I took psilocybin mushrooms, the trip told me I should kill myself.

  1. Thank you for for sharing. A reminder: if you are seeking resources in your local area, please provide that in the post so that users can share appropriate links and phone numbers. If you are in distress, please call 9-1-1 or your local emergency number. You are not alone. Help is available. If you are having suicidal thoughts, please

  2. Or… was the message supposed to be more metaphorical? Was the message to kill your old self, to become a new person? Maybe you are taking it too literal?

  3. This. Sometimes I’ll have a bad trip but the therapeutic effects of the mushrooms will still be there the next day and I understand why I had a bad trip and that bad trip is usually something that’s going on in my life that I need to fix. Op how did you feel the next day?

  4. Did you eat too much because if you disrespect the shrooms they let you know. Maybe you went into it with a bad attitude and in return received bad advice.

  5. I came to say just this. Let your professional know. The bad reaction could be a result of a specific health condition that could then be treated more knowledgeably with this info.

  6. Oh, BPD isn't good with shrooms? You mean borderline and not bipolar, right? Been thinking of trying shrooms for treatment resistant depression but I have borderline and wasn't aware there was any kind of contradiction.

  7. Hello, thanks for the thoughtful message. I can tell you know the pain because of the way you write. I hope you feel better today and have a meaningful rest of your life, my friend.

  8. i think maybe you had some misconceptions or didn't fully understand how psilocybin is used to help treatment-resistant depression and went into it with the wrong expectations. depression isn't usually treated via psilocybin with full-on trips, it's treated with deliberate microdosing. like others have said, you may be taking it more literal than you need to. if you're currently seeing a therapist, i suggest talking with them about the experience.

  9. Respectfully, your info on microdosing doesn't agree with the latest research. Microdosing doesn't appear to perform any differently than a placebo when it's administered in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

  10. Don’t do shrooms.. it might be better in a safe place that you have someone sitting and watching you but not else where. I’ve known a guy who put himself into a fire drum on them. Another guy who convinced himself he was a orange and ended up in a clinic. You were tripping.. don’t listen to it. You have one life so live it. Some people unfortunately die young not wanting to and don’t have that chance. Look after yourself.

  11. Thank you, those are some good examples of shrooms leading people to do unreasonable things. That's partly what I needed, I was so scared thinking I should listen to them!

  12. Mushrooms help drug resistant depression with micro dosing not full on tripping. Also I don't really think anything you learn while high is important. You were high, like who knows what your brain will come up with. It's not really a spiritual experience, you're just tripping balls. I know people have cool experiences, but it's still just a chemical reaction, not an angel visiting you. It's not that deep. You also have to be in the exact right mindset to trip, otherwise you're going to have a bad time.

  13. Magic mushrooms shouldn't be taken in a weak mental state without the presents of a therapist (not trying to shame you or anything In the slightest I've had bs experiences too). Microdosing should be considered before macrodosing when it comes to using them as medicine. Best of luck. Mush love my guy. Maybe post this in

  14. This IS something very important and you should listen to your feelings but that doesn’t mean you should die!!! Think about how, in that trip, you finally felt relief for “atonement” WOW!!! That is devastating. Do you have any idea how much self compassion you need to heap onto that feeling?! I mean, to literally believe you deserve death… that’s devastating. That’s something you actually believe about yourself and that belief is IMPORTANT. It is literally driving your consciousness to its death. You had a brief moment of feeling the goodness of letting go of that shame! In your trip, this process of mentally killing one “self” and feeling relief of paying your debt—- that’s valuable ! It’s like a literal road map of which part of you needs to die in order for you to live and have that shame free feeling. It’s NOT your body that needs to die! Your body isn’t responsible for that belief!! I highly recommend listening to Tara Brach on YouTube - my favorite is The Unworthiness Trance. You can tap into that feeling of freedom from shame by no longer letting this belief live in you. ❤️ I speak from a place of having gone through some Horrific shit and having hurt many people dying those times. I know how hard it is to dig yourself out of that place but you are so worth it! Anyone that feels this much shame, is someone that the world needs. That shame can be alchemized into compassion. People who feel no shame, often never feel compassion. Please, give the part of you that needs a break from shame the kind of care, compassion and rest it is begging for

  15. Honestly, I'm confused but I still feel like carrying it out. I'm even planning. These answers game me some perspective, though. I think part of me is still scared to proceed.

  16. I’m curious if the mushrooms you took were part of a study/approved treatment, or if news of mushroom research effects made you want to take them yourself?

  17. I understand that you have experience with therapists, but you really should get a professional's opinion about whether or not you should continue with that drug, and if so, how.

  18. I had a bad experience like this with lsd. I don’t think psychedelics are necessarily as helpful as many say they are. I think they just unlock parts of our subconscious with some thoughts being potentially helpful and others being negative to complete nonsense. But I also don’t believe they connect us to some other plane of existence or thought either like many others do. Just my opinion.

  19. Psilocybin treatment for depression is still in the testing phase and should only be done under the care of a physician. Yes, I've had a lot of bullshit experences on psilocybin. I've loved every experience, but the first time I tried shrooms I was convinced I had figured out the true God and afterlife, because I was watching man of steal and thought that this was the actual true resurrection story, that Jesus is actually an alien from another planet, and he was kinda superman? Or something? A bit far fetched lol, but I look back and can't figure out why it was so profound to me, although that feeling definatly stuck with me for months. In my experience, what you bring into a trip will guide and direct it. If you've been contemplating suicide for a long time, it makes sense it came out in your trip. While I do support some arguments for death with dignity, I still believe that life is prescious and so much more fleeting than we feel it is in our darkest moments. There's so much more beauty in the small things to experience. I really hope you can find the right thing for you, and you can start to see the good parts about being alive, because I PROMISE they do exsist.

  20. Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance.

  21. As someone who has taken quite a bit of different psychedelics and In some cases large amounts of mushrooms I’ve had trips that I felt like I literally died and have had these thoughts you speak of. I would for sure not act on them. Psychedelics can be extremely powerful and extremely harsh if you are not in the right head space before doing them. So if you where having a rough confusing time in life and took a bit to much they can rock your world. I would explore other meanings of what you experienced. Perhaps when they told you to kill yourself they meant certain parts of yourself or your ego. Kill the parts that are dragging you down. Hope that helps but by no means please do not listen to those dark thoughts.

  22. Why are you acting like the mushrooms have some sort of bias or agenda? Mushrooms will effect your mind and body but that experience happened due to what you were thinking.

  23. I'm told you have to be in a good mind set before use. I was afraid of that and took a low dose, meditated and felt great.

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