My dog ate my bed...

  1. Yep. Had a roommate with a husky I would take out as much as I could with my dog and he destroyed her room out of spite because she was lazy. Didn’t touch anything else in the house which he was free to roam

  2. I have a feeling that anyone who can’t even bother to cover an exposed outlet directly above their bed is not exercising their dog enough.

  3. Maybe. But some dogs just do shit like this. My friend’s boxer destroyed their sofa recently and he gets plenty of walks a day.

  4. I rehomed my dog just a few hours ago because I wasn't able to find the time he needed. It hurts, but it needed to be done for his wellbeing.

  5. Bro, at a time when dogs are getting surrendered because people are becoming homeless? This dog isn't hurting itself or anyone else. Rehoming is too extreme.

  6. No kiddin right? OP should worry that they knock that tangle of wires into an arcing/sparking bed (and life) destroying spectacle of awesomeness

  7. Tha dog needs a serious walk in the park man, he is telling you that he needs to waste that energy he has.

  8. Our dog is the same! It’s his room. I don’t think crate training is cruel. My dog spends like… 50% of his day running around in our huge backyard, and he’s free to go in and out of his room when he’s inside and we are home. He sleeps in it. But he knows when it’s time to leave he goes to his room. No fuss.

  9. No one’s gonna mention I brought you my bullets you brought me your love album on the night stand? Love it. Sorry for the bed though

  10. Pretty sure that’s one of those exploding beds. I’ve heard about those. Don’t think it was the pup.

  11. Yeah it's ridiculous. Some dogs are chewers. I have a Labrador puppy. He gets 2-3 hours of exercise, has my other dog to play with tons of toys. Abd he will lay down and start chewing up my carpet corner or my shoe right infront of me. I have to constantly redirect him. And he's crated when I leave for that reason. Labs are known for foreign bodies cause they are chew monsters. That looks like a bully breed. They are super chewers some of them, destroying their toys and always wanting more to chew on. It cna be hard to satisfy a dogs chew needs if they destroy things easily. Also, dogs have chewing needs regardless of exercise or not.

  12. So many people here that know fuck all about dogs giving OP shit. Destructive behaviour isn't only caused by being bored or high energy. Separation anxiety is a thing and can cause destructive behaviour. OP already mentioned he walks and plays with it all the time so separation anxiety is most likely the cause. It can be trained out if them but takes a lot of time and patience. Maybe do some research on dog behaviour before making asinine comments.

  13. why do so many people not have a bed frames? they aren't expensive. floor bed is reminiscent of crack den bed

  14. he missed you during the day so he played with the part of the bed that smells like you. you are his whole world. maybe you can get him a rope toy and play with him a lot with it and then he can chew o0n rope toy when he wants your attention and u r not home.

  15. Came to see all the comments about how the dog needs to be exercised, followed by OP talking about how he does everything right and this is just aberrant behavior. Was not disappointed.

  16. Puzzle toys are sooo great for pups like this; I’d recommend some treat balls etc & put low calorie treats like freeze dried chicken etc. My dog can sometimes be destructive due to anxiety; I’ve found licking mats are okay but treat puzzles really soothe him.

  17. shredded memory foam is becoming more of a thing now, more breathable, makes great case you don't want to just throw the whole thing out.

  18. Reminds me of a time my dog tore up my shoes while I was in the shower… Dogs, while good companions, are so destructive at times 😔

  19. Yea, cats don't destroy shit when they're bored, they just perform gravity checks and assess density using the nerve situated in their canines.

  20. Large dogs need exercise constantly, if you’re not available to let them run in the yard and play with them throughout the day expect this to continue to happen. Putting them in a cage (crate) all day just means when you get home you have hours of pent up energy you have to get out of their system. Try coming home from work and needing to make dinner or wash laundry and having a dog bouncing off the walls like a child that drank a case of monster.

  21. That's anxiety. You left him alone for too long, with nothing to stimulate or calm him. You need to do a better job training the dog to be alone. Not his fault he destroyed the bed, it's yours

  22. One of my good friends had a rott (RIP, she was the sweetest) that he had to beat time and time again because she got in the trash. He said one day he got her good and didn't have to worry about it again.

  23. People shouldn’t have dogs at apartments. I see them just sitting on the balcony all day while the owners are gone or inside in a kennel then they get walked for an hour & back inside they go. Terrible way for an animal to live

  24. Wow, if only there was a device that could cage a dog while the owner isn't home. Something that acts as a safe space for anxious pets if properly trained and cared for by their owner. If only there was something that could be done to prevent this!

  25. You're not taking care of it properly and that's the real infuriating part. People go to doggy training to be educated more than the training of the dog.

  26. My dog used to have separation anxiety when I first adopted him. I had a foam mattress topper that he chewed to oblivion though he generally leaves important things alone like furniture, clothing, shoes, and most other things. If your dog is having the same issues I recommend leaving the radio or the tv on when you leave your dog at home alone. Play something peaceful like nature videos or classical music to help with the feeling of loneliness. Give them a snack prior to leaving everytime you leave the home. Also keep things you don’t want chewed up out of the dogs reach and make sure your bed is made to dissuade him/her from chewing. You can also look into dog friendly CBD products to help with the anxiety or maybe try some Benadryl. Though I’m not sure if there are any adverse side effects if you regularly give your dog Benadryl, but it has been recommended by vets to use on your dog for allergies, motion sickness, and sometimes anxiety. Wish I had helpful advice but good luck!🍀

  27. Your dog probably has mad separation anxiety. You will need to kennel him when you're away and also not let him out of your sight (if he happens to just be an asshole)

  28. Be careful what you say around the dog, they may be a secret marketer for a mattress maker such as purple or tuft and needle. Just scold them, and put them out of your room before buying a new mattress so that they can't barrage you with endless advertisements against the opposing mattress companies.

  29. Dogs have species specific needs, like shredding. Give him some cardboard and let him have fun. Also don’t allow him in your room unsupervised anymore

  30. Hmmm. Okay. So now, you have to go eat his place to sleep. And, that'll teach him not to do that anymore. Meanwhile, now you have to find a new place to sleep for yourself. It's all this kinda shit in my life is why I am not a dog owner, and why I never feel sorry for people who choose to live with dogs. No matter what. {{{MUCHLAUGHTER}}}

  31. Make sure they didn’t ingest any of that!! Keep a good eye on eating, drinking, and bowel movements. If something stops you most likely have a blockage.

  32. Kennel training. Notice I said training, DONT just put him in a kennel and leave. Also... did you leave his hardness on the entire time you were gone?

  33. If you leave an animal to be bored for hours they're going to destroy stuff, you actually don't have the right to be even mildly infuriated. You are accountable for everything that animal feels. I take on the accountability for what my animals experience, I'm the one trapping them here in my house.

  34. I'm sorry but. You couldn't afford to buy an actual bed up off the ground but took on the responsibility of a high energy dog?

  35. I had a dog do that to a brand new mattress once. She was an asshole sometimes but one of the best dogs I ever had. 13 years went by way too quickly

  36. My dog chewed a mattress topper that was foam like this. I took her for daily walks, runs, and she got to go to the park. She was a puppy too, a little under two. They’re so curious and I have a photo of her sitting on the destroyed foam looking proud as can be.

  37. Mildly? You’re gonna need a new bed and likely an expensive vet visit to remove the foam when it blocks the dog’s intestines.

  38. It looks instead like he's torn it up. Imagine throwing food around the kitchen making a giant mess and telling someone you ate dinner.

  39. Been there done that. Does your dog have separation anxiety? This is one of the side effects. You’ll have to work on the anxiety of this is so, or it will keep happening

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