Talk me out of (or into) 338LM/300WM or 6.5CM for my first bolt-action

  1. Mod note - Before jumping into this conversation, please take the time to read the comments. OP has come around 180* from how this thread started and has shown a desire to learn and correct his thinking. Please don't downvote or berate him for his initial mistake, as he's left this thread up as a chance for outside readers to learn from his initial mistake and positive correction.

  2. I had. I got lost in the technical data and was trying to get something of a distilled opinion based on some more specifics.

  3. Managing recoil isn't about whether or not you can tolerate it. It's not like a .338 Lapua is good for one beginner and not another because one can tolerate the recoil more.

  4. Second this! I’m a huge fan of the 6.5 PRC if hunting is on the docket, especially with the upcoming release of several factory loads. It still wouldn’t be my first choice for elk, but I don’t think you can do better for deer sized game.

  5. “I’ve read 50+ threads on the topic”… just not the ones the sub recommends I read before posting, that also happen to be written by an experienced and professional long range shooter.

  6. Don't forget the kick to the face (Edit: Concussion) you get every time you pull the trigger, the extra hearing damage (Hint: No earpro can stop it all), possible sinus issues from prolonged use, and more fun stuff.

  7. Buy the 6.5 and put the practice in. Its plenty for whitetail as well. Buying a rifle and expecting a one and done is pointless. Get guns that fit the application and roll with it.

  8. 308 or 6.5. No sense in sending 8 dollar bill's down range trying to learn long range only to burn out a barrel before you've got a thing figured out. 338lm beats the shit out of you. Have one for elk and dont even enjoy sighting it in.

  9. I don’t get where this fallacy that any SA cartridge just simply dies at 1000 yards come from, but 6.5 will go to the mile and even beyond quite happily.

  10. Honestly, there's a metric fuckton of conflicting information everywhere and to someone who has only lived in the 5.56/308/.45ACP/22LR world most of their lives it can be kind of difficult to figure out what's good information and what isn't.

  11. I appreciate the experience and perspective. My glass plan was definitely "spend as much as humanly possible on the best I can afford, then keep it forever".

  12. A new to long range shooter, should NEVER start with a magnum round. Many experienced long range shooter should not be shooting magnum rounds.

  13. As I said to Hollywood, it wasn't meant to be some statement of "I'm too tough for recoil", more of a commentary on my long-term considerations/aspirations; but we'll move past that.

  14. South Phoenix. There's a few decent ranges around here but I'll probably just be off in the middle of nowhere where it's safely a few hundred miles from civilization if I can swing it.

  15. Since you edited your post and didn't reply in the thread, recoil isn't about being able to tolerate it or not being a geriatric. The TL;DR is that harder recoiling cartridges make it significantly harder to spot your own hits and misses, and you can't learn from shots you didn't see. The recoil primer I liked to earlier gets into the details. You really should give it a read.

  16. I did reply - sorry I edited it about 2 minutes before replying to you to try and get ahead of the other people responding and allay confusion.

  17. I think 85% of people - maybe more - will likely point you to 6.5 CM for its flat trajectory and low recoil and/or if you going to be shooting out past 500yrds alot.

  18. I appreciate the offer, but I think I'm going to stick with the advice of the veterans here and get my head on straight/start with SA rifles.

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