Due to today’s news, I suppose I should get reading.

  1. How's bout a little looksee at the wife's goings on after 1/6? That's what I'm hoping for. Just my opinion but traitors shouldn't be on the Supreme Court. Although innocent until proven guilty. I've seen enough evidence my self.

  2. It was a sad day when Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court. I wish they would have listened to/believed Anita Hill and voted accordingly.

  3. If Clarence Thomas wants to take my IUD he’ll have to get it himself, him and his treasonous bitch of a wife

  4. I’m legally married to a woman, we’ve been separated for two years. If same sex marriage is overturned, does that mean I don’t have to go through the divorce process? I’m not trying to be a jerk, it’s a genuine question.

  5. Weird they’re not as enraged about legal child marriage and the rampant pedophilia being unearthed.. so much effort to ban womens rights and consenting love between adults yet voting in laws that allow them to marry children

  6. Clearly you like being told what you can and can't do. I, a free thinking American, believe the less the federal government has an opinion on how I live my life, the better.

  7. That mother fucker shouldn't even be sitting on the court. He showed the world he was a sex predator after the Anita Hill situation in the early '90s. He barely got approval as a nominee in a lopsided republican senate, getting approval by only 4 votes in the senate which was the closest margin of any nominee for the Supreme Court in US history. Thurgood Marshall is rolling over in his grave.

  8. Yep, this needn't have happened. Our leaders sat on their hands fully knowing it was a weak law. They could have made a better one that wouldn't be repealed so easily but they just.. didn't. I am disappointed in our leaders but that's nothing new.

  9. Yeah I'm a pro-choice planned parenthood donator surrounded by other pro choice people. But I have to endure lots of hate because I think Roe v. Wade if a fucking dumpster fire of a decision, massive power grab by SCOTUS, and should have been solved otherwise.

  10. Telling people to use contraceptives would be an excellent starting point in all the states with abstinence-focussed sex education. But I get the feeling there’s an overlap between the people that don’t women to have access to abortion, and the people who don’t want teens to get decent sex education.

  11. They’re also outlawing some contraceptives. Anything that prevents a fertilized egg from attaching. “Just use contraceptives” isn’t even an argument. The “just don’t have sex” people will get enraged when they don’t get the sex they feel entitled to. The hoops to get spayed are ridiculous so what are the options? Be born without functional female reproductive junk or have unwanted babies.

  12. Also wouldn’t contraceptives also be considered a bad no no if it’s interfering with potential life? Trying to think with their logic hurts my thinky bits.

  13. I feel like this is all just ulterior to start ramping up the population to compete with China, and at least what seems like right now, inevitable conflict in the future.

  14. Or we need more people to have children when they aren't ready so we can have more poor uneducated wage slaves

  15. I can imagine that that is the ulterior motive behind that and obviously its a good idea to be ramping up population when we are already 3 billion people more than the earth needs

  16. Ehh, you'd think if that was the case, they would be welcoming immigrants, especially ones with children or likely to have children.

  17. I'm trying to find an article I read, about the Great Replacement Theory, that it has been a core belief of the GOP since before Reagan. But Reagan had an aid that pushed this theory.

  18. Not only does this ruin the woman’s life, it ruins the child. Being an unwanted child often leads to trauma. It’s just a lose-lose for literally everyone involved and it’s heartbreaking. People who don’t want kids shouldn’t be forced to have them

  19. We should go on a sexual strike (some of y'all can't take a joke, but I should've expected that seeing as this is reddit 🤣 I will not longer be responding to this thread, I hope all of you have a good day and stay safe)

  20. A few years ago there was a viral essay stating that men are 100% responsible for the existence of unwanted pregnancy and advocating for men to take responsibility for their sperm. After all, our eggs don't go looking to fertilize. It was factually correct, the writer got crucified by all the angry men.

  21. You do realise you will only be punishing men who agree with you right? Men who don't are almost certainly with women who don't agree with you either.

  22. Thats always been such a silly thing to me. Who would want to fuck a pro life dude anyway? And if they do actually believe in body autonomy then why punish them and yourself (because women actually enjoy sex despite what pop culture may tell you).

  23. I was JUST talking about figuring out a way to organize some kind of Tinder protest. I don't use it, so I have no idea how to make that happen, but I feel like getting dating/hook up apps on board would be solid.

  24. If all you people think life is so precious then why aren't you adopting all these homeless children? You want to give a quivering bag of cells more rights than the person carrying it and then you pretend like you don't understand why they're upset. You self-rightous, arrogant, ignorant shit-for-brains are seemingly incapable of understanding that this is far more profound than you realize, but it doesn't matter. You will enable this government to strip every last right we have left.

  25. Practicing Christians are more than twice as likely to adopt as the non Christian population. Community pregnancy centers are almost all started and ran by Christians. Christians are over represented in foster care as well.

  26. At least some states will support our need for choices, like Oregon, who still allows the Right to Die. The option might be to move, if you can afford it. States like Texas will see a crime wave about 20 years from now…

  27. "Just take the pill, just wear protection, just don't have sex". Birth control is not effective 100% of the time and neither is abstinence. Its a sexist mentality of "well you did xyz so its your fault". This isn't about personal values or religion, its about freedom of autonomy, and the Supreme Court just decided females don't have that right.

