[FORTNITE] DirectX12 runs better than DirectX11 on 8 year old GPU?

  1. that's most likely because of horrible implementation of DX11 by fortnite. I am watching these videos of medium range modern cards, and fortnite is always the stuttery mess game of every games tested on those. For some reason you might get quite good avg fps but the 1% lows are screwed because of those micro stutters

  2. 100% i do have microstutters and fortnite definitely isnt the best optimized game, but with DX12 im sure the stutters will decrease over time right?

  3. AMD's DX11 drivers weren't the best on Windows. AMD helped to create the underlying API that evolved into Vulkan and DirectX 12, which generally more efficiently utilizes graphics hardware, squeezing out as much performance as possible. That's why you saw decreases in stuttering and higher framerates.

  4. oh i didnt know that! thats honestly what im expieriencing too! when i use DX11 my gpu isnt 100% utililized, which i always found weird since i obviously wont bottleneck my CPU with this card. thanks for commenting!

  5. It looks like you are seeking tech-advice. If you haven't already, please add the specs of your computer to the question details.

  6. I've had the same experience. By all rights running DX12 games should melt my laptop, but I've consistently had better performance with better graphics once I've switched, whatever it says on paper.

  7. AMD DX11 drivers were shit and have been so for the last 15 years. Like, 5700 XT were worse than 2060 level of shit. Welcome back from under the rock.

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