door seal assembly defect / mazda 3 bp

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  1. The two vent holes near the corner of the door are aligned differently in the two door seals on the left and right.

  2. Out of curiosity what was the manufacture date of yours? At the beginning of the month I picked up a new Preferred hatchback which had an incorrectly installed window seal.

  3. Mine is from Japan, arrived on August 2021 so I think date of production maybe July or the beginning of August...

  4. My car is booked in Jan 4th at dealership to resolve door rattle around window / seal area. I'll try and get as much info as possible on fix and part numbers. They want car for 2 days to resolve.

  5. And mine is booked on 27th December, at first glance they said that the problem is inside the seatbelt pillar but I don't trust them. I will let them know my investigations. I am grateful to you for your future information :)

  6. They didn't solve anything for me, they said they have nothing official. They disassembled the upright and scratched the plastic when opening it.

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