Which movie in the MCU Spiderman Trilogy was the Best?

  1. Homecoming one with Spidey chilling on the bench is a cool poster. NWH has some great alternate posters too, FFH has pretty garbage posters across the board. Like seriously… idk how they were finalized.

  2. I liked far from home’s alternate passport, it was Spider-Man against a passport with different counties’ stamps on it, I hate a copy of it that I never hung up but I always thought it looked cool

  3. I remember some post talking about why all MCU posters are just mashups of all the actors: because that’s what tests best with average moviegoers

  4. Also, I think Homecoming was the most grounded. The plot wasn't big or over the top. Villain was a father and husband screwed over by big government. He had no big or dramatic world ending plots. Just wanted to comfortably provide for his family.

  5. Why I loved the script and vibes of Homecoming, I really enjoyed the romance of Peter and MJ in FFH.

  6. Homecoming would be so much better without the DC part. The movie is almost perfect but that whole thing just feels like filler.

  7. Homecoming will always be my favourite. It's heartwarming and heartfelt, small scale, with a high school setting that I love. It's my comfort movie.

  8. Those are the reasons why I think it perfectly captures the feel of Spider-Man. Plus there's the subjective excitement of the first Spider-Man film in the MCU.

  9. Yeah, when I think of Spider-Man, Homecoming is exactly the vibe of movie I want from that character. I just think it captured classic Spider-Man perfectly.

  10. Ditto for me because imo it's the first Spider-Man movie that at least to me really highlighted Queens. The Raimi and Webb movies always rushed Peter into swinging through and dealing with villains in the city. As a Queens kid, Raimi's movies rushed to Manhattan really quick while Webb's movies didn't really look or feel like they took place in NYC.

  11. I remember that movie coming out like it was yesterday and my excitement for it. Saw it theatrically 4 times remember getting spidey popcorn bowl and all😂

  12. I also love how we don't have to relive through his origin again (spider bite, dead uncle). We're thrown into a story where Spidey has already been around for a bit and it felt refreshing

  13. It's a crime that they didn't do more with Peter being just a student and trying to balance that with his gifts. Far From Home really doesn't count because they're barely in any kind of school setting, and the other kids are completely incidental to the story.

  14. Well said. It’s the same for me it’s the first thing my wife and I watched after our son was born so it holds a warm place in my heart. It just happened to be on the hospital TV when all the commotion died down and we watched it as a new family. Now my son is 2 and is obsessed with Spidey!

  15. Homecoming had the best story by far. I loved No Way Home and saw it 9x in IMAX, but it's story was definitely weak as the plot just needed to move along for each moment. Still loved it.

  16. The Vulture was a great villain too. Relatable family man and small business owner in over his head with the government giving him shit. Hmmm, sort of seems like a MAGA dude when I think about it.

  17. No Way Home. Spider-Man loses everything and everyone, yet he still carries on as Spider-Man. It's the most inspiring and my favorite scene/ending in the entire MCU.

  18. I agree, but I suspect that 5 years from now Homecoming will be the one I've watched the most. Like you said, it's a comfort film. So I think No Way Home is my favourite today because it had so much going for it, but Homecoming will stand the test of time.

  19. My problem with No Way Home is the major plot hole that eliminates most, if not all of the drama from the ending. All Peter and Strange had to do was make the world forget Spider-Man instead of Peter Parker, letting him keep the life he's lived for 18 years vs. the superhero life he's lived for only a couple.

  20. This is roughly my opinion too, but as I mentioned in my comment, I have a hard time ranking movies like NWH and Endgame because they feel more like events than movies. Homecoming is absolutely my comfort movie tho

  21. Peter and Norman's relationship is a twisted reflection of Peter and Tony's relationship and it works on so many levels.

  22. NWH was the only one where I felt like I was watching a Spider-Man movie and not a Marvel movie.

  23. Honestly, all three are some of my favorites of the whole MCU. I like them all for different reasons. Homecoming is very comfortable to rewatch. It's got that John Hughes feel but as a superhero movie. Far From Home has the best story, in my opinion. I love how they did Mysterio (one of my favorite villains) and it's a great movie altogether. No Way Home is super nostalgic for the other Spider-Man actors and villains but also has very good character development for our Peter Parker.

