With the amount of upcoming shows, Do you plan to skip any of them?

  1. I am groot is geared more for a younger audience from what I heard. I probably won’t skip it but it doesn’t seem too important in my book.

  2. Yeah, I imagine it will be a series of shorts or 20 min episodes that aren't really canon, that amount to silly little stories of Groot learning the value of friendship and sharing and shit.

  3. I mean they put an important Star Wars plot point in a children's game, there might be something important there.

  4. That's what you think. As a Star Wars fan, they're implementing characters from cartoons in live-action movies/shows. It's very confusing. And you need to be die-hard to keep up with all of it.

  5. Yeah, more of a "when I'm bored and want to watch something" kinda show. I'm not terribly interested in Agatha, Zombies or Secret Invasion but feel like I will want to watch in case there's need to know things. Definitely interested in X-Men, What If and Spider-Man. Love that they're not shying away from animation.

  6. I absolutley am beside myself in anticipation of 97. I really hope they keep the tone and intelligence of the original and dont disney-fy it. The series, more than many from that era, did not underestimate kids' ability to grasp complicated/darker concepts and themes. Also really hope whoever they get for magneto has the chops bc the original VA (RIP) was absolutely iconic.

  7. Im an MCU fan too..... but I think the MCU jumped the shark with Disney+. Its just over saturated now, especially with the uncertainty around which heros are going to be integral to the main canon.

  8. I do not really watch "regular" TV anymore. MCU and Starwars has been my go to for the last 10 years at least. I sometimes watch a series on Netflix or whatever but not often. I was late to the party with Daredevil, but that got me hooked on the series type shows. For me, more content means less time just working.

  9. Same here . I consider myself a huge MCU fan , but haven’t seen MoM yet , and didn’t watch Moonknight until it was over . Life gets in the way sometimes , but I always get around to watching everything

  10. At this point it's my only continuous subscription. Every other streamer I've been happy to catch up on in spurts, but the family has always wanted something on D+.

  11. Honestly for me i might just cancel my subscription after obi wan until she-hulk comes out. Even if i do keep it for ms.marvel, there's still atleast a month i think of no new marvel or star wars content

  12. I have never in my life been a fan of marvel zombies. Agatha has probably one episode to catch my attention, I can’t imagine that show has much to contribute to the larger MCU unless Wanda is in it.

  13. Watching Bruce banner deal with the consequences of what Hulk eats is pretty funny in the comics

  14. Personally I don't need everything to contribute to the universe moving forward. It makes every movie and show just revolve around how it will change stuff not what's happening currently.

  15. Yeah, I think that Zombies is going to be a skip for me. I just don't care for zombie-themed stuff in general, and I don't really see that series tying into the rest of the MCU in any meaningful way.

  16. I really don’t think they needed to make a spin-off show on her. Not saying I feel over saturated by all these shows but this is one way to get people over saturated

  17. I really never understood the fascination of zombies. I mean yeah, they are former superhero zombies. They do what zombies do. Just seems so hollow of a storyline.

  18. Marvel Zombies is a well that Marvel will not stop going back to and I do not get it at all. It must sell well, but to me it’s always felt like a joke that just keeps getting beaten to death and resurrected only to be beaten to death again, much like its subject matter.

  19. Agatha will be part of the dark avenger along with Wyatt Russell's captain America, the babe from black widow, and abomination

  20. Finally, someone else who understands! I just don't get the obsession with bring zombies into Marvel, yet everyone seems to act as if its the best thing to happen since Spider-Man appeared in Civil War!

  21. If they do Zombies right, like in the Comics, it could be special. I expect they fuck it up, because Zombies was DARK

  22. People here got mad at me for saying basically the same thing when those two were first announced. I guess we'll see once they're released...

  23. Im an MCU fan but I have to say that there is too much content being produced by Marvel. It's like becoming quite of a homework just to keep in touch with the events in the MCU.

  24. When I saw Phase 4/5 I had this immediate thought. My suspicion is they're just throwing random shit at the wall to see what sticks and try to catch that Avenger's style lightning in a bottle again.

  25. My friends and I literally had this conversation not too long ago. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. A couple movies a year made most of them feel like a big event but now they are pumping out too much too fast. A lot of the time it seems like something only exists to advertise the next movie/show. It's okay to have a completed story in a single season/mini series and call it a day.

  26. I completely agree. Marvel is moving toward brand fatigue...I wish they'd scale back and do two movies and two shows a year or something along those lines.

  27. If they would take a few years to do some stand-alone movies, I'd be game. It is exhausting to remember and then explain plot points in movies to my family. It's way too much. They're taking the worst part of comics.

  28. That's why I really enjoyed moonknight since it had no connection to the mcu, and you could watch it without knowing any mcu events or other superheroes

  29. Same. I kinda stopped giving a shit. A lot of people I know feel the same. Marvel did so well doing the whole infinity stone saga that when endgame happened, people felt like it was over. They did it all a bit too well.

  30. Yeah like havent seen any of the marvel shows at all yet and I known I'm gonna be lost when I eventually see dr strange

  31. After seeing all the shows stacked up, I really agree. Like, if you break the projects down into the number of shows you're genuinely excited to see and not just watching it because 'it's MCU, I may as well', I feel like that number is gonna be pretty limited.

