1. I mean in his defense who has time to browse porn when you're in mid yank? You gotta catalog that shit.

  2. good point, I wouldn't have caught that... I mean he could at least edit the name of the bookmark

  3. Getting fired by this is all well and good, but what if the link leads to private videos of him being the "protagonist"....

  4. One of my favorites. You should give Busty college girl fully explains Quantum theory and Busty college girl fully explains String Theory a try. Good reads.

  5. Because it’s more of the same duplicate, karma-farming shit this community is inundated with regularly.

  6. Some students complained because it made them “uncomfortable ” , people shared all over social media he actually got fired for this.

  7. I was in his class and I did pm him once I saw it, unfortunately, the snitch was way too ahead of him. He was a really nice guy, it just sucks that he forgot to check bookmarks...

  8. That's why I use different accounts on my computer for work stuff and for private stuff. So mix ups can't accidentally happen.

  9. Or a bored student trying to make the afternoon more interesting than it actually is… I mean, whose screen do you really think that is?

  10. Yeah, this makes me suuuuper uncomfy… a college professor only looks up and bookmarks porn about college students if he looks at his own students that way, which is a major red flag

  11. It’s everywhere. I remember having a college class in 2003 where our lab had a cool projection setup, and the first thing we saw when my prof turned on the comp was the sordid search history (it was a permanent computer) and nothing will ever change about that.

  12. I wonder if he accidentally clicked bookmark somewhere and didn't realise it was added to the bar.

  13. I have all my links at the bottom of my safari hidden under 84 webpages I’ve randomly opened at some point in time like a sane person.

  14. Only works if OP is a Busty College Girl or willing to hire a pro to pretend for extra credit. Actually… just hire the pro, OP

  15. Considering there's plenty of info to identify the course in the pic, this dude's already been canned. Not a chance this pic hasn't made it to the Dean by now.

  16. He probably accidentally bookmarked it while he was watching it. If he bookmarked it on purpose then he would have definitely changed the bookmarks name to something less suspicious.

  17. I’ve had two instructors do this. First was my biology teacher in Gr. 12, he had “Busty Asian Girls” left in his search bar back when it was separate from the domain bar on iPad. It was left there for multiple periods because my friends in another class of his were talking about it too. This was a Catholic school. I’m unsure if anything came out of it or if anyone reported him.


  19. Not as bad as the time one of my engineering profs opened his laptop to some OF model fingering herself at full volume in front of a full class of students and struggled to turn it off for an embarrassingly long amount of time

  20. Granted, this was 2008ish maybe, but I once had to use a boss' computer and his search history was "actresses with large breasts". It seemed so safe and sad that I could never look at him the same way. Not "big tits", but "large breasts".

  21. There was a student and professor who participated in a review session 😉 at my college a few years ago, and they both posted guilty reddit confessions within a few hours of each romantic

  22. Its possible they bookmarked it on a personal laptop or tablet while signed into their google account and it transferred over to their work laptop. I would hope this would be their kid's mistake but it could be a fetish of the professor and their f up

  23. To be fair the whole tab could be "Busty College Girl Fun: An examination of Clickbait titles on adult sites and the habits of its user"

  24. He has every right to watch that. It is also fair to say that because he's probably teaching busty college girls, it's probably going to make them feel very uncomfortable.

  25. if its a university owned computer then he probably doesn't have every right to have that on the screen. it's a policy violation, and may be borderline sexual harassment, though I don't recall my annual training going over accidents. so his management would have to make that call. they probably have a code of conduct to cement in any cause for dismissal.

  26. Everyone in the replies is defending it and saying it’s okay. Pretty disgusting, especially because porn has a tendency to sexualize teenagers (which most college students start at)

  27. He resigned. Good. It’s disturbing for a professor to fantasize about such things. You’re supposed to teach your students, NOT want to fuck them. Even if they’re of age, they’re still a lot younger than the prof. Who knows if he’s slept with students to bump their grades or some shit. Unprofessional.

  28. your professor, at a college (assuming) watching college girl porn... yeah that's disgusting, he needs to be fired

  29. Bro knowing that my professor actively preffers adult material related to college girls would make me so uncomfortable. Like sir you have power over these people.

  30. Clearly that's a typo and he meant to view the well-known video "Busy college girl funds her tuition using this one amazing trick!"

  31. A streamer I watch always has a tab like that open if he’s showing an internet page haha. Always funny watching people in the comments

  32. I still have a trauma from the time I plugged my usb drive in my teachers laptop to give a presentation and stupid windows Mediaplayer decided to do a fullscreen slideshow of my porn folder.

  33. ngl if my old ass professor had a thing for fresh outa highschool college student porn i wouldn't feel comfortable being a student why are you into sexual relationships with inexperienced young adults that you teach thats just legal grooming wtf

  34. I have a similar experience. In 10th grade (2015-16) I opened my google account for my presentation and you know how it shows which YouTube channels you should log into? One of the channels I forgot I made was called "Nigga nigga nigga I'm 300% nigga". It's just showing there on the projector. I clicked something else quick and scanned the class to see if anyone saw it. Everyone was talking to each other, no one noticed. But then I look at my caucasian teacher and I never seen her eyes so spooked out 😂 Cringing internally! I'm asian btw.

  35. Clearly he's very distraught over the death of a busty college girl he knows who recently passed, so he saved a link to her funeral... right?

  36. There are a number of ways you can get caught here. If you really need to watch porn on the same computer you use for work just use a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BROWSER for that. "Search as you type" will also reveal things from your search history that you dont want people seeing...

  37. I’m glad the students are petitioning to get him reinstated. It was a mistake on his part that didn’t result in any porn being actually shared.

  38. That is why i have two Chrome Accounts. One is private the other one is for Work only. I have two Rules.

  39. I was a chess teacher for some time. Once I was helping this other colleague in his class for guys around 10-11, he was using a laptop and a projector (like I myself used to do but I had a dedicated computer for my classes), and he opened a folder and there it was, boom, lots of porn named files (and some other that weren't). He left it on the screen, unconcerned, and walked to the center of the class to explain something. I was at the back side of the class, I walked-run to the computer to minimize the window. No one noticed or we didn't have any indication that they did. After the class was over I told him, he laughed, wasn't very ashamed. Please guys don't mix your porn with your job, be professional, get another computer if you want to be naughty.

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