  24. I definitely have a soft spot for FFH and for all the reasons you mentioned. I personally think NWH is the best, but that can change as I honestly flip flop between it and FFH.

  25. I totally agree with you on everything about FFH but I think it’s very reductive to say NWH relies on nostalgia. It’s all about Tom’s Peter and the lesson he learns. It’s an emotional, character-driven film first. All substance as opposed to all spectacle. I think it’s better than FFH, although I still adore FFH.

  26. Help me understand. Even if Mysterio won, there’s still no version of this where he comes out on top. Even if his plan succeeds he’s still doomed to fail. Pretend that his plan works in FFH and he does prove to the world that he can be an Avengers-level hero.

  27. Far From Home by far. It felt the most like Peter to me in thay movie. In way over his head, wanting a break, then immediately coming back, then failing, then wanting to give up, then coming back harder than ever and winning all on his own. Also the Mysterio illusion scenes were fucking amazing

  28. No Way Home. It seriously feels the most like a Spider-Man film. Even without the cameos, what Peter goes thru in the movie is basically most of his history in the comics. It felt genuine.

  29. This is tough, but it’s gotta be FFH for me. The stunning visuals during the Mysterio fights genuinely made me cry the first time. They just did live action Mysterio better than I could have ever imagined.

  30. Homecoming. It has the most down to Earth story with Peter being a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It pulls at that line of the wants of Peter vs the burden of Spider-Man via the Liz and Adrian connections. It has a high school movie vibe, Peter is struggling instead of just being a master of his abilities. It's the simplest of stories, which when it comes to the complaints of Peter being in an Avengers/MCU/Stark world should win it more points. I mean, by NWH, he's battling a multiverse setting. Homecoming is so much more grounded.

  31. If you read the NWH plot broken down into major points and characters, it wouldn't make sense. It shouldn't work. Nothing like this has ever been done. A brand/character broken and milked for 3 series of movies coming together? There is no reason this should work.

  32. After Endgame, I was wondering what threats we could get that would actually pose an issue to the heroes. In the very next film Spidey fights…drones! For me the timing of FFH was wrong and I’ve never felt the need to watch it again. Love Homecoming and NWH.

  33. FFH takes away too much stuff from Spider-man in my opinion. Take him out of New York, take out the costume. I don't know, felt to me like they removed so much of what Spider-man is. Mysterio was cool though.

  34. Adrian Tombs is the most compelling and relatable villain in the mcu, and Michael Keaton's plays him perfectly.

  35. Homecoming by far. Homecoming is the single most cohesive and consistent film of the three, and consistency is something I value a lot in films. No Way Home has some high highs, but it also has some terrible lows. Far From Home is just a low point the entire way through.

  36. Amazing answer and I completely agree!! I'm glad someone mentioned the comedy too, it's such a big part of Spidey's character and the humor is only actually funny in Hoco

  37. Far From Home, it’s not even close for me. Mysterio was a good villain, the story was good and I absolutely LOVE the fight scenes. In my opinion, it also had the best Spiderman humor. It’s a very charming movie. Didn’t need cameos to be good either.

  38. Same. They were all amazing but Far From Home just felt the best for me. And that Mysterio Illusion Scene with Spiderman is probably my favourite MCU scene.

  39. For me it was the opposite, I liked it, but it’s hard for me to rewatch sometimes, it’s a little bit boring and bogged down by Endgame a little bit. So if you didn’t really watch EndGame, it would kinda be a little confusing.

  40. Far From Home, because the other two do so much heavier lifting for other purposes Far From Home is the best stand alone.

  41. I think each of them were great for several different things. For me there’s not definitive answer.

  42. Homecoming is literally a Raimi movie but in the MCU. The villain is someone close to peter, he's still friendly neighbourhood, and he isnt carried forward by the plot, he pushes the plot further.

