I guess no entertainment for my wife on this flight...

  1. Why do people always want to cause a scene? I'm sure she put her jacket on the seat without really realising it would block the TV. All you have to do is kindly ask her to move it and she will.

  2. While it would be tempting, to do this would likely not be worth it having a person become a literal overaggressive human sized Chiuaua, that will make your day significantly worse, but i guess that they be putting entire situation for everyone as hostage like that.

  3. Around 2005 I had a similar scenario. Asked the person politely if they minded removing their hair from covering the screen.

  4. Hair covering the screen would be much more fun to deal with. I would sniff something or look at the sun out the window or anything that would bring a sneeze on.. then blast the hair encroaching in my space and blow as much snot and spit out my nose and mouth all over their hair..

  5. Seriously, the "airplane minor inconvenience" posts on this sub are minorly infuriating. Literally all it takes to solve this shit is "Excuse me, can you please move this?"

  6. Exactly. I could totally see myself as the passenger in front of her, unaware that I did something so stupid, and will be totally embarrassed and ashamed when someone nicely points it out to me. If someone starts out being a dick about pointing it out, I'd still fix it but stew on it for the rest of the flight.

  7. Yeah people are just unconfrontational, you could also get a steward/Flight Attendant's attention and tell them to ask the passenger to lift that thing

  8. Thats the problem, they didnt think about it, all they thought about was themself and their own personal comfort

  9. Why are some people so passive.. like someone else said she probably had no idea, explain the situation nicely and if the lady is an entitled asshole... then escalate stuff.

  10. Right? Person there probably doesn't even realize that her hood is blocking a screen. Just politely ask if they can remove it so they can see the screen and likely they'll remove it and not think twice about it.

  11. Yes. Yes you can. You can also be the person that thinks about how your actions affect other people. You know - take a moment to not be an asshole so that other people don't have to beg you to do the right thing. Stop taking the side of narcissists if you want to make the world a better place.

  12. Oh, that's a simple fix, call the flight attendant over and inform them that you can't see the screen because the person in front of you put a chair condom on.

  13. Or, call me crazy, just ask the person in front to move their coat? They probably just didn’t think about it

  14. Blows my mind how someone can do that, while realizing they have a tv/touchscreen in front of them and not think about the tv that’s on the back of their own seat

  15. The people who usually do things like this or find themselves in these situations don’t exactly think about others/aren’t very considerate.

  16. I mean, what's funnier: Taking a picture of a mildly infuriating situation and posting it here before calmly taking care of the situation or just calmly taking care of the situation and doing nothing else?

  17. Sure, if you just leave it there. If something is annoying you and you can do something about it but choose to do nothing AND THEN complain about it..idk what to tell you.

  18. ah yes, taking a photo for internet points instead of just communicating with the human being right in front of you.

  19. kindly ask if they can move it, and if they dont then let it rip. why would people just allow others to do this? i would absolutely move that the fuck out of the way. fuck people like this dont let them get away with shit.

  20. Really the only infuriating thing here is the poster. Did you ask if she could adjust, try adjusting it yourself, do anything remotely adult? Nope, need those internet points

  21. I mean you would literally just say something and they would be like "oh sorry I didn't realise" or if for some weird reason they said no, you could just get the staff to make them...

  22. No entertainment for you either 15B because maybe there isn’t anything on those stupid screens. If it’s so upsetting to you just switch seats and let her watch your advertisements.

  23. Unrelated but which airline is this that has in-flight entertainment on a Boeing 737? That looks super fancy

  24. Tbh almost any decent flight has these by now. Going by the screen they are in the Star Alliance, which would mean it’s one of the major airlines from europe or USA, most likely the latter. The leg space indicates that it’s most likely a flight for 6 hours plus.

  25. Am I missing something. What is wrong with asking people not to intrude on your personal space on a flight?

  26. „uǝɹɐʞ ɐ sı ǝɥs oʇoɥd sıɥʇ ɯoɹɟ uǝʌǝ ǝǝs ʎlɹɐǝlɔ uɐɔ noʎ sı ɯǝlqoɹd ʎluo 'ɹǝʌo ʇı dılɟ ʇsnɾ plnoʍ I„

  27. I fly Delta a good bit. Platinum Medallion. This is unacceptable. Just push it off. She could/should tuck that behind the headrest on her side. Must be a germaphobe.

