This is still the most shocked I have ever been watching an MCU movie. I almost yelled "Holy sh*t" in the theater. What would be your most shocking moment?

  1. Yeah and the FIVE YEARS LATER just 20 minutes into the movie. I went into that movie expecting not to see Thanos until the end of the movie with a rematch. The plot was just a massive surprise it was amazing.

  2. I remember when this happened that’s when I realised I genuinely didn’t have a clue how the film was going to pan out

  3. I was sitting there with a friend and when they flew to the gardens of thanos he was like, ok thats gona be a short movie. Then we saw that "5 years later" and it was so depressing and the feeling of the events being inreversible was growing more and more.

  4. Such a great holy shit moment lol Also when you see him realizing that Peter is Spider-Man in the car I was like fuck. Keaton is a great actor.

  5. The car scene was obviously amazing but just the pure shock of him opening the door when your brain was lulled into thinking this was going to be a straight forward/cutsey scene with Peter and Liz. Then BAM.

  6. My dad watched my face during that scene and once I reacted said,”Yeah I know, I didn’t expect it either.”

  7. This. This is the first time in any movie or TV show that a plot twist genuinely shocked me. Usually I can either guess where they’re going with something or it just isn’t very impactful but seeing Toomes smiling like a regular dad behind that door absolutely floored me.

  8. My answer is so similar. It’s just that Thanos wins. Let me be clear, I accidentally saw the Facebook promo where you could see Thanos had almost all the stones. I KNEW he was going to win. I KNEW people were getting dusted (wasn’t sure if they were coming back or not though). I KNEW this….. and still, when Thanos snapped and you saw people disappearing, my jaw was on the floor. It was SUCH an emotional moment that the true awe of it happening still is the most shocking moment in MCU for me. I remember when the credit rolled my wife and I just sat there, taking in what had happened. The movie ending on the sunset, “Thanos will return” and the music was all just so perfectly done. Ok, I gotta go watch IW again, bye.

  9. I love the look on Thor's face immediately after the snap. Almost like he feels sick to his stomach when he realizes what just happened

  10. I think it was the reality stone reveal and subsequently turning mantis and drax into ribbons and cubes where I realized “oh, Thanos wins this movie huh”

  11. Not just him finding all sorts of ways to use the stones, but also the way he has reverence for the heroes, is part of what makes him such a fantastic character.

  12. I mean, of all the clever ways he used the Stones in the movie, this is the only one we've literally already seen before. He used the Time Stone exactly the way Strange had been.

  13. I was completely convinced that Tony would not survive Infinity War/Endgame, so this moment did not shock me per se. I do remember the silence in both the movie theater and the movie. I think I literally held my breath, realizing this was it and I was gonna watch him die. But then they immediately undid it, and I just did not know what to do with that.

  14. Man we all knew the other Spideys would pop up but Andrew jumping through the portal and ripping his mask off was seriously next level “HOLY SHIT”

  15. I thought it was funny how nobody gave not a single flying fuck about Aunt May’s death after they all showed up

  16. I feel like this isn't being said enough in this thread. This moment right here made people lose their collective shit.

  17. This was the big one for me. Toby and Andrew was the worst kept secret ever but this was a wonderful surprise!

  18. This got a good pop off of me in the theater. I purposely avoided all spoilers for it, and I didn’t know anything about him showing up. I kind of thought in the back of my mind that Tobey and Andrew might be showing up since their villains were. I didn’t expect Charlie Cox though, and I was super happy about it.

  19. That was the first gasp in the theater when i saw it. Then everyone lost it when he caught the brick. "I'm a really good lawyer."

  20. That's the one for me. Every Spiderman we've seen we see Petar struggle as a person, not just a hero. We never saw that with MCU Petar. He always felt like your friendly neighborhood relatable Spiderman. The memory wipe made him that, and it truly made me feel bad for him. It reminded me of how lonely and dramatic Toby parkers life was.

  21. The end-credits rolling in IW, that initial shock of the bad guy winning for the first time ever? The absolute silence in the room was unbelievable, you could feel the tension and shock

  22. You can add to that the "Thanos will return" instead of the Avengers. It made me gasp a faint "motherf***er..."

  23. I LOVED that feeling. It was new, it was exciting. I mean you know they would eventually "win" in the next movie, but holy hell. When he snapped his fingers I audibly gasped. That scene was so good and so chilling.

  24. To add on it, the entire credits sequence rolling as white text on black, no extra scenes. It was perfect.

  25. I had a tradition pre-COVID with a group of friends that we would go to a local theater for a MCU matinee with Fuddruckers after the movie. Usually the post-movie meal is filled with constant discussion of good and bad points in the movie, where we think things might go next, etc.

  26. It felt like a pipe dream when they first teased it, because nothing like it had ever been achieved. What an amazing time for superhero movies

  27. I never get tired of talking about this. When I was about 14 and first really venturing onto message boards, I used to go on boards for various Marvel movies (Around 2005-2006) and inevitably when someone said something like "It would be so cool if the Fantastic Four appeared in a Spider-Man movie!" or something, I was always a naysayer.

  28. I don't know that anything could ever top this. First, no one expected an Iron Man movie to be good, let alone great. Then, Nick Fury (played by the guy that the Ultimate Universe version is based off of) shows up talking about Avengers? It didn't feel real.

  29. Let’s be real. All of us loved marvel films but none of us thought a full cinematic universe at this size would work out. Yet here we are with Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Moon Knight, Captain Marvel and Black Panther in the MCU

  30. I think this one is gigantic. Prior to this moment every super hero movie had a formula where a large portion of the movies were dedicated to hiding the identity of a super hero. It really allowed the MCU to do something different.

