Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Who were these statues supposed to be depicting?

  1. Raimi in the audio commentary said that the 3rd figure was based off Xena the Warrior Princess.

  2. Lucy Lawless (Xena) is also in Ash Vs. Evil Dead and had a crossover comic in Army of Darkness/Xena Warrior Princess.

  3. Daniel Craig was going to cameo as Balder but because of the Knives Out sequel their filming schedules didn't quite lineup and he couldn't make it.

  4. There was, and it explains why Captain Marvel and Captain Carter gave zero fucks when Reed died and almost smiled: they already filmed reaction shots for both actresses and Baldr was supposed to be an asshole, so they didn't care about his death.

  5. Baldur was on The Illuminati in the first cuts of the film, played by Daniel Craig. He was cut because no one knew who he was and replaced by Reed.

  6. Maybe you guys are talking about a different Baldr, but why would Baldr have a sword? He's always depicted in the Eddas with a spear pointed upwards.

  7. random non contextual bullshit, but if I was making an Illuminati A-Team of who ever I damn well pleased. heimdall would be on there, like the dude is omnispective even if he isn't all knowing (smartest man allive) or all powerful (blackbolt/scarletwitch) he certainly rounds off the team.

  8. turns out on the commentary track Raimi said the third statue is based on Xena. Though I agree, despite the third being based on Xena it's a pretty obvious reference to Greek Mythology... unless Sam did some time traveling lol.

  9. I was thinking Archangel, Blade, and Wonder Woman... and couldn't think of anything other than Wonder Woman but knowing I was wrong because she's DC.

  10. First one is either Archangel or Falcon, second one could be a heroic version of Gorr, third as others have said is a nod to Xena.

  11. Falcon doesn’t wear a loin cloth so I don’t think it’s him. Honestly I think it might be a male variant of Scarlet Scarab from Moon Knight.

  12. I know it’s a man but the wings look like the scarlet scarab’s and this is an alternate reality, could be male in that universe

  13. I don't know if these are supposed to be heros or not from that universe. However something is itching in my mind that they are varients of our artwork.

  14. I like this idea. A lot of people saying it's no one MCU related in particular, and they are probably right, and so then the statues could totally be variants of famous statues here in our (or the MCUs) universe, like you say.

  15. What I want to know is why dies the one on the left appear 4 times, like, who did the Illuminati think was important enough to give 4 identical statues to?

  16. I assumed the 3rd one was black widow but I didn’t pause the movie to double check. The first one is definitely a version of falcon. It’s a different universe so it could legitimately be anyone or anything but with how the MCU (and us) loves it’s Easter eggs the middle one could just be a version of Hawkeye or it could be swordsman.

  17. Not sure why they would be wearing cloths, but you could stretch it and say the first could be Black Bolt, with his wings

  18. I’m guessing wings is 838s version of the Falcon (that statue looks similar to his original comic book costume), no guesses for sword guy, and while I think everyone who said the woman is Xena is correct (Raimi was executive producer on the show) my in universe guess is Crystal from the inhumans (she had the right hair cut).

  19. From a Star Wars fan, it’s cool seeing Marvel fans get to discuss cryptic background stuff from the movies that may or may not be connected to the larger narrative

  20. I dunno the middle one, but I’m sure the left one is 838 falcon and the one on the right looks like 838 moonknight

  21. the winged fella is maybe Falcon? Or maybe a male avatar of Tawaret? Middle is probably Baldur considering he was almost in the Illuminati. the lady reminds me of Magik a bit but it could be a Valkyrie or Sif?

  22. The only one I can identify with any degree of confidence is Xena, given the Raimi connection. (And because it looks just like her.)

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