If you could pick only 1 character to do a recap of the Multiverse Saga before Secret Wars, who would it be?

  1. "Okay, I just ended up in some new, weird universe, and I do not like it. It's bright, humid, and for some reason I can't bring myself to say more than one F bomb a day. Tell me what's going on, Kiki, or I start eating your danishes."

  2. In a reverse of what he did to Fred Savage, Deadpool will be in bed forcing Luis to tell the story dressed as Grandpa.

  3. Deadpool 3 should take place after (likely) the multiverse gets merged in Secret Wars, so DP can rely on Luis to tell him who the eff all these new guys are and probably slip in a Ralph Boehner complaint.

  4. Deadpool and She Hulk should convince Luis to tell the story, but he’d have no idea why they want him to face a wall while telling the story

  5. I was just typing elsewhere you'd have Luis explaining the universe to deadpool who's sitting in a tiny desk in an elementary classroom taking notes but at the end it's revealed he was doodling everything.

  6. This would be kind of nice if he was talking to Shang-Chi for example just catching him up, the serious undertones, he would only say the important parts. I really like it actually.

  7. That’s what I was thinking, I’d love to see any of the other three do it, but I don’t have enough information to make a decision on she hulk.

  8. Luis and Deadpool are neck and neck with these votes but I’m pretty sure the both of them is the ultimate answer. Deadpool would fucking love Luis.

  9. OK, I KINDA wanna see Kamala do it, but best case scenario is all of them do it and it just becomes a perfect blend of all of their styles of recapping together.

  10. This is what I'd love. Each take a little bit of the story and just have it like one huge run on recap with each finishing the previous ones sentences. Yea, it's been done before, but they could be the ones to pull it off.

  11. I kinda wanna see a Peter do another like he did for Civil War at the beginning of homecoming.

  12. I'd love to hear LMD Coulson give a summary of the entire saga, both before and after his death(s), with all his dry, sardonic wit. I just love listening to Clark Gregg, and he has some damn good speeches.

  13. something like this should not be jokey. I would like someone like Doom. He has been watching all these years, and he could eloquently recap the past 10 years from his pov.

  14. All wrong answers, it should be Korg! I know a lot of people didn't like his overinvolvment in L&T, and while I disagree, I get it. But, he's just so wholesome and funny, if his only role were narrating the previous entries, I think he'd kill it.

  15. Deadpool trying to narrate it, having trouble, then doing the Big Short route of cutting to Luis eating food while explaining the whole situation perfectly

  16. Preferably, none. I hope that Secret Wars is a genuinely serious movie, with jokes few and far between. Getting any of them to do a recap would kinda ruin that, I think.

  17. I would like to see Wade and Luis do a back and forth and correct each other on things that happened, like Luis would tell what happened in MoM, and Wade would interrupt and say something way off and just rinse and repeat.

  18. Deadpool would exaggerate what happened so badly Luis would come running in to correct him while giving Deadpool his precious precious Chimichanga!

  19. Duet- Luis with Deadpool interrupting with 4th wall knowledge only people who watched the movie would know (us)

  20. Luis narrating, Kamala illustrating--while Deadpool comes in with the occasional lewd/fourth-wall breaking comment (and She-Hulk with a legal disclaimer at the end).

  21. Luis explaining all the Earth stuff while Kamala explains all the cosmic stuff but they are at a table together or something, idk.

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