  28. Roe v Wade essentially protected the rights of people to get abortions, from what little I know about America and its government. It was overturned today, meaning states can now ban abortion. From what I gather, 13 states have already planned to do so.

  29. After 50 years I just dont understand how women can be so misunderstood about their rights. This saddens me. I wonder how long untill we see on the news some poor girl who died because of a botched abortion.

  30. What about an ectopic pregnancy? My former spouse almost died from one. Under some states laws removing these are illegal as of today.

  31. I wouldn't call this mildly infuriating. It is a level of infuriating that I can express in words. An endless mountain of despair and disappointment.

  32. (not to get super political or anything buuut…) what about rape? what about the guys that get women other than their women pregnant? the “law” is so stupid.

  33. Not tonight, I could get pregnant. Yeah, I’m on birth control and you’re using a condom, still no go. Can’t chance it. Sorry dude, go tell it to the judge(s)!

  34. Yet we won't fuck the oil companies for price gouging because they pad the legislators pockets... how much is a one way plane ticket to any other country

  35. The supreme court overturned a 50 year old ruling saying that abortion was protected by the constitution. All this means is that they're saying it's not protected at the federal level anymore. This means that individual states will now decide for themselves whether or not abortion can be restricted or banned.

  36. Just made my first donation to planned parenthood. It will not be my last and today shouldn't have been my first! And, I'm a guy.... This is just wrong. I'll be joining the women in the streets.

  37. Planned parenthood is wonderful, but it will not be able to help women in states where abortion is outlawed. NNAF will, as will your local abortion fund

  38. God the incels screaming about states rights vs federal. As if that makes it okay that they want to take rights away from women at all. Fucking losers

  39. Women are objects/property to those types. Dodged a few of them myself back in my dating days. They care about control. My medical insurance covers voluntary sterilization, you bet your ass today on my lunch I'm scheduling an apt with my ob/gyn to get that started.

  40. The funny thing is they have no problem with SCOTUS ruling AGAINST New York's states rights to regulate open carry. You can cut the hypocrisy with a knife.

  41. I live in California, so it’s the last place that will be picking up any of these laws but it’s still infuriating because it shouldn’t be happening ANYWHERE.

  42. How long do you reckon it will be before the country changes its name from the USA to ISA, the Independent States of America.

  43. I wonder how long until books like this are banned and punishable by public execution. I’d say “hopefully not for a while, if ever” but with the way things I going It might come sooner than I thought

  44. Am I pro life? yes. Do I think abortion is wrong except in certain circumstances? Yes. Do I think abortion should be illegal? No. America is supposed to be the land of the free for Christ sakes.

  45. This comment section makes me hate people. I wonder how they will feel when their daughters get pregnant at 16.

  46. This does not apply to people who are rich. Rich people can and have been for years getting abortions without people knowing.

  47. They'll force them to have the baby. I've asked numerous pro-birth people if they'd force their pregnant daughter who was raped to have a child at say, 11 years old, and they say yes.

  48. Jesus . What a bunch of cry babies on here . Be responsible ! The women has plenty of Time to have an abortion in the early stages of pregnancy! Don’t like it how about you move to a different country and see how that works out for you !

  49. This just means the government needs to work as designed. The court is supposed to uphold law, the house and Senate are supposed to create law. Nobody votes for the people in the court, which is why they should be politically neutral and 100% objective when interpreting the law.

  50. I don't like for a woman to have an abortion but a woman should still have the ability to have one if she so chooses. My question is, what does the government really gain by doing this? The elites of the world already say earth is "over populated", why make it worse?

  51. Hope you all keep this same energy when they come for the right to bear arms. Rights are rights, you can’t pick and choose the ones you like.

  52. How can abortion be illegal in Germany? But you’re still allowed to do it within the first trimester? That’s def not as illegal as it’s been made in some US states hahaha.

  53. Can we finally all agree that the USA is complete bullshit. Who the fuck put those people in court (i know who but yk manner of speaking)

  54. I can see people gloating about this decision now, all while merrily walking past starving children in ditches begging for food.

  55. I don't understand why you're being downvoted, you're not wrong, they don't care about children the second they come out of the womb. Banning abortion is just about controlling women.

  56. Today has become the day when I am more afraid of the U.S. Supreme Court, and Congress than the terrorists who hate the U.S. Why fear extremist Sharia law when we have a Christian version of it introduced by the few on us.

  57. It’s still legal in places like California. If you can afford the trip and you can sneakily get away with having the procedure without anyone knowing, you have a chance at getting a safe abortion. I imagine doctors will be especially sympathetic if you are at risk of harm or death by carrying out a pregnancy or if you’re a minor

  58. There are financial barriers and in the case of medical emergency, it could be impossible to get to a different state anyways. This isn't just removing choice and creating financial hardship. Women will die.

  59. I’m 100% pro Abortion being safe and legal. I’m also 100% pro understanding what actually happened today. RvW was written and passed unconstitutionally. It left itself open for exactly what happened today because it completely overstepped its bounds. Many supporters of abortion rights have criticized RvW for years for that very reason, including RBG.

  60. Oh no i cant be completely irresponsible and have meaningless unprotected sex with protection from the consequences because i can just go murder the child if i want.

  61. If only we had some way of knowing during his senate confirmation hearing that Clarence Thomas was a danger to women’s rights…if only.

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