Interior Appreciation

  1. 100% agree. A german car organization recently published a rating of the ergonomics and distraction level of compact car infotainment systems, hvac controls and driving assistans. Mazda 3 was at place 1, even outdid BMW. And BMW is doing a great job at ergonomics since a few years longer than Mazda IMO, so thats really something to be proud of.

  2. As an automotive interior designer myself, the Mazda3’s really is perfect. The design is so simple yet elegant, strong yet slim. The controls are all cleanly integrated, the screen floating just above the dash and places in an easy to read spot.. I just fall in love every time I get in!

  3. for interior I only check out steering wheel, seat position, shift stick because I am driving a car. Any other thing else is just bonus.

  4. Honestly? Yeah. Same for me. My '18 Mazda3 has everything just intuitively laid out. The only minor gripe is that Apple CarPlay isn't the most intuitive system to use via the dial, but it still works well enough for it to not be a major problem.

  5. That's something I've always paid attention to. One of the reasons why while I like many cars, I wouldn't buy many of them because of their interior. Like German interiors I really hate. At least the ones I've seen and been in. Not sure how the super expensive ones are. But your everyday German cars suck. Especially the light setup on the ceiling. All tacky and yell 90s in a bad way. And the whole ac/radio setup as well. And many American cars. Most of the cars I'm talking about are your everyday cars and not high end models, regardless of German, asian, American, etc.. but many just do it so bad. Yes, they're not "expensive" cars, but that doesn't mean you can't put effort in them. Clean it up. Stop making things bulky or awkward looking.

  6. Driving school I attended never taught me to use the manual brake (it was broken down on the instruction car they assigned me). So I'm happy 4th gen doesn't have it

  7. In terms of Gen 4 while the interior layout is good and looks nice in the showroom.. I dont really appreciate that Mazda make poor attempt at making it hard wearing and last for the future.

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