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  1. This situation is often paired with "No dating until after highschool" to "Why aren't you married yet?"

  2. In transitional societies this problem was easily solved. Parents would marry their children themselves and wife and husband don't really have to know each other like until the first night. It was all about rules and traditions, not wishes.

  3. I’m 24 and my family is still on “sex is the Devil” with me, my youngest sister is also 2 so her mindset hasn’t changed.

  4. People be like “we are trying to have kids” all i hear is “I’m getting fat loads blown in me multiple times a day”

  5. I never dated, but my parents are asking me when I'll decide to settle down and find myself a woman. I'm fucking 21 years old, I can't move out and just got a new job again.

  6. Bruh at the age of almost 29 I'm still the same. I work 6mo contracts far away, but I also don't find it feasible to date in those remote places, because asking them to move with me seems a little selfish and inconsiderate... Soon I'm able to work in my hometown and buy a house there though, so this self-imposed abstinence from dating is over again 😂

  7. My dad is expecting me (M20) to eventually marry a girl (F15). I told him absouletly not because I’m 20 and she is a MINOR. It gets creepy sometimes when he talks about it.

  8. ...what, why? Girl next door with good pedigree and her own teeth? Will they get by with two chickens and a cow?

  9. two days ago i came to mexico for a funeral and found out that, my 20 year old cousin has a 16 year old wife.

  10. My dad tried to give me a sex talk at 10-ish and my mom stopped him and he was never able to again. That day I looked up what sex was in a dictionary and encyclopedia (I was, and still kind of am, nerdy), which eventually led me to looking it up on my Nintendo 2DS and looking at photos and reading erotica. Later when I got a phone, I ended up watching porn videos, which started a minor porn addiction. My mom found out years later that I watched/watch porn and, being the Christian she is, got mad at me and blames a lot of the bad things I did on that. Well, jokes on her, she caused it by not giving me a better way to learn and instead attempting to stop me from learning.

  11. I literally overheard a conversation between my parents about how we'll "figure it out on our own and don't need to have the talk."

  12. My parents don't care about me but still expect grandchildren, even think I'm gonna let them see them in the chance of having them.

  13. Do you not have sex ed where you live? My parents didn't talk about it either, but we had a very detailed unit in health class in grade 7 and 8 (I live in Canada).

  14. Lucky, when my parents found out that I was looking at softcore porn at the age of 13, they grounded me from the Internet for 1 year. When my hs football buddies would invite me to sleep overs it was no big deal until my mom found out my buddy had a sister that was about the same age. I was never allowed to go to sleepovers with my football buddies again. I still can't tell if they wanted me to be gay or just asexual.

  15. My parents made sure to always repeat that first part, but thankfully, when my sister got pregnant, they weren't exactly happy at the situation, but they weren't gonna kick her out and potentially harm the child due to the issues of the mother. My entire extended family has a well ingrained rule of always making sure kids are well cared for, no matter who gave birth to them.

  16. Got the same talk from my mom when I was 12. If I ever find myself pregnant, then I better find another place to live.

  17. This is quite a good response because the switch happened with my parents as soon as I got a job that could sustain me. Ever since I became independent it’s been “where baby???” all the time haha

  18. When I got pregnant in my late 20s my father in law asked me if it was an accident. Ummmm.... I'm not 15 any more? I've been married to your son for 7 years now, this can't be that much of a shock? It was so weird!

  19. ha! my mom scared me so bad that getting pregnant would be the end of the world that I don't want kids as an adult because then people know I had sex with my husband. gasp! for context I grew up in Utah...

  20. Oh my god, yes. When I was teenager I was so scared of getting pregnant, not because having baby that young is hard and stressful, but because I didn't want people to know I had sex.

  21. I recall telling my mom I didn’t want kids when I was about 8 and then she said “well that means no sex then”… 8 year old me was already annoyed lol

  22. My mom constantly hounds me for grandkids when I’ve been single my entire life while actively saying I don’t want children. She already has three grandchildren that she has the same stilted surface-level relationship she has with my brother and me.

  23. I married my hs sweetheart, we were together for 17 years, starting at 16. I had a rough home life (abusive parents) and my ex heard my mom tell me to kill myself. He BEGGED them to let me live with them, for just a while. "We wouldn't feel comfortable, you don't just get a 'free pass' to screw your girlfriend" etc.

  24. I got "If she gets pregnant, the baby isn't staying here." Meaning if I'm a father, I'm forced to move out and bring that baby up in my own house.

  25. One of my favorite Reddit memories is a faded recollection of a thread asking how to get family to stop asking about grandkids and one of the top responses that was something like, "Just be graphic about it."

  26. Nah, it's not the speed, the real problem is when they're at "please bring me a grand baby" while I'm still at "I just want to be held".

  27. “Daughter, I want you to stuff all the cum you can into your little pussy because that’s all you’re good for you little slut. 😡”

  28. I remember at my cousin's wedding reception, the in-laws could not stop talking about grandchildren. It was kind of uncomfortable.

  29. My mum was super strict about allowing me out even in my late teens but in the same breath asking why I didn't have many friends.

  30. I’m gay,and told my parents I’m going to adopt as a single gay woman. My dad always says they won’t be his blood grand kids. I always scoff and get upset when he says that.

  31. It took me 5 years to be comfortable buying alchohol after I turned 21, and that anxiety was just from societal issues. I can't imaging coming from a sex-negetive family and religion, and having that standard flipped from "sex is bad and if you do it, you will go to hell" to "sex is good, and you need to give me grandbabies right now!" I would have had SO much trouble with that.

