Who are the weakest MCU characters and the strongest MCU characters?

  1. Depends on what we are talking about. Like if you include all MCU content, I think maybe Infinite Ultron wins? Guy ate an entire universe. If it’s strictly MCU, I think He Who Remains actually has a decent chance. We have only really seen him 1 time but I mean ending a multidimensional war can’t be easy if your weak. Man must be brilliant to develop weapons that can be used to overpower gods and other creatures because you have to assume avengers and sorceress fought to prevail the multiverse

  2. Natasha and Yelena, yes. That’s the whole reason characters like this exist. Viewers need to see someone on the team they can relate to, not just be in awe of. Sam and Scott have technology that gives them super human abilities, but Hawkeye and the other two have a bow and some guns and are STILL right there with the super humans.

  3. Strongest: Infinity Ultron is the stronges being in the entire Multiverse. Arishem or IG Thanos is the strongest in the main universe.

  4. Also, Captain Marvel is one of, if not the strongest. I can’t wait for The Marvels, she has massive potential.

  5. Sam Wilson is definitely one of the weakest, if not the weakest. I’m sorry but he probably has the worst win-loss ratio for someone with multiple fight scenes across different movies and series.

  6. Strongest: Infinity Ultron or Supreme Strange (if they dont count, i guess Scarlett Witch? Kang/HWR also has the potential but we havent seen enough feats imo)

  7. The answer is always "whatever the writers of a given project decide," but for strongest in the main universe the answer is still Thanos for now.

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