Blackagar Boltagon suit??

  1. The white time travel suits in Endgame were also completely CG in every scene - they didn't exist at the time of filming so were added afterwards and they are pretty much flawless.

  2. Part of the problem is assuming that Marvel’s time constraints aren’t a massive problem in itself. Yeah sure, it’s faster to add the entire suit in post because then you don’t have to do fittings, and it gives you more time to design it if you haven’t figured out what the suit should look like on the day that you’re filming your scenes with the actors on set. But it also raises a few issues that are kind of concerning. Firstly, if you don’t know what your suit is meant to look like at the time that you shoot the scene, how exactly are you meant to plan your shots? Superhero costumes are generally powered by strong iconography and graphic appeal, and it’s kind of bizarre to think that you might not even know what’s going to be in the middle of your shot at the time of filming. Even worse, not having practical suits for the actors probably does have a tangible impact on the actors ability to feel themselves in the role and their ability to perform believably. My main issue with MCU costumes personally is that none of them seem to bring anything to any actor’s physical performance (once you move beyond RDJ’s Iron Man which was established to have its own kind of physical language early on). The suit you’re wearing should have some kind of impact on the performance and screen presence, and this is the main thing that I find is completely missing from just about every single costume in the MCU.

  3. I wonder what's the point of CGI-ing suits. They are just fabric right? They don't even do anything special.

  4. Some of those Endgame suits looked incredibly off at certain points (Clint returning to the farm for example). Other than that though they looked great.

  5. I personally disagree on the white suits in Endgame. I thought they were very obviously CG and poorly done. Particularly the connection to the actors' heads. Maybe that's why the costume in the photos of this post is better? I'm usually one to criticize marvel for their over-reliance on CG, but the black bolt suit looks really good.

  6. That’s pretty damn good cgi if at first I thought it was practical. Edit: this might me the most upvotes I’ve ever gotten. Happy to see a lot of people agree.

  7. Look, I don’t wanna come off as a dick like some other people in this thread, because I didn’t know the black bolt suit was all CGI, but the Reed Richards suit was absolutely 100% CGI. John Krasinski’s head feels like it’s floating sometimes like how RDJ’s used to in the iron man suit.

  8. Krasinski was just on Graham Norton, and while there he talks about putting on the suit. So, definitely real.

  9. I’d say it’s just easier for them to do this when designs can change later into production. Especially for moments and characters like this, they’ll also want to keep them as tight lipped as possible. Less people working on any one thing, the better. CGI suits has a lot of benefits beyond just “covid fucked” them over. Hell, they did this for End Game and showed it worked well.

  10. I don't think that's the reason. Much like how Carol's hair and outfit was CG in Endgame. And the entire Avengers outfit for the time heist was CG.

  11. Well, duh. Of course the suit is fake, otherwise it would've been ruined when his head exploded.

  12. My favorite part of this is people on Twitter retroactively getting pissed it was CGI when they had no clue it wasn't practical when they originally watched the film

  13. There’s still a marginal amount of people that blanket-hate any type of CGI. I could understand that maybe 15-20 years ago, but some of the CGI we get now is beautifully artistic in its own right.

  14. I wasn't big on the look of it, it looked alot like the the thick stiff rubber suits on the Batman films pre Nolan, which I guess is a testament to the CG. Real sweat traps they were sealing in the flavor.

  15. You could kinda tell around the edges of the mask where it met his face, but for an entirely CG suit its fucking beautiful. Mad impressive

  16. I noticed the moment he put the finger on his mouth, it looked slightly off. And im not sure about reeds, but that seemed cg as well.

  17. Reed Richard’s suit is the one I noticed as being CGI first. He had a case of the floating head like RDJ used to. Black Bolt’s was way more convincing, but he didn’t really move around as much so it made it harder to notice.

  18. I think I heard that Krasinski actually wore a suit. Marvel’s CG got us guessing what’s real and what’s not.

  19. When I was a kid I used to think I could be an actor. Not a great one, but like “yeah I could do that” (the same way people look at experts doing things and think it’s easy because they make it look easy)

  20. Basically survivor bias. People notice the parts that are off, but way more goes unnoticed. Like those who say Black Widow has bad CGI because of that one Yelena scene, despite the rest being the standard quality for Marvel CGI.

  21. Iron man suits have always been CGI. Even in the first one when they did get RDJ to wear a mostly practical suit, it had a bunch of gaps that needed to be fixed with CGI.

  22. I feel it makes sense for the suit to be completely CGI. Black Bolts scene would've been done in CGI anyway so to atleast be consistent.

  23. It is time that people realize that you really do not fucking know what is CG and what isn't except if it is 100% obvious, you literally miss out on 99% of CG while many are talking shit about it and it makes me furious since I am a Visual Effects/ CG Artist who knows how much bullshit people say about it.

  24. Marvel really needs to get their asses back into the physical suit/prop making. I know CGI works well often, but it also looks weird in some scenes. The fans always find the weird CGI scenes. And as much as I love Marvel, the amount of CGI seems to increase every movie. And I really think it is just for the idea of 'Pushing out more content faster'. Just saying compared to the previous phases we get at least double amounts of content per year. They got to cut the budget somewhere.

  25. Making the CGI suit is much more expensive than making it practical, they probably did it that way due to lack of time

  26. We all know that one guy who will suddenly start hating on this suit because it was CGI. If the CGI was so good you couldn't even notice it the first time around, then you should not hate on it when you realise, Milo

  27. The suit looked really good in the movie though I wonder why they did it. I can’t recall any scene that would really require it.

  28. I just wanna bask in the ridiculous glory that they actually got Anson Mount to come back to play Black Bolt after playing him in the red-headed stepchild of marvel, the series we don’t speak of. This is what I love about Marvel. They could have gotten anyone to play him for the 5 minutes he’s on screen, same with all members of the Illuminati. But they got the original actors, plus a very popular fan cast. What a damn treat.

  29. They've been doing that for a while. The time travel suits were a last minute addition in Endgame, they never actually wear them, just those CG tracking suits.

  30. Vision was mostly CGI in Wandavision, they removed his ears and did his head with CGI as it was easier than doing the practical makeup. It’s incredible what they can do now… I was blown away watching the behind the scenes stuff.

  31. I know I'm going around the point here but god I always kind of groan involuntarily every time I read Black Bolts stupid ass legal name

  32. I could tell the mask was CGI, but the whole suit? Guess there’s no point spending money to build a physical suit for such a brief appearance.

  33. People really don’t know just how much of marvel is animated, marvel actually has really good cg it’s just you know the animators get stretched real thin sometimes cuz they’re animating half the movie and are underpaid leading to shit like the black panther fight.

  34. I had my suspicions watching it, I knew for sure the mask wasn't practical. It is damn good CGI though, but you could tell in some of the movements.

  35. I mean it looked good but I always kinda thought it was cgi or at least heavily altered. The Reed Richards suit was totally cgi though, his head was so off from the suit in quite a few shots.

  36. I get why some people are anti-CGI and only like practical effects. But it’s stuff like this and Thanos (and so much more) that shows you how much of an art this work really is. And I am a huge prosthetics fan, but they both have their good and bad work. But I am totally blown away with how well done this is! So interested to see the next decade of CGI advancements!

  37. After Endgame, I just assume all the clothing is fake. The white time travel suits were totally CG, they were wearing different costumes, I don't even think they were mocap suits, they just decided to replace them after the fact.

  38. What.. I’m upset now.. I didn’t think they’d pull a green lantern.. what is it with marvel and dropping the ball with sequels.. (except winter soldier) [& maybe antman & the wasp]

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