. My arm hurt and I asked him to look at it. He told me I needed to go to the ER immediately.

  9. I'm betting you wish that spider had remained a recluse... Meanwhile, is your complex accepting any responsibility for, or taking any action to remediate, the spider infestation you mention elsewhere? This is not acceptable.

  10. They offer sprays if requested. But the attic and light fixtures were infested and didn't do a thing. I broke lease and now heading to court as can't pay the fees. There is a clause in my states law if an apartment is dangerous it can be declared inhabitable but they disagree. Will take months to solve but I'm glad I left as this was very traumatic and no way could stay in that place.

  11. 2 months ago I went to drink water from a cup and felt something in my mouth so spit it out. It was a crushed, squirming brown recluse. I have been only drinking from bottles with caps since then

  12. I thought this post was bad enough stopping me from ever sleeping again but now I can never fucking drink again you monster

  13. Same thing happened to me but it was a Bee. And it was in my straw. I blow bubbles with the straw before sipping now to clear it lol

  14. Ever since my sister found a rat in her eggnog I don't trust drinks that have been out of my sight for 10 seconds.

  15. Go to medical gore subreddit and type in brown recluse. Someone had one bite their tongue, nsfw btw

  16. Same thing happened to me when I was about ten, although not a brown recluse. Its now 45+ years later I still wont take a drink from a glass without inspecting the contents every time.

  17. Tennessean here. I put on a pair of pants that were in my attic and felt something bite my ankle. Brown recluse! And it somehow affected my ankle joint really bad and I had to walk with a cane for 3 months. Those little bastards are no joke!

  18. They are all over Tennessee sadly. Had friend get bit when putting on sandals, she ended up spending almost a week in ICU - they can be very serious.

  19. I had a similar thing happen to me with a pair of jeans and a centipede, not nearly as bad and avoided the bite. I shake out all my pants now before I put them on if they’ve been sitting. What happened to you was way worse though. Hope you’re better now.

  20. Yah it was a life shocker. They pumped me full of Benadryl with IV and a bunch of meds week one and now at week 5 and just dealing with the hole in leg, did not get infected so on the right path and just an eyesore. Where did u get bit?

  21. It's been 5 weeks and can confirm this. It was pure hell. Lucky it didn't get infected. For sure gonna have a hole for a long time.

  22. Never had to get medical treatment for my recluse bites , one left a hole in my calf I could hide a ping pong ball in though.

  23. That is terrifying to me. I live in a country where the two most deadly/dangerous animals are tame dogs and regular wasps. Hope you're feeling better and that you don't get any shit for breaking lease.

  24. Yellow sac spiders are little biting f*ckers as well, whose bites are often mistaken for recluse spiders. Like the recluse, in most cases it's a secondary bacterial infection from the bite that becomes an issue and needs treatment.

  25. Hope everything turns ok for you. This spider is one of the only animal/insects that can kill you here in Chile. A family friend got bitten by one and she lost part of her upper arm muscle

  26. Here in Colorado we have black widows, we have bears, mountain lions, we have nasty ticks, rattlesnakes, and if you go down south right now you could find scorpions, but the only damn thing that scares me is the brown recluse.

  27. My grandpa got bit by one, lost the leg due to shitty nurses not changing the bandages as often as they should years later he died due to the bite. He was fighter, wish I had more time with him but I’m happy with the time with him I had

  28. They knew they have spiders and offer spray. I did the spray last year but not this which will hurt my court case but if they go for me breaking lease Im going to file one.

  29. My previous home had them pretty bad. Unfortunately, there's not a lot you can do. They don't clean their legs so pesticides don't work. Best you can do is glue traps but they can go months without moving so it can take ages to trap them.

  30. I just spent the last 2 hours helping my dad tear the rotting old roof off of our carport; basically showering in rotten sawdust, cobwebs, spiders, centipedes and ants. Needless to say my arachnaphobia is at full tilt at the moment and I keep imagining I'm feeling spiders creep up my back or sleeve or whatever... So I decided to surf some reddit to take my mind off of it, and this is the first post I see?!

  31. One of my teachers in Jr high got bit on a weekend hike and was dead in a week because he delayed treatment. His bite got super infected in like 3 days.

  32. A few weeks. I ended up in Urgent Care twice and than day 5 it went really bad and ER. It's a month later and have a hole in shin. Going to general doctor now for follow up care.

  33. I really hope you've gotten that properly treaded, brown recluse venom is a hemotoxin which literally melts tissue. My dad has a divot in his shin from a bite years ago.

  34. I have a detached garage and I typically kill at least 2 or 3 each time I'm out there moving things around. I'll kill maybe one a month inside my house. The last place I lived was pretty heavily infested with them and I put sticky traps down. I've read that you have to be some what allergic to them to get these types of reactions. I'm not 100% sure if I've ever been bitten, but I've had some nasty bites and have just assumed they were from brown recluses.

  35. Brown Recluse are no joke. My dog ended up losing a leg due to what the vets believe was a brown recluse.

  36. About 3 weeks ago my girlfriend woke up with a bruise on her knee. Or so we thought it was a bruise. About 12 hours later she couldn't walk at all. Her body went full blown rash as red as yours. Doctors didn't know what it was and weren't being helpful. Ended up in the ER multiple times. They kept trying to send her home saying she'd be fine. With some suppositories no less (She wasn't having a problem with what those fix). I had to fight with a doctor to do more tests or at least admit her because she was doing so much worse. Her eyes and her skin had calmed down from the rash but were very yellow. Eventually they admitted her and her tests said she had a couple problems. 1. Brown recluse bite. 2. Kidney failure 3. Liver failure 4. Her body was attacking her own blood cells. She was literally dying in front of me and doctors were telling me to shove a pill up her ass.

