Will we see Black Bolt in Univers 616?

  1. The Inhumans were originally introduced as an antagonists of the Fantastic Four in the comics. I think the best way to formally reintroduce them is in an FF sequel after their initial MCU outing.

  2. But they don't fight Thanos. Strange defeated it alone thanks to the book of vishanti and the power he got that eventually resulted in an incursion.

  3. Forgive me if this has been brought up but this just made me realize that the alternative to Tony dying would’ve been that Strange dies at the hands of Thanos. Because 616 searched all possible outcomes 838 would’ve HAD to been one of those outcomes. Am I wrong?

  4. He searched all possible outcomes from that point on and in 616. There’s too much different before the moment Strange looked at all possible outcomes and some of the heroes are straight up different people. I’d assume the possibilities were pretty much restricted to 616.

  5. I see what you're saying, but no. 838 branched off of 616 at an earlier point, so its branch point existed in 616's past. Strange was looking into 616's future from the point that he started searching.

  6. I really think that the 838 illuminati was a send-off to all of them and what they represented. Reed and his death as the most wanted fancast, Xavier's death as the death of FoXmen, Black Bolt's death as the death of Inhumans, Carter's death as the death of a what if live action. Maria's death was the only one that doesn't make sense with this logic but then again she was just an alternate hero so that may be why.

  7. Actually, the comics and movies are an entirely separate entity all together. That's why MoM called the MCU earth 616, specifically so people would understand that.

  8. Feige and it seems like a lot of fans hate the Inhumans. If I'm honest if the Inhumans were coming they should gotten a movie instead of the Eternals.

  9. I don’t think the Inhuman’s exist in 616. But I definitely think we’ll get them again at some point in future sagas after Secret Wars.

  10. Marvel hates Inhumans more than X-Man in the 2000s so the odds are probably zero that we will see an Inhuman for a while.

  11. We kinda did already but there could be a universe without them. 616 could probably be retcon to be the one of the few universes without them. I want to see the Inhumans in full force though.

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