Between these two, who is your favourite female villain in the MCU ?

  1. No body, no crime. Hela could show up in the next Thor movie. Valhalla will probably figure prominently, I suspect, and Hela sent a number of important people there.

  2. I heard Cate Blanchett had no interest to play a role in the MCU. Her children persuaded her to take the role of Hela. I hope she enjoyed it enough to return in another movie

  3. It seems to be a pattern with marvel movies. Get a really good actor for a villain, give him too little screen time and then kill him at the end.

  4. You could insert the name of pretty much all the MCU villains in this (barring Loki and Thanos) and it would still be somewhat accurate. Lol

  5. One of those characters is a character who has been expanded significantly over multiple films and a series, with a deeply complex and grey spectrum of morality. It's not even a contest.

  6. I don’t see Wanda as following a grey spectrum of morality post-WandaVision. Relatable motivation, trauma, whatever, she’s a psychotic murderer.

  7. The question is which villain you preferred. I liked Hela more because she really embraces the role and I loved Cate's performances. She was campy, she was fun, it was entertaining.

  8. Her reasons to be a villain were "oh i want children!" With she could have just by going on tinder. "Oh but she want those specific children!" Just remake with the hex

  9. Great point - if we're strictly asking who was more entertaining - i enjoyed Hela as a villain more, although Wanda is terrifying in MOM.

  10. Wanda absolutely is a villain in her own right. She was a villain before the corruption of the Darkhold, it is a disservice to the character to pretend otherwise.

  11. Wanda hands down. More depth of character and overall power. Hela was cool, but never had a moment that was truly unnerving for me. Wanda is terrifying.

  12. Right? I am glad I am not the only one who was terrified of her in MOM. It's to the point where I now find Lizzie Olsen unnerving even in interviews.

  13. The better Villain? Hela. Just a bigger bad ass that Thor fights. Wanda is on some character arc that affords her more depth, making her a better character.

  14. You know, it was actually super hard to see her as a villain honestly. At the end of the day she was just a scared little girl who was used for villainous ends, trying to avoid a worse fate than what took her parents.

  15. Both were great but I gotta say Cate Blanchett had one hell of a screen presence. When her scenes were on you knew she commanded it. So there’s that

  16. Wanda easily - more fleshed out and fully understand her motivations even tho she's not fully justified in her actions . Hela is a pretty one note bad being - no real moral complexity to her

  17. Definitely Wanda but not the one from Multiverse of Madness. She was just mind controlled by an evil book. WandaVision Wanda is one of the most dynamic and interesting villains in all the MCU.

  18. Hela. She didn’t have a series exploring her trauma and psyche only to be done the way she was in a follow up film that clearly have the writer taking into account only the postcredit scene, ignoring 9EPs worth of story.

  19. Extensive character development doesn’t work when the next writer just says “fuck it. She’s Freddy Kruger now.”

  20. Unrelated but you captured the best screenshot of Wanda! Most people would capture that meme expression or the part where she talked to Strange at the garden.

  21. I'm a massive Cate Blanchett fan and felt she was underused in Ragnarok, she's so much more badass and evil in plenty of other things, Hanna springs to mind.

  22. i can't see wanda as an actual villain more like an antagonist/anti-hero personally so i would say Hela.

  23. In terms of watching an actress have fun with a role, Hela. In terms of character depth and motivation, Wanda.

  24. Hela was the most badass, scary, cool, and suave villain we’ve seen. I’d love to see a series that shows Hela before she was banished. Cate Blanchett of course would need to return. She killed it!

  25. I don't like Wanda as a villain. I think it was poorly written to fit an idea rather than a natural evolution of the character.

  26. Wanda, because of how much time we’ve spent with her since Age of Ultron. She’s truly the Darth Vader of the MCU.

  27. Wanda. She was a fully developed character built up over multiple movies and her own spinoff show that we were able to connect with and understand her motivations (Even though they were wrong)

  28. I can understand hela as well. She’s a god and she was malevolent. She wanted to rule which she learned from Odin. She definitely had a background. After being banished for 1000’s of years wouldn’t you be angry as well? Is she not justified lol. /s

  29. Wanda because she’s had 8 years of development and has relatable and understandable emotions and motivations, where on the other hand Hela is just powerful and evil, and only showed up in one movie

  30. Wanda by miles. And between Wanda and Hela I'd also put Nebula, Agatha, and - if you will count her as a villian - Yelena.

