Guys I need some help, I'm trying to get into long range shooting/hunting and I've narrowed my choice of rifles to Christenson Arms or a Tikka in 6.5 prc... which is a better rifle

  1. Exactly. I have a friend that I’ve had to talk out of buying one multiple times, and I’ll do it again as many times as it takes.

  2. I’ve only had a handful of experiences with Christensen but everyone left me dumbfounded that they produce such poor quality and get away with it

  3. You’re telling me my 300WM Kimber Mountain Ascent (topped with a SWFA UL 2.5-10, only 9oz baby, carrying this sucker from the ATV to the tree stand is a cakewalk) isn’t a good tool for long distance shooting? But I always hit the milk jug Grandpa puts out at 100yd (give or take cause he just paces it out but he gets tired after 75yd cause of the gout), haven’t needed a new box of CoreLokts in 5 years so I’d say I’m doing ok *takes a swig

  4. Do not buy a Christensen arms unless you like gambling. Terrible QC and customer service. Tikka makes great rifles so does Bergara. Like mentioned above learning to shoot long-range with a hunting rifle is tough. You are better off getting a lower recoiling range gun and a hunting rifle.

  5. came here to say almost exactly that. Took 4 CA 6.5cm guns to finally get one that shot decent aswell as multiple warranty claims. then bought a savage and a tikka combined for less than the CA and they both shoot better than the best CA i ever got

  6. I was going to get the hmr pro in 6.5 prc from palmeto state but they said that there was supply chain issues so they couldn't ship it

  7. What Hollywood said. It's like buying a sports car and thinking you can do some fire roads with it. Sure, you can, but it's not gonna be pleasant, and it will beat the shit out of the car. An often overlooked facet of LR rifles vs hunting rifles is that a hunting rifle has a very light profile barrel that will heat up and heat soak very quickly, in hunting, who cares you are gonna take 1 maybe 2 shots and you are done for the day. A day of LR will see your rifle shooting strings of probably 5-10 rounds every 30 min or more. Heat soak in a barrel accelerates throat erosion, as well as barrel warp as the heat increases. A heavy profile or composite barrel, or some of the super high tech tension barrels can shed the heat much more efficiently and resist heat induced warp, but being ...... heavier, you wouldent want to lug it around for very long.

  8. CA gets a lot of hate, but I have a CA MPR in 300prc and it's awesome! Never had an issue, super smooth bolt, sub moa accuracy with match 225 and 250 grain bullets, lightweight with little recoil due to stock muzzle brake.

  9. Just did a Tikka build and those were my choices CA or Tikka... 10/10 Tikka all day. Shot my buddy's CA and for the price it didn't feel like anything special. Tho the only thing Tikka on my build that is left is the action.

  10. Go spend like 4-500$ on a savage .243 scope combo. Boom you have your whitetail gun out to a few hundred yards no problem.

  11. Weatherby is great for a hunting rifle, but a Howa 1500 is going to make for a much better and more customizable target/match rifle, and at a much better price than the MkV.

  12. I’ve researched for hours on the same question (Reddit, snipers hide, hunting forums etc) . It’s hard to find negative reviews on a tikka, easy to find on a CA. That includes negative reviews on customer service for CA. I ended up with a tikka and am very happy with my decision as well as aftermarket availability.

  13. First hand advice here, stay away from christensen arms, I personally just purchased the mesa long range in 338 lapua and fired it one time and the bolt all but seized shut. Contacted christensen about getting it in for warranty, and I will tell you their customer service/relations are absolute shit!!!! Dude was a fucking dickhead on the phone both times I spoke with him, now 1 gentleman I spoke with was really awesome. Outside of him they can all kick rocks to me. I point everyone in the direction Bergara's, I personally have the HMR wilderness in 300 PRC and have taken it out to 2287 yards with 3 consecutive impacts shooting a 225 eld in front of H1000 powder. Can't say enough about bergara and their customer service. I've called them a couple times with just general questions and they have been more than happy to talk to me and even just bullshit with me for a few minutes. All great people pushing amazing products.

