Howard Stern on hot mic talking about role in upcoming Dr Doom movie (6/29/2022 Radio Show)

  1. The context people are missing is that this was the last thing broadcast before Stern went off the air for a couple months break. It's obvious he just wanted to drop something funny and intriguing to set the internet on fire, and while this does the job, there's absolutely no way of knowing if it's true or not until Marvel announced a Dr. Doom project.

  2. “They're going over the schedule with me, and it's going to suck," said Stern. "I told you, I'm going to do 'Doctor Doom.' That's the thing. But believe me, I'm f--king miserable about it…I called Robert Downey, Jr. and I was asking him acting techniques. Do you Have Jon [Favreau] number? "

  3. It's definitely not a project for 2023 since that year is full, but if it's filming this summer, then when the hell is it gonna come out?

  4. My money is on voice work for What If. Stern is better known for his voice than his screen acting ability. He's a radio host for crying out loud, and one with a highly recognizable voice, to boot. It would make sense for him to do voice work.

  5. No he's absolutely miserable doing anything leaving his house. He's complained about it all for years in regards to anything. otherwise I completely agree with you

  6. It's a hot mic. They're talking when mics shouldn't be on, so you're hearing what they're saying while you should only hear the ad.

  7. I think the only scenario that might make sense is if he shows up as a variant of Senator Stern, as the story is that Garry Shandlings character was named after Howard.

  8. If it’s not a prank, what are the chances of it being Doom Patrol and him being oblivious that it’s a different thing than Dr Doom?

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