Disney+'s synopsis for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

  1. IIRC it was just a coincidence. But considering that William Hurt (General Ross) died, they could retcon it in some way, to connect both characters

  2. That'd honestly make me the happiest, and I think it'd work in-universe too. They all loved (Or deeply respected in Mbaku's case) T'Challa and each one has some aspect of the Black Panther that, while powerful it's own, would be ever greater when combined with a group of people who's taken on the mantle. (Shuri = Intelligence | Mbaku = Strength | Okoey = Skill | Nakia = Heart)

  3. I think something like this will happen. It might even be a mystery who’s in the suit, then a reveal they were all doing it at different times (a la Hot Fuzz!).

  4. Your comment made me Google if she was in the movie and I saw an article from The Direct that shows her in a pic on the set, soooo I wonder if she just has a minor role or a SUPER secret role??? Interesting indeed

  5. Aw man was really hoping Nakia was going to be Black Panther but looks like it will be Shuri. Will see

  6. I’m hoping Shuri starts with it out of obligation but passes it to Nakia when she finds it’s not a good fit.

  7. After re-watching the first Black Panther, I'm 100% convinced she'd be the best candidate to take the mantle, she is the one that gives the advice to T'Challa that makes him actually confront his traditions and ancestors to make the world a better place

  8. It 100% should be. The sub plot should be that it is presumed to be Shuri's to take, but Nakia proves herself worthy and Shuri volunteers it to her in time for the final battle.

  9. Is no one giving a chance for Michael B to come through from a different universe’s BP and somehow stay put. He was one of the best scores from the original and it would be amazing for him to come back as the new BP of 616 out of a universe he lost everyone else in

  10. T'challa basically died THREE times in-universe between BP, IW, and this. Disappointing fate for the character like he was just meant to die.

  11. I'm very torn on the choice to not recast T'Challa. On one hand Chadwick Boseman was perfect in the role and it does show a great deal of respect, but on the other hand T'Challa is an extremely important character both narratively and culturally. None of us knew Chadwick, so we don't know what he would have wanted, but his brother has said that Chadwick would have wanted the role to be recast.

  12. A lot of actors would not want to have their work constantly compared to as iconic a performance as Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa.

  13. The will recast him, but this lets them honor this version first. Secret Wars has been announced already and I could see them using this as a way to reshuffle the deck and bring back/retire/recast certain characters with the multiversal incursion as an excuse.

  14. While I am looking forward to this, I am wondering how much shorter this synopsis would be if the actors' names were removed. Did they have a character limit or something?

  15. If I remember right, War Dog is the title for virtually any agent of the Wakandan Government who works internationally in secret, which is what Nakia was doing in the last movie.

  16. Michaela Coel was my dream casting for Storm. Sad that they’re using her for someone else, but I’m sure she’ll be fantastic.

  17. Try telling that to the actor who would have to follow him and the creative team that didn't want to recast.

  18. I'm not really feeling it. It just seems like a big sob story. It's very tragic that we lost Chadwick Bozeman irl but I don't understand how you can have Black Panther without Black Panther.

  19. Because Black Panther is a title that was handed down to T’Challa. He was not the first, and he will not be the last. There will be a new Black Panther.

  20. Because we will have BP movie with a BP, I mean it was clear a BP will be in BP WF on the trailer.

  21. Was hoping that T’Challa wasn’t actually going to be dead….so short sighted of Marvel to have them kill him off

  22. We in Georgia appreciate Black Panther 2 filming in our great state after MLB turned tail and ran with the All Star Game!

  23. I notice Michael B Jordan isn’t listed 👀 really trying to keep Killmonger Panther a secret but I know he’s coming back !!

  24. King of hidden undersea nation. Fkin' hell. If only the MCU weren't pussies and went ahead with King of Atlantis, following the rightful comic lore.

  25. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re avoiding specifically saying “Atlantis” to avoid Aquaman comparisons from the general audience. Sure, Namor came first in comics history, but DC Films got there with a film first, which is how most people will meet both Aquaman and Namor.

  26. Unless Wakanda unlocked their location, isn’t it still a mystery to the world even if Wakandans travel out? And call back to BP 1, don’t they have the artillery to put world weapons to shame if attacked? Don’t the have an ability to keep the news of their kings passing a secret. Why would their kings death want the world powers at their door step?

  27. Wakanda has decided to be much more open about their capabilities and wealth, and presumably has actually revealed their capital city. The location of the nation was always known, but the capital was hidden, but isn't anymore.

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