.308 vs 6.5 for a new long range shooter

  1. Quality match ammo costs about the same either way. You don't want to shoot long range with the cheap surplus .308 stuff.

  2. I think it's pretty simple when making the decision. You want a dedicated long range gun that you know 90% of the time will be used for 800+ you go 6.5. If you know 90% of the time you will be shooting inside of that and you want to plink from 100-300 here and there with friends and surplus ammo who don't care about sub MOA groups, .308. Considering barrel life I don't see the purpose of getting 6.5 if you aren't maximizing it's capability most of the time.

  3. Fwiw I’m choosing to go with a 6.5creedmore for my first bolt gun. The additional bullet efficiency is really what sold me. Wind drift is bigger deal in my area. If you already have 308 stuff it would make more sense to buy a 308

  4. Worth it or not is subjective. You can look at things like drop charts to quantify the differences in performance. Another pro for 308 and con for 6.5 to consider (depending on how much you'll be shooting) is barrel life.

  5. Wait, for real? I'd thought you can only really push that to 6-800 before it goes trans-sonic.

  6. Beat me to it. Had a Bergara premiere in 6.5 for about 2 matches before I ditched it for a 223 ackley. Had a lot of fun with that rifle.

  7. OP, the difference is just math. I have a Bergara HMR in both calibers. I have had the 6.5 for quite a while and just added the.308 last fall for the availability reasons. If I was choosing one only I would go with.308

  8. 308. Imvho. Ammo is usually available. Depending on twist rate you can go for a nice heavy stable bullet or a light fast one. I think 308 is an inherently stable round. I confess I am a 308 fan though.

  9. 6.5CM - its not even a close. Its easily available and you will quickly out shoot a .308 and be limited by the cartridge. Identify your intended use (long range), select the best calibre for that, and then pick a rifle to match. had a .308 and sold it within 6 months for 6.5 . Don't make my mistake

  10. 6.5 by a mile. I did .308 during the pandemic because of availability and while I enjoyed it, 6.5 is simply much easier and more comfortable to shoot.

  11. What I've heard in my years of podcast listening is that 308 you're going to have to get good, learn wind calls, etc in a way that you don't have to with 6.5. They were saying 6.5 skips a lot of the learning you have to do with other calibres. I know that's a real general statement and there's work to do no matter what your shooting but I've always understood 6.5 to be an 'easier' round.

  12. If you're shooting long range, you'll want high end, accurate ammo which means there won't be much price difference. You'll also want to start reloading and with the capability of longer, high bc bullets, I'd go with the 6.5. It also has much lighter recoil.

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