Can we agree that Dr. Strange’s best dynamics are with kids?

  1. One of my biggest gripes with the MCU in general is how the dialogue doesn’t really make sense when you think about it longer than a second.

  2. He very much has that actual physician feel. He is straightforward to the point of being arrogant with adults but patient and more like a mentor with kids. Gordon Ramsey style.

  3. That's why I think it would be interesting to lean into that aspect of his character more. Sure, he's the best sorcerer on earth, but you'd think his Hippocratic oath would come up more often.

  4. I think that everything Cucumberman has done with Dr. Strange has been great, but I liked him best In Thor: Ragnarok. The way he toyed with two gods and then sent them on their way was just awesome. I still smile when I think about those scenes.

  5. Kinda funny how he was mostly frustrated and annoyed with Peter but pretty affectionate and warm towards America (aside from a couple of accidentally tactless remarks)

  6. He had a sister who died at a young age. So his affinity for Chavez might be because she reminds him of a sister he never saw growing up after a certain point. I wished this was more touched upon in the film. Strange’s backstory, even if they spent two minutes extra on it. I would have been so happy.

  7. Spider-man got himself into trouble by jumping on to the spaceship and also not pleading his case to college. America was purely a victim.

  8. I hope we'll see more of her and Strange's father/daughter relationship in the MCU. Especially after the "face your fears" line. I'm so tired of the MCU giving us these parent/child dynamics and then ruining them immediately.

  9. To be fair, Peter is largely responsible for his own problems, America is a terrified fugitive child being hunted by interdimensional beings. I can understand the difference in sympathy. Also Peter nearly sacrificed the universe for the lives of like 6 people and then robbed Strange and left him in the mirror dimension.

  10. If it turned out they made me jump through hoops just because they didn't think to talk to the dean, I'd be pretty annoyed too.

  11. I think another layer of this is that she can’t control her power. To strange she is almost defenseless where he’s seen Spider-Man in action. He knows Spider-Man can hold his own worst case so it’s easier to be less protective over him. Also I get the whole gender debate thing but as a male with super powers he can control vs a female without powers she can control…it’s easier to see why he was more protective and patient with her.

  12. Peter is such an idiot he almost destroyed the world because he couldn't get into MIT. Why does he need to go to MIT when he basically has access to Stark resources and tech?

  13. The writers of infinity war/ endgame said that they wrote strange in infinity war as if he was the teacher on a school trip with teenagers. Which is why he’s always guiding and his humor is so sarcastic and dry.

  14. Imagine him as the "facility sponsor", the only "adult" on the team constantly switching between annoyed and proud. It is beautiful

  15. I absolutely love the mentor-mentee dynamics in the MCU. There's Tony and Peter, Strange and Peter, Strange and America. I wish I could see Kamala and Tony too but this sucks haha.

  16. I'm hoping it goes Kamala and Carol, but I haven't even seen Ms Marvel ep 3 yet, so I don't know what's happening

  17. Ironic, for someone who didn’t want to settle down and get married to Christine. When you see it though, he does have a very “Dad” energy about him.

  18. A reviewer said we got the Disney Channel version of America Chavez, and I cant unsee that now. Still liked the film overall

  19. Actually I would like to see him interact more with people of his power levels. I would have really liked to see a conversation between Doctor Strange and Cap. But I want him to tackle really serious mystical threats with other adults like Thor or the Guardians. We had Tony as a father figure for Peter. I don't want the mantle to pass to Strange. Let him go crazy with the fullest extent of his powers and mystical artefacts explored as he battles multi dimensional beings or powerful sorcerers and gods. In fact I would like his story to be darker.

  20. well those are young adults. kids are tiny little creatures that you can't control and drive you insane while make you gush with affection at the same time. yeah kids are complicated

  21. Oh hell no. He's the cool reckless Uncle. Sure, kids, you can drive that ATV over a cliff. Sure kids, one beer won't hurt you. Sure kids, let's cast some crazy ass wizard spells.

  22. Even in the comics he was always running around with Spiderman and Cloak/Dagger in their teenage years. Hell he even made a school for magic kids, Strange Academy. He's a great mentor...sorta.

  23. I disagree, I think his best dynamics are with people who are his equals, like the scenes between Dr Strange and Iron Man in Infinity War.

  24. I think he’s just best in positions where he seems like the smartest in the room. Kinda why it’s weird in his own movies where he’s not on top of everything

  25. Since the Ditko era, Dr Strange has worked best as a consulting Sherlock Holmes type (one of the reasons I still don't like Benny-C in the role), which is why he's been so good in movies like Ragnarok and Infinity War.

  26. I was done watching him interact with teenagers after No Way Home and felt ready to see him return to adult interactions in his sequel. Of course, they managed to bring in another teenager, lol.

  27. My guy doesn't even have much of a dynamic and screen time with adults ofc you will think him being with kids is better

  28. I joked coming out of the theatre after MoM, it should be a running gag that Steven should have to babysit/run with a kid(s) in every movie

  29. I think it's more that he works best with a Holmes and Watson dynamic. Kids fit that really well naturally, but I think it could work well with adults too.

  30. Well… it’s his only dynamics. 😂 But honestly, the three-man between Stephen, Tony and Peter was pretty amazing.

  31. Imo, the first Doctor Strange was excellent. The only reason MoM was good was because of other supp¹ er heros. So I highlyyy disagree

  32. As a DC fan I'm glad they are putting Dr. Strange with the kids, less similarities between the two magical doctors is win for everyone!

  33. When Strange is dealin with adults he has to prove that he's smarter or more capable than them, but with kids (by his perspective), he doesn't need to hold up such a pretense.

  34. I’m thinking it’s everyone else as adults think they’re so smart and don’t fully listen but kids actually pay attention to what he says. This leads to better movie interactions.

  35. I didn’t really like the first Doctor Strange movie all that much. I felt like Humperdink Bandersnatch wasn’t a good fit. Since then though he has really grown into the role and he’s great in it.

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