  31. SO glad they ditched that boring comic book conceit for Tony, Steve, Clint, and many others in the MCU. It’s the least interesting part of Batman and Superman and WW.

  32. Wanda just laying waste to the entire Illuminati in Dr Strange MoM. She just cut through them like butter and dgaf. When Black Bolt's head exploded I let out an "Oh f*ck" - definitely the goriest Marvel has been so far.

  33. Not just laying waste to them, brutally and graphically killing them. When she pops out of the red smoke and snaps Xavier's neck, I was starting to think this turned in to a monster horror movie real quick.

  34. Black Bolt’s head exploding threw me for a loop. Not that I was hugely invested in the character or anything, I just wasn’t expecting things to escalate that fast.

  35. First it was IW. The Avengers actually losing and Cap acknowledging it with that “Oh god…”. I was always used to the good guys winning but from then on I realized that’s not always the case. But now it’s seeing Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock again after 3 years. It was spectacular.

  36. I think people are used to superhero (and really most in general) movies having good endings, even with small cliffhangers. Infinity War definitely threw people for a loop.

  37. Ward was just a mindfuck of a character. I still can't figure out if I loved him in a glorious bastard kinda way or hatred him or even pitied him.

  38. Brett Dalton is a great actor, so it was cool to see him go from hero, to villain, to supervillain in just three seasons. He plays every part almost the same, which is awesome.

  39. In Thors vision in Age of Ultron i saw the orb from guradians of the galaxy and lost my shit, because thats when my child brain relised somthing big was coming and the universe was coming together.

  40. i went to watch multiverse of madness with no knowledge of leaks and spoilers so seeing john krasinski as mr fantastic literally had me jump out of my seat in surprise

  41. Arishem appearing in the sky at the end of Eternals. The scale, the way his eyes appeared first before his whole form materialised .

  42. Black Bolt's head exploding and Peggy getting bisected in MoM. It was pretty clear Peggy and dear Maria were going to die after the boys, but the bloody shield hitting the wall really threw me for a loop. I should definitely have expected Raimi to go that hard but somehow I did not. (Peggy also wins the award for only thing in any comic movie thus far to leave me physically nauseous.)

  43. Thankfully they were able to deliver. Could you imagine how much of a letdown this would’ve been forever if the Marvel didn’t get the returns they needed to pursue the full phase 1 and just cut losses after Incredible Hulk?

  44. Wanda being the villain and brutally killing the Illuminati. I wasn't really on the internet at the time and didnt watch wandavision so i thought Strange and Wanda was gonna team up to fight the Xavier or the other Stranges but when it took to long for them to team up that's when I realized that she is the main villain

  45. I think for anyone who didn’t really follow the trailers and hype that the orchard scene was a massive, huge shock when Wanda takes down her hex.

  46. That and when Tony wasn’t part of the team anymore because it was too painful for him. When they turned up at his ranch and you see him at home just being a Dad instead of THE Tony Stark and Iron Man threw me and got me right in the heart.

  47. That scene made me so mad! I can’t even look at Jake Gyllenhall cause I feel so bad for what his character did to Peter. Maybe both a holy sht moment and a f** you moment!

  48. My most shocking moment would be when everyone believed mysterio instantly even though the video didnt show any ones face and peter the dummy just confirmed it by swinging as spiderman to his OWN house instead of hiding out any other building.

  49. To be fair. His secret identity was maintained by being above suspicion more than unprovable. Once the average person suspects it’s not hard to connect the dots.

  50. The avengers losing in IW. That was beyond shocking and the whole cinema was quiet as hell. The second was Ironman dying. Still not over that.

  51. Steve!Cap wielding Mjolnir will only ever be surpassed by Sam!Cap going on a rampage with a worthiness-enchanted version of Stormbreaker, change my view.

  52. I’ve never heard an audience reaction like in the post-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp. No one expected the connection to Infinity War. It wasn’t even cheering, more like delighted confusion.

  53. The dusting in Infinity War. I remember watching it in theaters and it was so quiet you could hear a mouse fart. Everyone was watching with their mouths wide open including me like "there's no way this is happening"

  54. My theater was letting out audible gasps and cries during the dustings and was dead quiet when Peter got dusted. That one ripped out any hope anyone had left and just stunned the crowd.

  55. Honorable mentions for shocking things which are all Ant-Man and the Wasp through present as I was spoiled on most of the stuff before that.

  56. I remember making a safe list for infinity war before seeing it and everyone on my list got dusted

  57. I'm going to answer on behalf of a stranger who as the "Directed by the Russo brothers" popped up at the end of Infinity War, in a silent theatre yelled "Oh Fuck Off!"

  58. The snap in Infinty War, I cannot tell you how fucking shocked my theatre was when that happened (meanwhile I was badly crying at Peter being dusted because he's my favourite)

  59. I didn't watch the Thor Ragnarok trailer before seeing the movie and having Mjolnir crushed with her bare hands really threw me for a loop. (I still somehow knew Hulk was in it though, which would have been WAY more shocking.

  60. I actually love the twist in NWH where we learn of Beck's Illusions. So refreshing given this is the first film after Endgame.

  61. I was honestly very shocked when the stones were actually destroyed and Thanos died by getting his head chopped off. I thought he’d use the reality stone in some way to trick the Avengers, but nope. He died and 5 years pass.

  62. Gonna go for one people aren't mentioning: Black Panther being friends with Thanos in the What If episode. I had to pause the show I was laughing so hard

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