Savage poors, Tikka snobs, let us unite!

  1. So I kind of have a bad taste in my mouth for christianson but I thought I was alone. Will somebody please enlighten me on why everyone else hates them?

  2. Welp I have the custom action .. at the gunsmiths. One of these days folks he’ll put it all together for me and I’ll have an actual rifle again!

  3. No. An RPR with a custom barrel, trigger and firing pin will hold MOA or less any day. I am on my third barrel on an RPR, it’s been a contender to my 700 custom action.

  4. I’m new here so I’ll ask, sorry if it’s a dumb question, but does custom action refer to a custom r700 pattern action? Or something completely different?

  5. Depends. A good percentage of the market uses a R700 pattern for action fitment and accessory fitment, but they'll be infinitely better as far as the machining specs and tolerances.

  6. Bought my CA a few months ago, couldn't be happier with it. Of course I don't compete but she shure is nice and light, shoots true. Something needs to be done about the paint they put on though... peeled of with the tape I put on when mounting bipod. I re painted the stock after that.

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