scope clearance

  1. Bruh a guy at work asked me to sight in his tikka 300 win mag in an mdt chassis and I was so pumped to shoot it until I saw the crossfire on top

  2. Heh, yeah I had this scope lying around. When the wife okays the purchase sometimes you just need to roll with what you got. It's alot easier to convince her to buy a 1.5k scope vs a 3k gun. I do have something else in mind though!

  3. The gap is fine but it is a drag you can’t use your scope caps. Start saving for a new scope.

  4. I use a camera lens cover on my.22. It clips into the inside of the front bell and is super cheap, no need for anything fancy.

  5. Save some bucks and get a PST gen II later down the road. More than enough scope for the average shooter, especially starting out. Also, get some good rings for it when you do. I’ve got a scope on one rifle with nothing but hopes and dreams between it and the barrel, it’ll be fine- just don’t let it touch.

  6. TBH scope clearance is the wrong question— it either clears or it doesn’t. The RIGHT question is whether the scope height allows you to mount the rifle comfortably and look naturally though the scope instead of looking past your eyebrows through the top of your eye sockets. Every app now can correct for scope height, so ergonomics are king.

  7. Closer to the bore line the better (assuming it’s comfortable for you to get into the optimal eye relief. Dont let it touch as barrels have a harmonic vibration when fired which can damage a scope over time the center of the scope to the bore line of the barrel factors into the math used to calculate ballistic drop especially when stretching your legs and going for distance. With a digital drop calc when programmed properly it matters less because it will a account for the space.

  8. Closer to the bore is irrelevant. Shooter comfort and body mechanics should 100% dictate scope height and nothing else.

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