No one stands alone

  1. This fandom gravely suffers from lack of lore knowledge. Olorin came to Middle-earth in all three ages. It's just it was not until third age when he came as an Istar.

  2. I think it's kind of a clever way to handle the reincarnation aspect. It makes it clear that "Durin" is a special persona and clearly ties him to his namesake progenitors while also keeping him a unique individual character. They could have just said Durin IV was reincarnated and left it at that but this makes him distinct among all the Middle Earth characters.

  3. One of my fears is the action will be super hero over the top which killed parts of the hobbit for me. The greatness of LOTR movies is that they had a foundation of plausible realism in a fantasy/magical world.

  4. As much as I loved the Numenorian plate mail from Jackson’s adaptation (FotR prologue), no aesthetic can come close to beautiful, well-wrought scale armor. Elendil looks amazing.

  5. This trailer made the scales look more decorative than practical, which I actually prefer. (Except Miriels spray painted shirt lol) Scale mail is otherwise a flexible alternative to plate armor, and having it on an already rigid plate armor is just unnecessary weight and a waste of metal. I really dig their helmets also! Except the nose guard doesn't cover their noses lol.

  6. I'm keeping as much of an open mind as I can, but the painfully fake plants in the hair are my personal pet peeve.

  7. but but i thought empowering warrior galdrieal as she goes on her epic quest for 1000 years abandoning her husband and child was the whole point of standing alone

  8. "Sometimes to find the light, we must touch the darkness" I am glad they actually know Tolkien enough to know the quote and it's many variations "Evil cannot destroy, it only has the power to corrupt and destroy" or something along those lines, which would make this quote and Galadriels intentions complete polar opposite of what Tolkien would have her be

  9. Now, I know hate has blinded you so much that you have even lost the sight of Tolkien themes. I know you have zero understanding of English literature or Tolkien lore and as Morgoth says: ‘You have learned the lessons of your masters by rote,’

  10. I don't understand how you can see the shots of Arondir and the shots of the Harfoots and still come away with this conclusion

  11. The Second age in the time of this show is the "height" of all Civilizations just before the dark-times and their ultimate decline. I think its fair for everything to look "fresh", which includes buildings, clothes, cities, etc. It wouldn't make sense for everything to look worn yet since there are plenty of people and resources available to maintain everything in peak condition. So basically, by the time of the events of the LOTR about a couple thousand years later, everything is worn down and dirty looking because its no longer well kept as it used to be, plus the buildings are hundreds if not thousands of years old. I get the criticism, but I think this is stuff that should be kept in mind as well since its a different time period entirely.

  12. What a bizarre statement. There are legitimate things to be skeptical of about this show, but this is absolutely 100% not one of them.

  13. It's the second age, which is far more prosperous and "golden" than the third age. It would make sense for places like Numenor and Moria to be clean, since they're at/near their peak during peacetime. Not everything has to be completely raggety and dirty.

  14. Varking… seriously are you an Amazon shill? Everyday you post more ROP shit, c’mon you can tell me, I want a job there too

  15. Well I'll still hold my judgements until I see it, but I have to say I am so excited that this show is colorful and well lit. SOOO many fantasy/sci-fi shows and movies so washed out and dark. It is nice to see wide array of colors and characters clearly visible.

  16. i wanna see my boy gil-galad in some action.. havent seen any scene of him in armor or fighting, only that one photo with his spear thingy haha

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