  14. When considering a LR rifle don’t forget to budget for a proper scope as well. I bought a “cheap” scope and it was still 3x the cost of the rifle.

  15. I’m going to dive a little deeper. Hopefully provide insight with the information already given. People say you get one or the other but not both for several reasons. Reason number 1. A good range rifle is heavy. That’s because it’s easier to see your impacts/bullet trace. I don’t get to see that on my sig cross .308 lol. 2. Longer barrels are nice to have for long range shooting because of muzzle velocity. If you are going with a specific bullet and want to focus on learning that. 6.5 creedmore is a decent one for both. Don’t listen to these dudes saying it’s not. The round is fine. It shoots flatter than .308 and has enough power to drop an elk. If you are serious about long range shooting, then you can certainly move to something that caters to that more so. But for a round that can do both…. 6.5 creedmore is awesome. If you decide to get into reloads you can just load one. Now if you want to start reaching out past 1000 yards (for fun… not for animals) consistently then look for a different, more effective round for that distance. Don’t shoot past 400 yards for animals. Too much hand time for that bullet. If that animal decides to move it would be unethical

  16. If you REQUIRE a single gun to do both…. I recommend getting a gun where you can by mlock weights that you can add to your rifle. It’s better to just buy once cry once. Buy a nice enough hunting rifle. Then save your money and buy piece by piece for range gun. Buy a nice action and stock first. Then buy a barrel and you’ll replace the barrel after so many rounds anyways. But buy once cry once. As they say.

  17. Not to mention you have mosey over to it and lug it back over uncertain terrain, with potential for interested predators.

  18. I bought a bergara ridge in 30-06 recently and I’ve fit 3 rounds on top of one another at 25 yards and three shots within an inch at 200 yards propped up on a back pack. I would consider myself a newbie for anything past 100 yards. I also don’t recommend a PRC round unless you plan on reloading. If you are set on a bigger caliber and concerned about recoil get a muzzle break. (Edit: that being said tikka is a better option)

  19. Of the two, I'd go with Tikka. If you're open to other options, my advise would be to skip both and go with a Bergara HMR in 6.5CM. That platform is a hell of a starting point and is easily upgradeable to any level you would want to take it.

  20. If you're set on 6.5PRC, BigDaddyUnlimited has a ridiculous deal as of today on the Bergara HMR PRO in that chambering. Literally hundreds less than anywhere else I've seen.

  21. Keep in mind that you’re asking the long range sniper LARPing community on Reddit (no hate!), and the answers you get reflect that. You will get different answers if you also post to the hunting communities, so my advice would be to get opinions from them as well if you haven’t already.

  22. I’ve never shot a CA, but I’ve got multiple Tikkas, some with factory barrels, some with after market, all with factory triggers. All my Tikka triggers are sitting at around 1kb after a trigger job. Value for money you’re getting a great barrel and trigger combo.

  23. These are lightweight hunting rifles, not great for long range sessions. You want heavy chassis rifles, personally for the prices, you have plenty of good choices.

  24. Just an FYI on Sportsman’s warehouse they will show a product as in stock until you go to enter your CC info, then it won’t process because it’s actually out of stock. I had this happen to me for a Bergara, 3 weeks they showed it as in stock meanwhile it’s been out of stock for a month. I’m not familiar with CA, however you can’t really go wrong with a Tikka

  25. I'd avoid CA. At this price point, I'd highly consider a Bergara Highlander. That's what I shoot and it's great to 600+ yards. You could go with their mountain model for light weight hunting or approach for a slightly heavier combo gun

  26. I’m also advising against the CA rifle, had a few friends buy even after I told them not to. They were not happy. Tikka makes good rifles. Just be sure you can get ammo for it.

