me in burn unit after the TV antenna I was installing, fell across the outside high voltage power lines.

  1. A lineman acquaintance of mine was electrocuted during a training session, thumb blew clear off, replaced it with his big toe

  2. Glad you're all good mate. I've heard we rely on toes more than we realise. Were there any balance issues or unexpected side effects from losing a toe?

  3. As I was being electrocuted all I could think about was I was going to die , so I gave in and I accepted it. all I saw then was a bright white light and all the pain quit.

  4. I had built a shop and where I lived in Prattville Alabama was down inside of gully,. I found an old TV antenna on a job and I decided I was going to pick up a radio station called 104.9 The Gump. I don't need it now LOL

  5. My dentist when I was a kid had a similar accident (before I was born.) He lost his right hand, which was replaced with a prosthetic hook. He used it to pull patients mouths open while working on them; this never freaked me out, I just thought all dentists had a hook for a hand. Then my older brother decided to become a dentist, and I got really upset and straight-up asked my parents when he was going to get his hand removed to have his hook installed. They were so, so confused.

  6. It was 3 phase. It supplied the subdivision. It was the wires that supplied the power to the transformers.

  7. The only answer is to figure out how to mess yourself up so you can get back in! Make sure you ask this time, apparently they don't always remember.

  8. Holy crap. Anything to do with power lines is always scary. Heard more than enough horror stories at my work about it. Glad you made a recovery dude!

  9. Oh man, that sucks! How long will it take for you to heal from that? I hope you have folks to look after you.

  10. Your hands and feet look toast no pun intended. The separation of fingers looks to be gone, is that correct? Man I can’t imagine how much that hurt. Glad you’re good now.

  11. Hope you have a quick recovery! I’m terrified of electricity. I get shocked by random things all the time. I could never work with it. Well, even around it like that.

  12. It's called a wound vac. Basically a vacuum pump attached to an airtight dressing to pull drainage from a wound and encourage healthy tissue growth.

  13. they were completely third degree. That black you see is called a vacuum wrap that keeps the skin grafts to my feet

  14. You're very fortunate! I met a guy with no arms a while back. I assumed he was a war veteran and asked him how he lost his arms. Turned out it was from a high voltage electrical accident.

  15. Dude thank god your alive but you need to share your story with other people attempting to do what you were doing, if you work for a company or with the electric outfit whom high voltage pier line you hit it’s called a close call… wishing you the best

  16. I had a scare today where my aluminum ladder hit the power cable connecting my house to my detached shop. Nothing happened, but I'm wondering is it because the latter was aluminum, or because the cable was shielded in someway? It looks like a black shielded cable twisted around a steel support cable. Is what I have more common what was it that your antenna touched and why are wires in residential areas exposed like that?

  17. Bro. All these people asking stupid questions. Your a champ for answering them. All I have to say is we are glad to still have you brudah, hope you stick around for many years to come!

  18. I remember a guy who was installing telephone line and threw a telephone cable over the high voltage line and got seriously shocked/hurt. Can’t recall he survived.

  19. I bet you were amped to get install that antenna before this shocking accident, watt are your thoughts after it?

  20. Dear lord, ground voltage went through your feet. I’m sorry man. You survived this crazy shit and that is metal. I hope you recover well. I’m rooting for you

  21. Omg poor thing!! keep focusing on your fluid and electrolyte intake. Nurse here- my heart sank and had to say something! Xoxo

  22. this is not mildly interesting at all.. I didn't think one should find others suffering a probably fatal injuries to be interesting. What is wrong with you people ?

  23. I'm glad you are ok. Do you make jokes about it to GF/BF others? Do you tell a fib to others like I would bet you my big toe for something and tell them you lost? But on more serious note anything weird that you've noticed My Grandpa was struck by lightening and he gave off interference to to shit sometimes if weather was just right.

  24. Holy shit, did your hands fuse? I remember electrical training in the military and it was an "all metal off" zone or that shit gets to be fused to you if there's a screw up. I don't remember "keep your finger spread" though.

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