  43. Something about no way home hit close. Maybe it was cause Toby was in it and I grew up with him as my Spider-Man. But also seeing the old villains from past movies also made it pretty damn cool

  44. Far From Home 100%, Mysterio is perfect in so many ways and it felt good to have Spidey facing things largely on his own. 2nd best is Homecoming, Vulture is awesome, all the movies were we get a new heroes full debut is great. 3rd is NWH because honestly I didn't like it very much, bringing the old characters could've been great if it actually had a cohesive plot to follow, without having the nostalgia and constant references doing most of the heavy-lifting.

  45. I don't think it's controversial, I think it's the most well-made and it definitely stands on its own MUCH better than the other two.

  46. Very hard question imo. These movies are all great. Having only seen the 3rd once I’m not sure if I could call it my favourite yet. I’ve watched both the first and the second many times though.. can’t really say which I prefer, at leastt off the top of my head. There’s not many moments from them that I don’t enjoy.

  47. I liked all the three the same but my favorite experience was the first. That day was one of those perfect lighting in a bottle days that you always remember fondly.

  48. Homecoming! Felt like a true Spiderman story with an amazing villain with lots of dynamics between hero and villain. FFH was messy and all over the place plus not being in NY takes away from that Spidey feel. NWH is a joke of a movie... just fanservice galore, that being said of course I had a blast in the theater lol

  49. Have to go with Homecoming. Simple, straightforward, and had a strong villain. No Way Home just had too much going on with a lot of things to digest.

  50. Homecoming, feels much more spider man, dialogue is much better, story too, villain is great compared to the other ones, visuals are much much better

  51. I dont agree with the people here saying NWH was the best story and that Peter lost everything and had to give it up. The problem for me is in NWH all the events were caused by Peter and Dr Stranges incompetence/stupidity in the first place. Ofc they needed to take responsibility to fix it. So yeah Peter lost alot but he didnt HAVE to, the plot felt inorganic in that way. Also I dunno about the plot point of May being so selfless and helping randoms when she was never shown like that before they made her into Uncle Ben without setting up her character that way in the first place. They wasted her screentime by setting her up with Happy for no reason and giving her the dumb hot aunt character to make a change and got stung for it imo.

  52. Far From Home. Homecoming was boring as hell, and No Way Home really wasn't that great. But, I am just going off of the top comment here, Homecoming has the least awful poster of them all. They didn't even try.

  53. No Way Home is the only one I'd actually sit down to watch again. While the first two movies were cool, they aren't up there with my favourite MCU movies.

  54. Whew, I'm not alone. Homecoming is my favorite movie of ANY Spider-Man movie, but the writing declined significantly in the last 2 movies, and they seemed more focused on doing things that looked cool or that fans wanted, than they did telling a cohesive story that didn't fall apart if you thought about it for more than 5 seconds.

  55. Homecoming. It followed all the typical movie tropes successfully, action was decent, story was good and had some solid suspense. My main issue was the low stakes and lack of an epic Spidey action set piece. Far From Home was very mediocre and forgettable. I don’t want to watch a superhero film when the superhero doesn’t want to be a superhero. Plus Peter made some of the dumbest decisions I’ve ever seen made in the MCU. Thank god for Jake Gyllenhaal. No Way Home is epic for obvious reasons, had one of the best villain performances in comic book film history and made me want to see more Spider-Man content. But everything else was not good. Naive Doctor Strange, the way Ned brought in the other Spidermen, Peter’s decision making (again) and that script overall brought the film down. And for that, instead of being the GOAT comic book film, it just sits at one of the best MCU films.

  56. There’s a lot thought that went into this post. However, Spider-Man 2 deals with Peter not wanting to be SM. A few Marvel properties tackle this tbh. But I agree for the most part

  57. Personally homecoming for me, no way home was good but was personally a bit overhyped in my opinion and I didn't enjoy it as much mostly because it'd been spoiled for me by people

  58. NWH without a doubt. Downvote me if you will, but the first two Spidey movies were, imo, your generic marvel fare. Good but not great. What NWH does is revolutionary. Not in my wildest dreams I imagined that I would see Tobey or Andrew again as Spiderman. And the way everything is executed is chef’s kiss.

