When it comes to Matt, are you Team Claire, Karen, or Elektra?

  1. This is my team for sure. Should we gets shirts made? Maybe patches or pins? I’m 100% here for Matt being a HIMBO.

  2. Claire and Karen don't deserve to have to deal with Matt's bullshit, and Matt shouldn't be dealing with Elektra's. Of course it's Foggy.

  3. Matt and Elektra were spicy and hot. Outside of them and Jessica + Luke I found the other Marvel Netflix romances rather unseasoned and boring.

  4. The chemistry between Matt and Claire had me squirming in my sit. Their first kiss? Fucking hell. I had never seen anything like that on screen before. I was so fucking bummed out the relationship did not continue

  5. Definitely Elektra... And as for Karen I really enjoyed her chemistry with Frank (wish we got more of that).

  6. Same here. Matt had something genuinely special with Elektra and Karen and Frank were really great together. The chemistry between both couples was always fun to watch. Would have loved to see Karen make Frank a little more soft and happy again and Frank make Karen understand some people need to get "punished".

  7. I’ve always had a crush on Rosario Dawson so her for sure. But I will say I thought they did a good job with the love interests, Karen and Electra were really polar opposites.

  8. I think of those 3, Charlie and Rosario Dawson had the most chemistry. But I honestly think that Charlie had the best chemistry with Krysten Ritter! So for me, Matt/Claire or Matt/Jessica!

  9. Yeah I’m down for this, if he doesn’t have a good flirt with She-Hulk then he and Jessica should end up together. I like the Netflix Luke Cage with Claire

  10. My husband and I just started watching Daredevil for the first time this month and we deliberately went into it knowing as little as possible, other than it’s about Daredevil and it also introduced The Punisher at some point.

  11. Karen probably. Elektra just irks the hell outta me (I’m in the minority I guess 🤷‍♀️). I really like Claire, but not with Matt.

  12. If they bring Claire back, they better do her right. Turning her into a supe groupie was lame. She's better than that.

  13. People said Elektra and Matt were made for each other and understood each other, but I never got that feeling. Elektra always /thought/ she knew Matt but she really didn’t, not truly. Right there with you in my unpopular opinion that both brought out the worst in each other and neither was healthy for the other whatsoever.

  14. Team Karen for me. Never thought I'd that about a Karen but here we are. Then again Karen is one of the few good Karen's in the world so I shouldn't be surprised.

  15. Matt never really clicked with Karen for me. I always thought Karen was more suitable for Foggy. And Claire was perfect for Luke Cage. Basically Electra all the way!

  16. I just rewatched seasons 1 and 2 and it's quite a conundrum how she was kissing foggy right at the beginning of season ,1 and just a couple of episodes later she's totally flirting with Matt. And we never quite talked about how she almost got with foggy ever again. Really weird.

  17. I might be a small percentage that wanted Karen to end up with Frank Castle, I loved the tension they got going on... but love and care would ruin Castle motive and drive to punish I guess...

  18. Oh no... it's such a terrible good girl falls for bad boy trope. I get the tension, but it's horrible for Karen

  19. One thing I find hilarious is Matt’s unending contention with his faith in regards to violence but pre-martial sex is all good.

  20. I always thought that Karen and Foggy had more chemistry than Matt and Karen. And I reeeeeeeeeally don’t like Elektra, nothing against the actress but the show did Elektra sooo dirty. Like it never felt she had any genuine moment with Matt because she kept using those moments to manipulate him. And it also forced Matt in the story to be a bad friend to Foggy and Karen.

  21. It's a Claire and I'm so disappointed they moved away from their relationship once she got with Luke It's like she forgets she ever had anything with Matt and they felt like mere acquaintances.

  22. I like the toxic on-off relationship of Matt x Elektra. It's really interesting and entertaining to watch. Works for the tragedy that is Daredevil.

  23. Elektra. I think Matt and Karen had a great "I'm a reckless doof and I won't hesitate to stir up shit" relationship, but nothing romantic.

  24. Matt’s a straight up sex icon in marvel with his blind ass. But I like the toxic relationship with Elektra. Foggy deserves Karen

  25. They both lie to each othyand to themselves a lot when they are together. They care for each other but aren't true to themselves.

  26. Karen. Her actress won me over in ways the other two just didn't. I deeply hope she gets to return for the Disney+ series.

  27. Well, Claire has a thing w Luke, Paige is fucking annoying sometimes, and Elektra is straight up just too toxic for him💀💀💀I motion that Matt find me and ask me out on a date🧍🏽‍♂️

  28. Karen - She's who Matt WANTS to be with, because she represents "normal," but he doesn't have chemistry or feelings for her (beyond friendship). That's why it doesn't happen. Likewise, she actually prefers the Punisher (romantically) because he's straightforward and honest where Matt is two-faced and sneaky, even though Matt's moral code is less problematic.

  29. Elektra. I think she understands him and he understands her better than anyone. They fully accept each other and ultimately brought out the best in each other once they worked through their shit at the end of season 2. I hope they bring her back. The chemistry between the two actors is also incredible.

  30. Definitely Elektra, there was a strong chemistry between them for sure. Even if her screen time was shorter than Claire or Karen.

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