  37. Omg im sorry. A brown recluse bite in my sleep is one of my fears after seeing a docu about it when I was younger killing a 7 year old! I’m glad you are okay!

  38. For anyone who can’t leave a bug infestation, pull your bed away from the wall, put bug interceptors under each bed post, put a little bit of Diatomaceous earth in both the outer and inner rim. This will trap and kill any every bug that would access you by crawling up your bed posts. This will of course not stop any bugs that fall from the ceiling, jump from walls, or already living in you frame or mattress.

  39. That honestly doesn’t look like a recluse bite. People don’t want to hear this, but true recluse bites are extraordinarily rare, and typically do not result in the necrotic lesions associated with them. They’re also not associated with diffuse inflammation over 70% of the body.

  40. Thank you for posting this. It is insane how many people have recluse bite stories (and they’re always horror stories) and yet the story never involves any actual evidence of a spider bite, much less specifically a recluse bite. The myths are out of control.

  41. I am glad you said this. Most people can’t even properly identify a recluse, much less their bites.

  42. Buddy of mine had a reaction like this, had a studio in his garage and recluses were very common. Was leaning on an old pc he just opened up, got bit, and within an hour had a huge rash all over his stomach. Went to the ER with the spider and even the doc commented on how it was the worst reaction he's seen to a recluse bite.

  43. I don't think the rash is a direct consequence of the spider's venom, but rather an allergic response to the bite. Of course, any time someone has a nasty "bug bite" the bigger concern, and more likely issue, is a skin infection like staph.

  44. The rash area is probably going to turn into a big scab. I recently got bit by a brown recluse and a spot on my arm turned purple for about a week. After I got released from the hospital the area started turning into a cluster of water blisters. After they popped, the wound made a hole in the area where I was bit. Keep an eye on it and if it does start blistering be very careful with it.

  45. I was bitten by a brown recluse once when I was 15. Never got this bad, this looks like an allergic reaction or something.. Mine stayed in the same spot but grew into a big amber bubble wart thing. I sat with it recovering for a few weeks until one night my temperature went from about 101 to about 107 in about an hour, I was immobile and rushed to the hospital and stuck with 3 IVs. My brain felt melted for a week, go to the hospital sooner than later

  46. I hate those things. I had a friend in high school who lost much of his leg through tissue necrosis; had no idea he had been bitten until much latter and his leg swelled up like a watermelon (but a purple watermelon).

  47. Imagine your sleeping and you wake up to this. I’d prob go back to sleep thinking I’m in a dream.

  48. I read that as “70% of body went into trash” I thought ‘what a weird way of saying you got most of your body amputated…’

  49. Brown Recluse’s are a damn nightmare. Junior year in HS one bit the head of my dick while I was asleep and I literally couldn’t walk without crying from the pain. Took a week and a half for it to heal, still have the scar from the bite

  50. EEK! This reminds me of those movies i saw as a kid where the spiders take over all the houses and stuff. Guy dies after one is in his shoe and bites his toe.

  51. I rent a house and had a bunch of Desert Recluses come in. Even after spraying specifically for spiders it slowed them but not stopped them. While there are stories of recluse infestations amounting to 0 bites (there was a claim that a home had over 2000 recluses and 0 bites over 4 months) all it takes is one

  52. Jesus Christ that's frightening! I live in a place that had a lot of moisture and it had a centipede infestation got bit by one and couldn't even move my leg for like 2 months! The wound literally felt like somebody put a cigar out and burned a hole in my leg. Pests are not cool

  53. I used to do research in undergrad on brown recluse spiders. Had to capture them myself at night in an old barn lol

  54. A lady I met had one bite her on the ass about 10 years ago. Still has a scar. About 5 years ago she got a frog tattooed on her other cheek. She never realized the connection until I suggested a tongue across.

  55. Great, more fear-mongering that will continue to scare the masses into indiscriminately killing spiders.

  56. Glad you saw a doctor and got treatment. One of my former bosses got bitten by a brown recluse. A couple of months later when she was completely healed, she showed us the bite site (upper left arm) and she had about a tablespoon-size chunk of flesh gone. Just gone. A divot in her arm.

  57. I was on vacation in a villa and this happened to me once. Not recluse spiders though. I was asleep and it seemed that the spiders babies had hatched and attacked my legs while slept. I had like 20+ little spider bites all over my legs when I woke up. Apparently I fought back in my sleep cus there were a bunch of dead ones when I took the covers off. Freaked me out something fierce. Thankfully I was fine minus all the itching but I noped outta that villa really quick.

  58. FYI antibiotics work better than steroids for brown recluse bites. I was bitten thrice in a two month period. My sister is a nurse, and apparently this is the current common wisdom, but it wasn't 20 years ago during my "summer of the spider". I was just lucky that one of my dermatologists had spent his entire residency treating spider bites.

  59. Did you get to a doctor? Because they have a necrotizing poison and you can end up with a hole in your leg where there used to be living tissues.

  60. Had a few spots like this. They didn't get anywhere near as badly inflamed around, but bright red, swollen skin with a white necrotic portion near the center. One on my forearm, one on my forehead. Wasn't sure if I'd had a couple brown recluse bites or if I'd just had staph, but I've never had it since. No mark leftover on my arm, but forehead has an indent on it now you can't really make out unless pointed out. For reference, this was Alabama in 2011.

  61. You need to get emergency care, right now. It will turn into necrotic flesh. Your leg will be destroyed.

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