Why is it when the MCU introduces a gay or bi character you hear complaints about wokeness, but when The Boys & Game of Thrones do it it’s not given the same label?

  1. Marvel is a worldwide draw now that is popular everywhere. The Boys has only a fraction of that draw and it would have been already banned in these other countries for its subject matter long before they introduced Maeve as bisexual. Same with Game of Thrones already banned there as it was already way over the top sex wise before they showed any LGBT stuff.

  2. My friend and I were talking about this and we noticed that violent movies and TV shows seem to get more of a pass. For example, I remember right-wingers dressing up in costumes from the Purge movies last Halloween, and that franchise has a bunch of left-wing talking points wrapped in scenes of mass killing.

  3. The Boys is smaller and has always been a blatant left wing political satire so I'm guessing those types never got invested in the boys, even though there are still somehow people who got annoyed by the blue hawk storyline. I haven't seen GOT so I wouldn't know but I'm pretty sure some people must have complained but I feel like it was beginning to end before channels like the Quartering, Geeks and Gamers or Nerdrotic started to gain steam.

  4. Exactly, plenty of people have complained about that first scene in Season 3 Ep 1. Add to the fact The Boys mocks fake wokeness, then people probably aren't going complain about it being woke.

  5. It is curious but i think it has to do with the audience, i've seen most people are okay with that kind of stuff happening in +18 movies/shows but if it happens in a popular show/movie that has family target or kids are allowed to watch its always controversial, specially if its a Disney property

  6. MCU representation is often slated for simply being there to avoid getting """cancelled""" and just a way of a massive corporation using a minority to appear """woke""". A lot of this criticism is unfounded as the MCU goes out of it's way a lot of the time to properly represent different cultures, just look at Ms Marvel and Moon Knight. The representation really does matter to the people watching who are from that culture.

  7. Probably because Disney and the MCU’s main target audience is kids/teens age ranged from 10-18 and majority of people outraged are parents groups afraid of media promoting LGBTQ “propaganda” as they would call it

  8. Because people who complained about these stuff probably won't go near or have access to The Boys or GoT at all. These shows are already serious and gory from the get go. Complaining that it would harm the kids watching would be pretty idiotic don't you think? While Disney has always been famous for their tame, family oriented content. It's about expectation of the product you'll get from them.

  9. Thats not exactly true there were articles about people being upset when it became...even more...obvious Homelander was parroting Trump bullshit and were upset they were being portrayed as the bad guys.

  10. This. Characters being gay or female or a minority are natural and very few people are actually that upset about them. (Although some very hateful people are for sure). But when they’re not advertised simply as a character but “look at us sticking it to you by making character ‘this’” it feels like they’re instigating.

  11. GOT, The Boys, and even the “Netflix” Marvel shows include more realism in their depictions of LGBT+ characters. They aren’t marketed as Gay Representation, they’re just characters who happen to be gay (which, ironically, is far better representation).

  12. The Boys doesnt fit the snowflake stereotype as easily. They throw in homophobic slurs and insults to mix things up. Its not PC to start with. IMO If anything they have to worry about complaints in the other direction but from watching the show they have been careful to avoid aggregious insults while supporting a left wing overall agenda.

  13. Because it Disney, and Disney bad bad. Make star wars have woman who space wizard me not like. Bad Disney not like white man who want woman.

  14. MCU styles itself as kid friendly, and a lot of people would classify LGTB(etc.) as inherently non kid friendly, since sexuality is an overtly adult topic.

  15. Buy like… no? Yeah of course you don’t walk around and tell kids what your sexuality is. That goes for all people. Some people are gay. That doesn’t just mean sexual stuff, it means marriage and love which are typically overtly kid friendly. As long as the lgbtq folks in movies aren’t doing anything more than straight folks in the movies are doing (or vice versa) it’s fine.

  16. I think it's mostly when it's made a "big deal" of by the studio and media. I don't recall ever seeing a single article praising GoT or The Boys for gay characters but you get a ton of it for Marvel.

  17. Neither The Boys nor GOT are aimed at younger audiences, they’re probably not the best thing to compare MCU flicks with

  18. Well Disney is a shitty company who does a lot of sketchy, dishonest things. They give money to both sides of the political spectrum and is surprised when one side does something that will hurt their bottom line. So to look "woke" or to appease people, they announce "the first LGBTQ character" for the umpteenth time get people talking about that instead of the backhanded deals they are making to screw over creators or grease some political palms to extended trademarks and copywrites so they can keep their characters forever.

  19. because the goal of marvel is to show that the company is woke. the boys don't care about being woke, it's not in their agenda, they want to tell their history and that's it.

  20. Tell me you missed the point of the boys without telling me you missed the point of the boys.

  21. MCU is rated PG-13. Lots of kids watch them. The Boys and GOT are rated M. They aren’t meant for kids. Movie can influence kids. You don’t want them to turn homosexual or bi just because they saw it in movie.

  22. Because wokeness means a character is flat because is based on one's sexuality and nothing more. I think lgbt should be pissed off they are getting from disney these last chips from the bag instead of the biggest ones full of flavour

  23. If they make a character that’s gay it will be a bad character if that’s the only character trait they got. Don’t make a gay character make a character that happens to be gay same applies if they’re black or some other color. Race and sexuality is not enough to make a good character

  24. Not a single MCU character has their sexuality or race as their “only character trait”, so that’s irrelevant to the complaints OP is talking about

  25. Probably for 2 reasons. 1: game of thrones and the boys are for adults and adult audiences. I’m sure some teens and kids do watch them but they really shouldn’t, it’s content for adults. People are less concerned about what content is and isn’t appropriate when it’s geared for people who are more mature and discerning. Disney and marvel is for everyone or at least hear their content at more mass audience appeal. People are a lot more concerned and cautious about the content of media when it’s aimed at kids because they may or may not think it’s appropriate for them or may teach kids lessons or ideas that are better left for parents. I’m not a parent though so idrk.

  26. I’m a fairly liberal person and I think it’s so cringeworthy when Disney does something because they’ll also release a merch line to go along with it. Also there’s also a hint of irony in Disney’s worlds being so inclusive and the characters to motivated by virtues…while also being one of the most ruthless and exploitative corporations in existence. 🤷

  27. I can't answer that since I am not clairvoyant or omniscient. Speaking for myself, it only bothers me when they changer an existing character to seem "inclusive". For instance, changing taskmaster to a female to virtue signal, meanwhile most of the time it was a man in the suit doing the stunts and fight scenes.

  28. Because they’re actual characters in The Boys. Everything lgbt or “woke” in the MCU can be easily edited out, amplifying how shallow and pandering it is.

  29. I have commented on this kind of subject before. It comes down to "how gay" the character is. If you dont even know that the character is gay and then boom hes kissing another dude, its ok. I feel that makes people more comfortable because they saw them as a person first and then learn about their preference. The boys does this very well.

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