  31. Nebula has had character development, but she was always useless as a villain. She's way below Hela, Wanda, and Agatha.

  32. Wanda because I want her to step on me find her arc and development over the MCU compelling, just like everyone else is saying.

  33. Don’t get me wrong, I adored Cate Blanchett’s performance as Hela. She was an absolute delight to watch. Hela herself as a character is powerful and one of the more terrifying villains we’ve seen in the MCU. I would have liked to see more of her.

  34. It is no contest really, Wanda. Hela and Blanchett playing her were not given much to work with.

  35. Helya was hot and intimidating. Scarlet was universe threatening for children. I know which I would rather avoid

  36. Hela all the way, I like my villians over the top and scenery chewing. You could tell Cate Blanchett was having a great time and I was having a great time watching her. Wanda was terrifying as all hell, but I am not filled with joy when I see her waltz into a scene.

  37. Hela is much better portraying an unstoppable force, dealing permanent(ish) damage to the protagonist. It justifies the actions of ragnarok. Scarlet witch didn’t have that same unstoppable feeling

  38. I still don’t consider Wanda a villain tbh, yet I consider Agatha one and she had the exact same goal: to track down and steal someone else’s power.

  39. Hela was completely wasted. But even if she was given more to do I can't imagine her being as viscerally terrifying yet sympathetic as Wanda was in MoM.

  40. The movies and show spent too much time trying to paint Wanda in a good light for her to work (The "I'm not here about you mind controlling an entire town, that's fine" bit really stood out)

  41. Unpopular opinion but Hela was the worst part of Ragnarok. Every scene that cut back to Asgard was a huge drag and really just served as exposition dump. She’s not a bad villain by any means, but definitely overhyped.

  42. Hela was a straight up villain and didn’t give a damn, even though Wanda crossed the line they really wanted us to sympathize with her and a lot of her actions were contradictory to what she was doing, she had multiple chances to put down Strange and for whatever doesn’t, plus she was being influenced by the Darkhold.

  43. Hela hands down. Trapped for 1500 years by her dad all because she did what her dad wanted. Sure she was psycho but, justified in her rage. She could destroyed Midgard first out of spite but, really just wanted to go home and they immediately tried to kill her after she tried to take her rightful place. Don’t get me wrong like Azula that bitch was crazy and needed to go down but, she wasn’t entirely in the wrong.

  44. We need more bad ass villains like Hela. No redemption arc, just fullfilling an evil plan and murdering anyone who gets in my way (while still being charming and entertaining at the same time).

  45. Hela. I like Wanda better as a character, but Hela was so deliciously evil and Blanchette seemed like she really had fun with it.

  46. Hela. She was generally a badass and for good reason. Scarlet Witch was also a badass, but with her knowledge of the multiverse she could’ve thought “hey! Why don’t I try going to a universe where I don’t exist or have died in, and try taking care of the version of my kids there?”

  47. I love both. Wanda isn't really a villain because she was being corrupted by the Darkhold. Hela is a villain because she willingly did bad things.

  48. Even tho I’m a huge Wanda simp, I really do think hela is a better put together villain than Wanda

  49. Hela because she was always a baddie. Wanda is a hero turn bad by tragedy, and is regretful for her actions, Hela has no remorse, or should I say had?

  50. Wanda was the better and more “sympathetic” character. But I have mixed feelings about her due to the bizzare justifications Wanda made for her actions.

  51. Wanda may be Mommy, but Cate has haunted my dreams for more than twenty years. FFS, my wife's wedding dress was modeled after the one Galadriel wore when she bade Frodo to look into her mirror!

  52. Wanda isn't really a villain. Hela is the better villain because she is actually evil, and Odin fears her.

  53. I don’t really register Wanda as a villian, an antagonist yes, only because her “turn to villainy” doesn’t feel genuine and only circumstantial. Regardless, I like Hela more as an antagonist because she feels like a fun villain. When she first shows up and recks Thor & Loki with ease then just overthrows and recks havoc on Asgard for revenge and out of spite toward Odin.

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