I need more of their friendship!

  1. At this point, "spoiler-agent" is the special role they are assigned to play whenever the cast goes on tour.

  2. I know they’ve both been intertwined for awhile but it’s still amazing we live in a world where we get to see live action hulk and Spider-Man in the same universe.

  3. Oh no, Tom's in Miss Marvel isn't he. She-hulk would've made sense to appear in NWH if she was introduced earlier, but Matt Murdoch was cool.

  4. Fuck me , can you stop worshiping celebrities who don’t give two shits about you , they are nobody , they are just doing their jobs , and some of them are really bad , and mostly of them are in MCU , go figure and get a life

  5. For future reference, you don't need to put a space between the end of a word and a comma that comes after that word.

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