What's your favorite low carb sweetener to use?

  1. Sweet n low. I usually drink only water but when I eat out I get tea with sweet n low. It seems to satisfy my sweet craving.

  2. It was really tough when I switched from Splenda back to sugar. Was shocked how much sugar it would take to equal the sweetness. I'm now using stevia (agree about the aftertaste), bit a lot less of it.

  3. Liquid sucralose for stuff that doesn’t require sugar for structure (drinks, a touch of sweetness for savory recipes, and cheesecake).

  4. I used to use erythritol but ever since I tried it, I’ve been a solid fan of allulose. Unlike erythritol it doesn’t have that cooling sensation, and zero aftertaste.

  5. Always use Splenda with my coffee or tea. I don’t get an aftertaste. Hope you find what works for you! 😊

  6. I started using Lakanto monkfruit sweetener. I love it. use it in my coffee and sprinkle a little on blueberries with greek yogurt. I don't get any weird aftertaste with it at all.

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