  28. Lol why are people here going to ask a flight attendant to handle this before even trying to ask the person who did this? I avoid talking to people when I don't have to, but this way you're making it unnecessarily complicated because you're involving a flight attendant and the person in front of you is gonna wonder why the hell you didn't just ask them directly. That's just more awkward, costs more time, AND it involves speaking to more people because you inevitably are going to speak to the seat cover person anyway. Get over it and if you ever end up in a situation like this, just inform the person that the cover is in the way.

  29. Fuck the person infront of me. How do you put whatever the fuck that is on an airplane seat, wrap it behind the top of the seat and think "im okay, this is okay". Fuck that person.

  30. „ssǝnƃ I spuɐɥ ɹnoʎ ʇɐ ʞool ʇuǝɯuıɐʇɹǝʇuǝ pǝǝu ʇ,uop noʎ uǝɥʇ ɹǝʌo ʇǝʞɔɐɾ ǝɥʇ dılɟ oʇ pǝɹɐɔs oʇ ɹnoʎ ɟI„

  31. Geez. Yes, mildly infuriating, but simply tell them to move it or move it yourself - this is never a be-all-end-all.

  32. Y’all need to stop passive aggressively posting shit online and instead just ask. The person in front probably doesn’t even know they’re blocking it and will likely adjust or remove it.

  33. What infuriates me more is not doing something about it. We all need to do our part to help discipline the adults who weren’t taught anything as kids

  34. Before you got angry, did you just mention to her what the effect of her putting her coat there was on your wife? She may not have realized. I could see myself just doing that without thinking, but I would be apologetic and receptive to fixing it if you just told me it was bothering you

  35. Obviously you have been presented with a glorious canvas on which to paint and smear a variety of condiments, sauces, and other seasonings from your food service to commemorate your flight

  36. Did you consider asking the person in front to stop blocking the tv? Crazy suggestion, I know, but it might just work.

  37. That certainly would not be the outcome if I was sitting in your wife's seat. Little Miss Ginger Head would have that flipped back onto them in under three seconds.

  38. This is when you need to just speak up, aka use your words. I don't think that person realizes it's covering the screen. It's as if you think they're doing it on purpose to bother you. If you communicate effectively, people are likely to fix the issue. Instead you both just decide to be passive aggressive and upset.

  39. Ask nicely, and if she doesn't accomodate, the next thing I do is jersey her with the damn thing, stopping just short of Mike Tysoning her.

  40. It would be mildly infuriating for her since it would be over her head in about 10 seconds. The same with people that invade your space with their nasty feet. I'd poke them with a sharp object so fast. Homie don't play that shit.

  41. Makes me laugh the number of people who don't seem to understand the point of this sub. This is exactly the kind of thing I expect to see posted here, as it would be mildly infuriating if it happened to me.

  42. I have a idea. Hear me out. Stand up, step up into their row (stay with me), make a gesture to that person. "Hello sir/ma'am, do you mind moving your jacket, my wife can't see the screen." Instead of feeling the need to post this. Then again, you wouldn't have fake internet points when you land.

  43. I had a guy do that to me on a flight to Japan, I lifted his sweater and put it on top of his head. He turned and looked at me and that was the end of it.

  44. It baffles me how many people don’t stop to think how their actions affect people around them. It can be said about a lot of drivers, for example, or people listening to loud music on a train, or FaceTiming someone in public, etc.

  45. It's the fault of the company that made the seat cover. Why make it a big black garbage bag, when you could make it somewhat transparent?

  46. Interesting idea for hygiene, badly executed by this lady, she might not even realize her cover is covering the screen in the back, it’s hard not to assume the worst in people (me included, it is a challenge). I mean, I can understand why would you want to cover the seat and respect that, would rather have a somewhat person conscious of their hygiene close in a flight, versus the opposite, someone taking off his / her shoes , smelling bad, etc.

  47. You see, humans have evolved to uhm, use their own mouths to speak about such issues. Instead of posting it on reddit for internet points...

  48. Was recently on a flight where they got rid of these screens and instead added a small tray (higher up than the actual tray) that folds out to hold your phone or tablet. The plane wifi gives you access to the same entertainment for free. Such a simple solution to these built in screens that are always breaking.

  49. People don't have situational awareness all the time, doesn't even mean they are rude. This is in 99% of the cases solved with just asking politely.....

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