  27. I’ve never held a CA in my hands, but I’d also just say tikka because I like steeper grips and you can get them for the standard tikka stock and that’s awesome. Though any „lite“ tikka will not be great for the range, the barrel is pretty light to be good for hunting

  28. Get the Tikka, They all shoot, THe Christensens have QC issues and often tighter than sami spec chambers. Spend the extra money you save on good glass

  29. I have a .308 Savage benchrest and I am in love, I am definitely going to get a different gun one day but I think it is a great starter rifle

  30. 6.5 PRC doesn’t offer a whole lot more than 6.5 Creedmor, except a small amount more fps, more recoil, and higher cost of ammo/less availability.

  31. I have the CA Mesa you're looking at in 6.5 CM. It's a pretty solid rifle and I really like it. If you decide to go with it then I think you'd probably be happy. (At least from my experience, I know people online generally say to avoid them) As far as a hunting rifle I think it's pretty perfect, has a good feel and weight to it.

  32. Pick up a American hunter or something in 308 and a diamondback tactical 4-16 or similar scope for hunting, then get a T3x with a 5-25 pst gen 2 in 6.5cm for long range.

  33. There’s a lot of controversy around CA rifles. I own a Ridgeline in 6.5cm and I must be one of the fortunate ones. I think there are a lot of options at the +$2k price point (go to and search for bolt action rifles in 6.5PRC and see what you like). I have taken mine on ram/hog/deer hunts and it’s performed as expected. At the long range, I’ve shot sub-MOA groups at 750-1000yds (average .5-.75MOA with hunting and match ammo, 5+ shot groups). I don’t know if that’s typical but it’s worked for me. Bergara is a very popular option these days and Tikka is known for their actions, out of the box accuracy. If you can find one, look for a browning x-bolt in any configuration you like.

  34. Not to push you away from the round (regardless of rifle platform), but I just don't get the point of it. I mean, what is the PRC getting you at a much higher cost to shoot and jump in recoil that Creedmoor is not adequate for?

  35. I have the Mesa. Put many animals down, including an Antelope at 600 yards. I use it for bench shooting as well. Great gun.

  36. I know it's not on the list but euro optic has some solid deals on the sako s20. I just ordered on in 7 rem mag for elk this year

  37. I can't say anything about Christenson, I have no experience with them. I can however vouch for tikka. I have 4 of them and would definitely buy more. They all shoot well, and it doesn't seem to matter what you feed them. If your handloading that changes as you can obviously tailor your load to your rifle. I do handload as well but either one of my tikkas will shoot pretty much any factory ammo well if I do my part. I have them in 223, 308, 6.5cm and 17hmr. The creedmoor is a heavy barrel that I've designated as a long range rifle. The 223 I plan to re barrel to something a little more stout for target. The 308 is a designated hunting rifle. The the hmr is just for funsies. The "plastic" stock on them is actually quite rigid. Apparently tikka has 30% fiberglass in their stocks and I know for fact that they are far more rigid then let's say a savage plastic Tupperware stock. Their not pretty, but very functional. Another thing to consider is ammo availability. Check your local shops and see what more readily available. I originally wanted a prc in 6.5 as well for long range. But factory ammo before I started handloading was few and far between. Ballistically speaking it is a little superior to the creed but ammo availability if your not handloading may be an issue. My 2 cents. Good luck and have fun.

  38. I went with a browning hells canyon max LR in 6.5prc. it’s about the same price but I was super impressed. Most of my family shoots tikka WSM and are very successful hunting with accuracy and tight grouping. I also shoot a Christensen arms MPR in 338 lapua and it’s so tight in groups it make the price bearable even better to reload.

  39. CA is too light for pure benchrest shooting.... In saying that they are both quite light. The light weight advantage of course comes with hunting where you must carry your rifle for long distances and up mountains.

  40. My opinion -and I am a woman and I know you probably don't want my opinion, but I actually researched rifles for a year straight before I bought mine.

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