  32. Yeah, to be honest I’m burned out and over saturated. I’ll watch a few shows or movies here and there if I love the pitch or the character (like Spider-Man or maybe Loki) but it doesn’t have that magic to me these days. Doesn’t diminish the cultural impact of all the stuff leading to Thanos… but we are approaching critical mass of “homework” and I just don’t care enough. And I think MoM solidified that decision for me despite adoring WandaVision

  33. I'm an MCU fan as well, and I've never gotten the feeling that it's homework. The movies and shows are there for me to enjoy and watch whenever I feel like it, and even if I miss one or two, it doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the other ones. No one is forcing us to understand everything that's happening in the MCU, and we shouldn't feel as if we need to know everything to enjoy the content provided.

  34. I didnt care much for What If.... Also I don't totally know what to expect from Groot and Zombies or Freshman Year. Generally the elevator pitch of them aren't really selling me.

  35. Spider-Man Freshman Year is supposed to be MCU Spidey becoming Spider-Man. So, we might finally get Uncle Ben or at least what happened to him.

  36. What if is actually the only one I want to watch , tbh the Dr Strange What if set up the new movie pretty well. I’m really interested in seeing what happens with the watcher now that evil strange saw him !

  37. In addition, I don't think I care to see X-Men 97 continue. Definitely Wolverine and the X-Men. Or maybe X-Men Evolution. Although I'd much rather just have a brand new original X cartoon

  38. I loved the concept of “What If…?” but it seemed like it had a few great ideas and crammed it into what felt like a kids’ show, with the overly-simplistic dialogue, the humor, etc… [I felt as though much of the episodes became boring and redundant because they felt the need to over-explain certain things. For instance, after a certain point with the dark Dr. Strange, I audibly said “dude, we get it!”]

  39. Zombies is just going to be an expanded version of that "What if" episode I imagine. There's been a LOT of marvel zombie stories they can pull from.

  40. As much as people say superhero movies are flooding theaters, I agree with your take. I had no idea there were this many Marvel shows coming up. Already the quality in the shows has dipped since Wandavision and Loki.

  41. hundred percent agreed here. I'll probably watch Agatha and skip everything else, as it is, I've yet to watch Hawkeye and Moonknight or Shang- ok, I just haven't watched anything since Falcon and Winter Soldier. Never watched What If, either.

  42. Yeah and it sucks because the quality wasn't even really that high for characters I did actually care about. So I feel like doing characters I care even less about then I really have zero interest in them. Don't get me wrong some of it was alright but it was largely carried by the investment I already had in the characters. I have no interest in Ironheart or Echo as characters so a series on them just feels like a slog.

  43. Yes, I agree. We are entering the oversaturation era. Too much of a good thing. I absolutely love the MCU, but between that and things like Star Trek / Star Wars going for the same type of approach, I'm going to have to start being more selective about what I watch. I only have so many hours free in the week to watch a screen

  44. I have a strong feeling that the X-Men 97 will be imported to the MCU as the main X-Men. They'll have new actors playing the same canonical versions of the cartoon characters. No real basis to this, just the fact that they're bringing back that show and

  45. Spider-Man Freshman Year is supposed to be MCU Spidey becoming Spider-Man. So, we might finally get Uncle Ben or at least what happened to him.

  46. IMO i think Kathryn hahn(sp) is just such a great actress they know a show with her could turn into something really good, especially if it ties into next steps for scarlett which.

  47. But we need a Jimmy Woo show so we can see how he got good at sleight of hand magic tricks. I also wanna see what's been up with that one lady that Captain America saved. What kind of superhero did she turn into?

  48. I'm oversaturated with marvel stuff, so it's easier for me to mention which shows I won't skip, and Agatha is the only one on my list, the other ones, meh, we'll see.

  49. i feel like Agatha COULD be extremely important actually. everyone keeps seeing it as a side character to a side character but i have a feeling it will be marvel’s first period piece during the salem witch trials and introduce some supernatural elements. i think it could be something totally unique and not just agatha’s silly adventures

  50. Agreed. Neither deserves their own show. If it tied into something important than I’m ok with a minor character.

  51. That seems to be the flavor of the month with shows nowadays. You have special guest star in an episode, people lose their shit over it and demand a spin-off, and here we are. Trek is doing it. Star Wars is doing it. Now the mcu is. Just give me one great caliber show that doesn’t rely on nostalgia or shitty gimmicks. I know that’s a tall order with the state of Hollywood today….

  52. Echo hit the comics after I stopped reading them so I don't know anything about her. Her intro in Hawkeye didn't leave me craving more. This is the least interesting show from my point of view so I bet it's packed full of bridges to the other shows/movies so I'll have to watch it to understand what's going on.

