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  1. Public shaming him will never help. But yeah, man's got a sense of humour if that's his motive.

  2. God that’s a good movie. It’s a perfect line between this dude talks funny and that’s ok to laugh at because the funny of it just is and it being us laughing at disabilities.

  3. I've been married 24 years. Every once in a while I have to remind my wife that I'm a man and hints don't work on me. Just tell me what you want.

  4. Before we technically started dating, my first girlfriend invited me to a football game at her high school. I'd never been to one, so I was just trying to keep up and figure out the rules from watching things happen. She talked about being cold several times, and I kept offering her my hoodie. We did start dating properly shortly afterwards, but I never realized she wanted me to put my arm around her until two or three years later when she told me.

  5. The Twist: She then removes her prosthetic legs - 'Because I lost em in 'NAM!' Then you wake up in a cold sweat remembering 'Of course it was a dream. I've never talked to a girl IRL...'

  6. ...and then you turn over to see two prosthetic legs. In horror, you look down and notice a lack of legs. Then you hear the bombs and all of a sudden, youre back in 'NAM!

  7. I dated a guy for several weeks. We were in the car making out and getting handsy. I asked him how far away his place was, he answered. I asked if his roommates were home, he answered. I asked if he had gotten his bed set up yet, he answered. Finally I said “I would like to have sex with you and it’s not going to be in this car so let’s go back to your place”. At least he got that hint.

  8. When this sort of thing happens, you really have no choice but to become a hermit somewhere above the Arctic Circle, far, far away from any other human beings. And hope to get eaten by a polar bear.

  9. This never happened and nobody reading this thread will ever have a girl with toned legs say “you should see me without them”

  10. "A girl caught me looking at her very toned legs in jeans. Now I have been suspended from university and have pending sexual harassment charges."

  11. Seriously, I saw this post and thought "Hmmm, I must be getting into the dregs of my front page." Nope, 22k upvotes 🙃

  12. Fake? Next thing your going to tell me, a priest, a rabbi and a duck never actually walked into that bar.

  13. Even saying your legs look good in those jeans, she would get you for sexual harassment. They would NOT say “you should see me without them”, because then we want to say “I’d love to” and then she’d get you with harassment and tell you no. It’s all a trap and pisses me off

  14. The real meirl is redditors hearing other people's stories about missed flirting attempts and then inhaling incredible amounts of COPIUM while deciding that must have also happened to them at some point and they just didn't realize it.

  15. Those who like this joke should watch Taylor Tomlinson's new special on Netflix. It is funnier live than in text :)

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