Official poster for 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'

  1. Super surprised that not only are we apparently seeing the return of Dr. West (Michael Stuhlbarg), but he has poster billing? Where are the fan theories about how this character plays into the film?

  2. I assume he just has a cameo at the wedding, since the movie is too crowded for him to do much more than that. In the comics, apparently West does end up going to Kamar-Taj and learns magic, eventually becoming an enemy of Strange. Maybe they’re going to set him up as a villain for the third movie?

  3. Ngl the composition kinda makes it look like Wanda is the main character if you don't know who these characters are and what the movie is about.

  4. yeah and like strange is the villain if u look at it like endgame or infinity war poster with thanos in the background

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