  53. Now that I have seen Echo in Hawkeye, I am very, very interested. But a bunch probably slept on Reservation Dogs on Disney+ and that’s amazing, eagerly looking forward to season 2. And it’s no secret that Marvel Comics is abysmal at First Nations characters representation being respectful, nuanced, and as awesome as it should, so please let me have my hope that Echo is showing Marvel serving an underserved part of much needed cultural, ethnic, and social change representation of a host of nations in North America and all the dark stories of colonialism, the systems it built, and the apartheid conditions that exist in use to this day with little being done for truth or reconciliation.

  54. I'm starting to get there with the shows as well. It feels like the shows are like 90% filler stuff and then 10% of the time something important happens. I have a hard time getting through them any more.

  55. Same. It’s really hard to follow the tangents these shows are splicing. The WandaVision/Strange arc was easy to follow but the others are just too far-flung to retain

  56. Marvel has been pushing for more representation and diversity in every project. Echo's character covers deaf, amputee, and Native American representation, so making this show sits in line with their goals.

  57. I had to Google the name Echo to find out who this character is. Turns out she's a character from the Hawkeye series and I finished the Hawkeye show in January. Whoops!

  58. I'll see all of them at some point, but I doubt I'll see them on release. I'm getting seriously fatigued and can't get my interest up at all for a bunch of these, like Groot and Echo.

  59. Zombies for sure. Never enjoyed that plotline. I read/watch superheroes because I want a more optimistic version of life. Bleak zombie future will never do it for me.

  60. Same. Groot seems like a kid show, and the Zombies What If episode was my least favorite episode from that series.

  61. I'm skipping most of them. I've been a very devoted marvel fan for a long time, but seeing the quality of writing go down over time has been pretty depressing, and at this point I'd rather just spare myself the disappointment. I'm only going to watch the shows if the trailers interest me or if they get great reviews, rather than anything and everything marvel as I used to be.

  62. I think Daredevil, Invincible, and The Boys have ruined superhero shows for me by being 2 steps above everything else.

  63. I see no reason to. At least not at first. I'll watch at least all the pilots. If one doesn't grab my attention I might take a while to finish it. But I see no reason to skip one before giving it a shot.

  64. The x-men show is not in the mcu and it’s a continuation of the original which I do not plan on watching. Prob will skip that one

  65. Wait it's a continuation of X-Men the animated series!? Holy shit they better use the same theme song--that shit was fire.

  66. There's a 15% chance in my mind that it will have some multiverse shenanigans somewhere in it to tie into things but not too strongly.

  67. I've never been a huge fan of her comic character, but Kathyrn Hahn was great in WandaVision. I'm looking forward to it more for her than anything else.

  68. Kathryn Hahn is great in everything she touches, so I’d be watching a show with her as the lead even if it wasn’t a Marvel show.

  69. I am, I love Kathryn Hahn (and some of the other names rumoured to be involved). I hope it's campy, witchy fun.

  70. This is the first and only one I really don't care about just from the title. Seems like a very disney thing to make when there's lots of characters that don't have a show.

  71. I’m looking forward to Agatha and Zombies, but not because they’re Marvel-related. I just really enjoy stuff about witchcraft and/or zombies

  72. I agree with this. I was kind of getting to this with the shows as it is. I think it was just fatigue so it took me a few week after they came out to get around to Loki and Hawkeye and I think I enjoyed them much more because by that point I just wasn't expecting them to be amazing. Turns out Hawkeye specifically is probably my favourite of the shows. Was just a good time when I needed it

  73. I'm not overly excited for Agatha House Of Harkness. It looks to me very much like they're desperately riding the coat-tails of the 2 weeks of popularity that character had. We get it guys, her song got popular on tiktok, it's over, let it pass gracefully

  74. There’s ones I’m not excited about but skip? No way. I’m a gluttons fucking pig when it comes to the MCU. I happily devour everything they put out no matter how bad it looks or uninterested I may be. Give me more. Give me more.

  75. I’ll watch them all, but I was disappointed with Moon Knight, Falcon/Winter Soldier so I’ll just wait till all the episodes are out. The fun of being able to watch the new stranger things (even while having to wait for the final 2 episodes in July) just doesn’t exist on Disney+ and I’m not going to string this out several weeks just to be disappointed anymore.

  76. On the other hand I like the weekly releases. I feel like I can’t interact on the internet unless I’m caught up or willing to be spoiled, and devoting 8hrs to binge watch Stranger Things made my Friday slightly unproductive. I took a break from it for dinner and looked up one unrelated thing on my phone and STILL got something from the last episode spoiled for me…

  77. Unpopular opinion, downvote me all you want but as an adult I’m pretty disappointed in all these upcoming shows. They all seem targeted to a much younger audience.

  78. I'll wait for reviews on the animated stuff cuz it's never been a fave of mine compared to the live action

  79. I have to say, I have watched every single MCU movie. To this point, I have watched every single MCU tv show (including the Netflix ones). I will probably not be watching all of these, because it's too much.

  80. Zombies I’m not interested after years of zombie everything else. But it’s MCU so I’ll check it out. As said elsewhere here, we pay for D+, so I’ll probably watch it

  81. This maybe the first time I skip something from MCU. Except GoTG, watched almost everything. Not a big Guardians fan.

  82. I’ll skip Ms. Marvel probably. I got more than enough of that annoying character playing the awful avengers game that came out a couple years back.

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