Pick your 1 free gorilla and post your address. Tips appreciated but not necessary

  1. First off, I just want to say thank you for doing this. I'm sorry that there are 140 comments to only like, 50 upvotes on this post. I'd guess bots have something to do with it but people could just suck.

  2. i appreciate your kind words. It's my pleasure to share with the community and it makes me happy everyone enjoys them so much. I sent you a little extra

  3. I love these more than the hippos! Hopefully I’m not too late, number 6 please. Do you plan on doing a lion at all? Or if you have is there a way I could get one in the 6 theme? Thank you! RIP Harambe. 🦍🙏🏻

  4. So difficult to choose. SICK color combinations. Absolutely awesome! Number 2 would be legit. Thank you! moonripper69.loopring.eth

  5. The colors on all of them are so nice, nice work OP!!! Love the 3rd one personally but will be happy with whatever is sent to me if still available !!!😁🖖🏾❤ Have a great day.

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