  32. It really fucks people up. Especially sucks when you realize you're not straight or have some kind of condition that makes sex difficult (like vaginismus).

  33. My mother basically told me that if I got pregnant in high school, I would be a mother and have no social life. I believed her. After I graduated high school and started college my mother basically just implied that she wanted me to graduate and get a job before I got pregnant. Sex was never the devil, I just knew the consequences of sex earlier as apprised to when I was self sufficient.

  34. They put you alone in a crib at 2 and for the next 18-?? Years you don't have any prolonged intimacy with any other humans. OR YOU GO TO HELL!

  35. If you bring this point up they will tell you it was because they didn't want you accidentally having kids as a teen when you weren't ready while ignoring you when you tell them your still not ready.

  36. I guess we're more open here in Sweden. I lost my virginity at 16. Me and my gf forgot a condom-wrapper on my desk a few months later. My mom found it a while later. A few days later she was complaining about how messy my room was and mentioned the condom-wrapper among other things just going allong. I think that's a healthy way to react to your teen having sex, because they will have sex, they wont care if you don't want them to. And the first time I was going to sleep at my gf's place (we had been "dating" for a week or two), I asked my mom if I could spend the night there. Her answer was not "yes" or "no", it was, "remember to use a condom, and if you don't have the money, just ask us for it, you don't have to say why you need the money, we'll understand".

  37. Yeah its crazy how obsessed some parents become about you creampieing or be cream pied once you reach some age.

  38. Thankfully I cut off any toxic ties in my family that tried to teach toxic traditions. I'm glad my mom has never cared about this shit, she knows it wouldn't be a good idea unless we had a lot of money.

  39. Everything at the right time. Sex is there first and foremost to make babies. That it feels good is a great way mother nature ensured that babies keep coming. If I had a daughter, would I want her to come home telling me she's pregnant at 16? No. Would I want it when she's 25? Yes. Would I prefer that she got pregnant - at any age - by a nice boy she's in a committed relationship with, rather than some rando who was in a train on her? Also yes.

  40. Yes going from staring at a giant virgin mary in my living room that my mother crotched to my parents asking when Im gonna get married out of nowhere. Extreme modesty and purity culture is implicit sexualization and now I am uncurably sick in the head lo l

  41. You guys have weird parents. My mom has only ever said “Don’t give me a grandchild”. Which is great because I hate kids. I was an asshole growing up, I’m not dealing with a little me anytime soon.

  42. Well, 2 or 3 generations ago the norm was to get married young and procreate. The western societies were much more conservative. There rarely was a couple in their 30's with no children.

  43. Most parents don't want a baby from some random dude that's gonna leave. It's nothing to do with the sex part. They just don't want to end up having another child of their own.

  44. Its not really odd, Pregnancy outside of a stable relationship of 2 adults should be avoided, once you've achieved that the switch flips from avoid pregnancy to get pregnant as there is a shelf life and the younger you are the easier it is.

  45. Parents don't actually say sex is bad. They say sex with random people before you're in a committed relationship is bad. Kids hear "sex is bad".

  46. Is it that strange for parents not to want their underage children to have kids of their own before turning into adults? It's understandable to be cautious.

  47. I was so confused reading this, read it 5 times before I realised that the meaning "grand" in this sentence wasn't 1000usd.

  48. Well, the difference in lifestyles for a mother in teen pregnancy to a mother with a child born in wedlock is tremendous.

  49. I remember being taught by my parents about how I need to have a child when i was 10, fucking TEN

  50. Amazing how they forgot just how much stress mentally and financially they had raising their own kids yet are so willing to put another person through it while paying the bare minimum.

  51. Gotta respect my parents, who when I admitted to them that I am unlikely to ever have kids, said: "Good, world's goin' to pure shit, would just feel bad about having another little one brought into it so late in the game. Just keep visiting with [my dog] for BBQ and beer every Saturday and we're good"

  52. My (then girlfriend) took my (now mother in law) out for her birthday. She ended the night, walking out the front door, with "some grand children would be nice!"

  53. My parents were more of the idea of "safe sex" my mom is a ginecologist. So they would always procure to guve mw the talk early on and reminded me to keep condoms cuz "in the heat if the moment you might not find it important until she gets pregnant" shit like that.

  54. It's even worse in Asian (and I suppose non white families in general) families. My Mom still asked my Dad if I know what sex is when I was 18.

  55. My mom opened a conversation with “let’s talk about kids” and I listened to some TMI and somewhat entertaining thoughts until she brought up my gyno, her words being “So I know you failed your appointment last year but…” (speculum wouldn’t go in) and I told her they said not to worry unless it didn’t work this year, since I’d be having sex and it should be easier and I “passed” this year. All of a sudden we were talking about ants in her car. 😂

  56. my parents and grandma always told me to be careful and to preferably not have sex. literally right after I turned 18, my grandma started asking when I was gonna give her a great grandchild. apparently she’s relying on me because my cousins (who are much older than me) aren’t close to her and don’t seem to be interested in having kids, and my brother definitely is not father material

  57. Sex is the devil. People should adopt more commonly. It's better for the environment and the governing body where the child comes from. Foolish cum pigs.

  58. What’s the old saying? “parents spend the first 18 years of your life hoping you’re not having sex, and then every year after wondering why you’re not.”

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