Scope height over bore

  1. The Automod thinks this might be a post asking for scope advice. If so, please read the Great Deals! sticky on the top of the HOT page. If you still need help, please post your budget in $ dollars and lots of details about your intended use.

  2. Quick and simple method: hold a ruler up to the side of the rifle and eyeball the distance between the center of the barrel and the center of the scope. Usually you can get within 1/4 or even 1/8 inch, which is plenty usable for your ballistic calculator.

  3. I just add up the components. I know how thick my barrel is (take half of that), how large my objective is (take half that), and I use a feeler gauge to figure out barrel clearance. Add all that up, there ya go.

  4. I used calipers. Measured the diameter of the ocular lens on the scope, measured the space between the scope and the bolt (with the bolt open), measured the diameter of the bolt.

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