Got to work on the Wienermobile today

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  1. There is! There are six on the roads at any given time, and their drivers are called Hotdoggers. Not a joke.

  2. Hey thanks for posting was just wondering what's under the hood and weirdly I never thought about it.

  3. I actually super appreciate this post because I was about to ask if someone could ID that nose. I figured the lower front body was hijacked from SOMETHING but I don't know cars well enough. I woulda guessed early 2000s from the styling.

  4. Oscar Mayers out here with the big bucks. 30k a yr... Though I suppose that could be kraft/Heinz keeping the purse strings tight.

  5. Well that's just great. Yet another comment purge. This always happens on the big subs, and more often lately. Anyone have any recommendations for cool small subs?

  6. Any insight into why this is happening? Rogue mod? If a mod removes a post, I think it’s reasonable that the community understands who and why. Put a sticky at the top, right?

  7. We've had a bot attack on another sub. Some bot was reporting all the comments over and over, causing the automod to remove the comments past the threshold. Mods can't see who's submitting user reports, so can't do much about it besides raising the limit.

  8. Yep, shit's getting wild around here. There's all kinds of shady shit happening all over the whole website. I would like to at least get some context as to why shit's being removed and people are getting banned but that seems to be too much to ask. Well, anyway, see ya never on account of either this comment or your comment probably getting removed.

  9. Mod is probably thinking, "I'm gonna go through your post history and remove any phallic related comments you've ever posted. Don't let me catch you acting foolish on the internet ever again!"

  10. This is what happens when you let automod do all the moderating for you. Any comment that gets enough reports is automatically removed. Mods don't care about the abuse.

  11. Right? They should at least have to explain what happened and we have have official options to view removed comments. Maybe this was just but there are so many power hungry reddit mods who knows!

  12. A bot is spam reporting each comment. Auto mod picks up on large amounts of reports responding with comment delete. Automod and human mods can’t see who reports so it last hard to track.

  13. Where'd all the comments go? What happened here? Mods could you explain? Everyone's talking about it, don't act like we are just gonna ignore this.

  14. I wonder if they make special exceptions for vehicles like this. Like WEENR is not allowed as a license plate for any car….unless it’s for the Weinermobile.

  15. I thought the Wienermobile was an entirely made up Simpsons reference until this very minute and seeing this brings me great joy.

  16. Sesame seed finish, steel belted pickles, grilled leather interior, and under the hood a fuel injected french fryer with dual overhead grease traps.

  17. I don't know how a picture of the wienermobile could cause such bloodshed but here we are. What the hell happened in here besides "mods bad"?

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