As it stands, Doctor Strange is the character we've seen the most multiverse versions of, but which one do you wish you could see more of?

  1. I feel like you're forgetting about a character... Maybe someone who had a show about them where they met several of their multiverse versions? :p

  2. I was gonna say the same thing but that was before the timeline split off, so there was no multiverse just infinite variations of the same universe right? So it is not quite the same thing maybe?

  3. Personally for me, I'd go with Supreme Strange. The 838 universe is already the most fascinating part of that movie in my opinion, and I'd have loved to see more about that version of Strange. He's a hero in the eyes of that world but also majorly flawed. It's also worth mentioning in this scene, Thanos' gauntlet has every stone except for the Time Stone, which I've seen some people speculate that Supreme Strange had an escape plan from the Illuminati's execution. It's very possible he may show up again some day if he did truly survive.

  4. 838 strange was (is?) referred to as "supreme strange" in toys and other merchandise. what if strange is "strange supreme". yes, it's confusing, but that's what they went with.

  5. I would say Strange Supreme but I don’t think there’s story to him that we could see. Other than him Defender Strange is the most interesting to me

  6. I just want to see more 838, it’s the most fleshed out alternate universe in the MCU if you don’t count the Sony universes that crossed over in NWH

  7. Dead Strange - not Zombie Strange - but DEAD Strange. And it must be in animated vignettes and get in goofy adventures like I Am Groot. You could even get Vin Diesel to do the grunting.

  8. We've actually seen more multiverse spiderman, live action theres Tom, tobey, Andrew. Animated there's spiderman, spider ham, Miles, spider noir, peni Parker, gwen... etc

  9. Isn’t weird that the variants looks exactly the same body look like in Loki but NWH all 3 of them look completely different. I guess that’s just a coincidence

  10. It's just different ways to tell a story. Loki dealt with what being a Loki meant, no matter what gender or species you are. Meanwhile the story that Strange went through needed him to confront different parts of himself, thus it didn't make as much sense to cast different actors.

  11. This is why I was hoping for a Bruce Campbell as Strange cameo, but maybe Strange is the same throughout all universes, like Wanda.

  12. Supreme Strange 100% but it would've been a little interesting to see from the other variants what type of stranges Sinister Strange killed, how Zombie Strange was infected and how different Defender Strange's new york looked from 199999's

  13. I wish there was some official clarification about Multiverse vs. Alternate Timelines. Did we see multiverse versions of Loki in the series or were they just alternate timeline versions of Loki? Right now it's confusing because all of the versions of Dr Strange look exactly the same and just have different clothes but somehow they are from entirely different universes. The Loki variants are all different ages, races, and genders and yet they all come from the same "universe" but just different timelines within that universe?

  14. The reason they were different ages in Loki is because they were all taken from pruned universes at different ages and dumped at the end of time. They were most likely all bought around the same time.

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