I swear I’m the only one that empty’s this thing

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  1. Good on you. FYI, most newer dryers are now equipped with a "thermal fuse" that helps prevent dryer fires. It's not 100% failsafe, but it helps.

  2. That was the worst thing about doing warranty for an appliance dealer- people doing dumb shit and expecting me to fix it for free.

  3. My wife didn't empty the lint out of our new and very expensive dryer for a while and it also quit working.

  4. I found two 40” smart tvs in a dumpster once. Replaced the control boards on both for $25 and they’ve served me well every since. (Replacing the control board is only a matter of unscrewing the outer shell and removing a couple screws holding the board in place, super easy job I had never done before that.)

  5. Take this lint and throw it on the fire in front of your family. Lint is highly flammable. Also see if the dryer tube to outside is full of lint

  6. I live in the country and burn boxes and limbs pretty often. I stuff the lint in toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes and use them as igniters.

  7. I tightly stuff my lint into empty toilet paper rolls and keep them in a metal bucket. Camping season comes around and I’ve got fire starter for the whole season

  8. “Throw it on the fire in front of your family” mans assuming everyone else living in game of thrones too and huddles around the fire desperately for warmth. How specific of a situation lol lemme just gather my family and start a fire and finish that bitch off by throwing a wad of lint on it passive aggressively so they know to change the lint trap. Solid.

  9. Fire extinguishers won't be enough. The university near me had 4 students die one night from smoke inhalation while they slept. The smoke was from a dryer with lint build up like this one. It ignited some time after one of the students moved their laundry to the dryer during the night and went back to bed.

  10. That’s how my house burned down, my mom refused to clean it and still does now that I’m older and in a new house I’m the only one who cleans it, pisses me off

  11. My dryer won't even dry shit with a tiny few mm layer on it. I legit empty it everytime before putting my clothes in

  12. After burning your own freaking house down you'd think that would be a rather significant way for someone to learn from their lesson and change their behavior. I can't imagine how frustrating that would be for you!

  13. For real. I always would remind my sister to check it before she put stuff in the dryer, I empty it every time before and after I dry clothes since others don't lol

  14. I was going to say, make sure you don’t stop doing it either if you’re the only one in the family who does it. Not only will you save lives, you’ll be saving the family home. Good Luck and Godspeed!

  15. WTF is that train wreck? Lint filter from clothes drier got it. Always clean it off kids, wet fingers help to collect the lint

  16. I bought a house a few years ago and when move-in time came, I noticed lint was sticking out of the dryer vent on the outside wall.

  17. I was staying at a friend's house and needed to wash clothes. Dude had NEVER cleaned his lint filter. Really smart guy but he just never thought about it.

  18. I don't even know if my washer/dryer combo has one! The manual mentions nothing of it (I read it many times just for this). Any idea where I could find a lint trap? It's not in the front, at the door. Do I even have one?

  19. This is could be a communal area in an apartment complex. I remember having to clear one for my clothes back in the day because the driers wouldn't dry if I didn't clear them, and few other used to.

  20. I even being told to not empty it every cycle. I can't just let that there!? The public one I use now is not working well but I clean that at the half time and bingo the hardest to dry cloth are dry/ok.

  21. Teach your cat to use the toilet and then you only have one thing to do…unless you also teach the cat to clean out the lint trap

  22. I clean off the vent screen every time and when I had my dryer vent tubing professionally cleaned it was still full of lint. (You can’t see it because it’s inside the walls and inside the machine)

  23. While you're at it, you might try checking the exhaust vent on the outside of the house because those need to get cleaned too for safety and to make it more efficient to dry your clothes. Also I feel you, my worst fear is my house catching fire so I've gotten on my kids about cleaning that thing

  24. For safety reasons I understand, but for satisfying reasons I am so jealous. I don’t understand how other people never check it because it’s so fun to pull the lint out.

  25. I was under the impression that if you didn’t change it every load, the next load you put in would burst into flames. Maybe the sims has too much impact on my life

  26. This will literally burn down your house. This is really serious. I can’t believe people allow it to get like this!

  27. OP, you probably want to rinse the screen. Oils from dryer sheets can build up on it. Also, clean your vent to the outside if you have one. Stay safe!

  28. Hey OP, no doubt the dryer vent hose needs cleaning/replacing too if that's what the lint catch looks like. Please see to it ASAP! Both are significant fire hazards.

  29. So dangerous!! My neighbor and friend's house burned down because of this! No was hurt thank goodness, but still! It's so easy and simple to clean too!

  30. Hey ,OP, this is what my mom finally did to get me and my siblings to clean the lint trap: take them outside, throw the lint in a metal trash can or another non flammable, empty container, and toss a lit match in. Show them how fast that shit burns up, and explain to em that letting it build up literal inches from a heating element is putting the family in danger.

  31. My childhood home burned down because of my mother never cleaning the filter. It was 1am and luckily my sister was on the phone and heard our dryer explode. Our cat died, but luckily, we all got out. Sucked though. Clean that shit out.

  32. LPT: If you are a renter at a new place, or a person that has a situation like OP's, I urge you to have your drier duct cleaned professionally. This is a sign that it may never have been cleaned. Huge fire risk many folks overlook.

  33. That’s really good tinder for starting a fire. Obviously. I like to collect mine and use it for bonfires.

  34. You will burn out a part on it called the thermal fuse. It isn’t usually difficult to change on most models. However, when it goes, it will be inoperable until it it replaced. A thermal fuse cannot be reset or repaired.

  35. I believe it was strata like this that led William Smith toward understanding the true age of the earth and Charles Darwin toward the theory of evolution.

  36. Okay I’ll be entirely real. I was living in a house for like a year with a dryer that had this kind of lint trap before my roommate told me where it was. I genuinely thought it was just a dope ass dryer that you didn’t have to clean out. To be fair they always had a bunch of stuff on top of the dryer so I never even saw the opening to the lint trap before that day either.

  37. If you let the lint build up, you can break the thermal fuse... It's only like $2 to get the fuse, but you have to take the dryer apart to fix it.

  38. Are they just content with having slow dry times. If I don't switch mine out after a couple of uses, it just doesn't dry well. Seems more inconvenient in the long run

  39. You need to keep an eye on that, my childhood home almost burnt down because of a clogged lint trap in a running dryer.

  40. Good way to burn up the dryer and ruin the dryer. Most likely will create a fire. Be careful. Empty after each use and protect the dryer.

  41. for those saying it doesn’t look like he even cleans in.. i’m pretty sure it’s an apartment laundry room he’s in.

  42. Don't remove the insulation!!! That dryer is about to become so inefficient! All your clothes are about to go in damp and come out dry 🤦‍♂️

  43. Let's be honest here, you don't empty it either. That is at least a months worth of lint, and I am being generous by saying that. It's probably a hell of a lot more than that.

  44. Yea, that's a fire waiting to happen and I dab in my house lmfao. Definitely keep cleaning it. I check everytime, I wouldn't let it even get like that, not worth it.

  45. That's terrifying. We had a dryer fire last fall and that was with clearing the trap between every load. 100% related: If you don't already have one or more, get yourself a fire extinguisher. If you'll be guided by my experience, get a big one (two would be better) and keep it handy to your laundry machines and your stove. We have the size of the ones you see in schools and restaurants, one for each end of the house, mounted on the walls. There's no downside to it.

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