  59. Forever Homecoming simply because the start of a new journey with a new Spider-Man who just wanted to look out for his neighborhood. I can’t wait to go back to the grounded days in the 4th movie (hopefully).

  60. Nwh is number 1. So much story arc, Peter's maturity and him having to make tough choices, chef's kiss the adaption of one more day, his chemistry with Zendaya, the guest spots all fit the movie, Aunt May and the Uncle Ben Easter egg, the ending being simultaneously sad but setting up the next trilogy.

  61. I will be honest here. No Way Home was the better of the 3. But the first 2 I wasn't fond of. I love Tom Holland's Spiderman, but I find him less entertaining in his own movies. He is awesome in Avengers movies, but alone I think the villains in both the first 2 movies really underwhelming.

  62. No way home. Not because of the Spider-Man cameos (as amazing as that was) but because our Peter loses everything, he chooses to sacrifice his life, and still carry’s on with confidence and the hope for a future

  63. Homecoming is good. Far from home absolutely sucked. And No Way Home is one of the best marvel movies ever created.

  64. I would have said Homecoming for the longest time, but No Way Home takes the cake. Not just for Andrew & Toby along with past villains, or even for Dafoe’s amazing performance. Its because initially Homecoming was the movie where Spiderman became Spiderman, then Far From Home was where Peter became his own man, but No Way Home really hit the message home. This was the movie where Spiderman not even only became his own man, but this is where he truly became Spiderman. It took losing everybody he knew and loved, and to be on his own for me to see that his appearances in his movies and other films were all a part of the larger story of Peter becoming the person he actually needs to be in No Way Home. I love all the Spiderman movies, especially the first in each series as they show us the journey each Peter takes to become Spiderman, but with No Way Home, I will always love it for stretching that arch of truly becoming Spiderman out amongst Tom’s entire run so far as the wall crawler

  65. My favourite's No Way Home simply for the pure joy and nostalgia it brought me. I get that there are a lot of plot holes and stuff but it's all for fan service and I appreciate the movie for what it is.

  66. Honestly all three of them imo are great. There's little minor stuff that I can point out but Peter's story is wholesome in the MCU. Up there with Cap's trilogy.

  67. Far from home. I just really liked mysterio specifically the illusion scenes and how you could never be sure if anything is as it seems and the final fight was amazing plus the end suit is one of my all time favourite Spider-Man suits

  68. I think the films got stronger as they went along. No Way Home is easily the best Spiderman film and one of the best in the mcu.

  69. Far from home has so many awesome moments and sad ones as well so it was really entertaining and Mysterio was actually really threatening and far from home had the best suit in my opinion the integrated suit honestly just looks stupid next to Andrew and Tobey the black and red with the white spider on the back just looked so good

  70. It isn't a contest no way home the only memorable parts (besides the memes) for homecoming was the boat and for FFH the spider sense and he came out spider-MAN not spider-boy

  71. NWH for tying together plot lines from the other Spider-Man movies, and it also felt the most like a Spider-Man stand alone plot. Yes, Doctor Strange plays heavily into it, but he’s a character that often interacted with Spider-Man. I loved what FFH did with Mysterio, and I love what Homecoming did with Vulture, but they both feel too tied up with Iron Man and the greater Avengers universe. NWH felt the most personal for Peter.

  72. No Way Home, probably. A perfect closing of the arcs of three characters across twenty years of movies. More Molina Octopus. More Dafoe Goblin. A script and direction that hand to God felt like a DeMatteis comic.

  73. Easily No Way Home. The first two Films in the series get a lot of (deserved) criticism, particularly not nailing what Spider-Man actually is, and having him play as mini Tony Stark. The god mode of his suit and other devices just makes me eye roll at every rewatch, even if they are entertaining films.

  74. Honestly NWH is my favorite MCU Spidey movie. Even if it had Tobey and Andrew it was his movie and there’s a sense of finality with room for more

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