MoM (and even NHW) have bad CGI.

  1. Not to mention VFX being one of the areas of Hollywood that isn’t unionized, so there’s a lot of burnt out CGI artists out there,

  2. There are films from other studios that had beautiful CGI and were filmed in the same relative time period. For example, Dune, Everything Everywhere All at Once, etc. Especially the latter movie, the production team worked around CGI issues and their small budget by being more creative and being more practical with their shots.

  3. One of the things that kinda brought No Way Home down for me is just how visually unappealing the movie looked.

  4. These are not bad special effects. They are just noticeable as special effects because you have a basic understanding of how physics works and what the current limitations of practical effects are.

  5. this is true, yeah. I am in no position whatsoever to comment on special effects (as the technical achievement in itself), but my suggestion would be to have the cinematography and the choices of shots to workaround some flagrant things. MoM had some great CGI moments, absolutely amazing and bonkers. But others, especially in more intimate and character development shots, I find them just off putting.

  6. IMO sure you can find terrible CGI if you pause and replay some scenes on subsequent watches of the movie but looks ok when in motion when you're inmersed for the first time.

  7. That and pip scene in eternals were the only terrible CGI I have seen from marvel. Rest are great or avg ,even dr strange 2 only had 2 noticeable moments(not terrible by any measure): when gargantos coiled up wong and third eye in post credits. Rest are only a bit noticeable because they were done during reshoots.

  8. Some scenes are a tad bit obvious, CGI wise. But I've also noticed that watching Ms. Marvel. It's noticeable but not an annoyance for me personally. Could just be a budget thing.

  9. oh, that is granted. I'll be here watching these things everyday. Just wanted to feel if people were feeling the same!

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