Let's be wholesome in the comments

  1. Yeah!! That's why those statues of naked guys have small wieners. They were a symbol of childish beauty, innocence and purity. Weird hu?

  2. In ancient Greek times, it was the very nerdy who knew how to write. So the nerds (small dicks) were just trying to make themselves feel better. Also women werent taught to write nor were their opinions listened to, so i doubt they got to wiegh in.

  3. I’m no Greek but close enough and in my hometown they still actually call out stupid behaviour by saying one’s been a “big dick”

  4. Yo dick so big when you ejaculate the sperm make an audible “damn that’s whack” and make an exhausted tadpole face

  5. Just said that to my mom and now i my surname doesn’t exist ………………… donno why ? somebody pls explain

  6. Your dick is so big, that you had to get 12 feet taken off of it so you would stop knocking down people when you turn around

  7. Wouldn't that be kinda the opposite of body positivity? Bcs it would mean that big=good, and small=bad? Some dicks are bigger and some are smaller and that's ok, all dick sizes matter

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