Been doing my part lately

  1. Yeah I know, rolling on a budget atm so just getting the absolutely needed basics right now. Planning on some upgrades later down the line.

  2. Bolt is just added weight for when i take this long range/hunting rifle on long mountains walk while takling game at 700-900 yards. Thanks for being toxic tho Reddit never dissapponints.

  3. Looks like you didn’t do your part. The group on that target is like 10 800 moa at that range.

  4. I’m green with envy. That optical setup is breathtaking. Instead of a bolt just carry a large nail and hammer for maximum tactical advantage.

  5. What brand did you end up going with for the tactical fishing lure? I’ve been using rapala but want to upgrade.

  6. Look into the Roman Made Mother if you're looking for that cry once buy once upgrade. I went with a cheap off brand while waiting for my solvkroken SPECIAL CLASSIC BL/D 10 gram, ordered the 6g version first but It put the system off balance.

  7. For sure, the grip gives me good support when I’m taking shots at big game at 900 yards, mainly bear and elk shooting 95gr varmint loads.

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